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Many entrepreneurs and marketing analysts agree that one of the biggest challenges of their digital strategies is to produce relevant content week after week. Update the corporate blog, the channels on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more newsletter and email marketing is no easy task. Who has not started, but do not wait to start generating and nurturing new leads and opportunities, also reports that the content is the main obstacle.

Taking on this task internally is an option to go forward. But how to overcome this obstacle when neither you nor your staff are experts in content or even have time to manage blogs and social networks? There are two main alternatives: hire a specialized company or seek freelancers.

Content by partner companies

The decision to company dedicated to the Content Marketing know guide your strategy from the outset. It will help to:

  • Setting the persona who will represent the audience you want to reach. The definition of the audience is the first step to produce relevant content – but it is also one of the most difficult to do on your own.
  • Identify the tone and the ideal language to communicate with the public, taking into account the brand image and the expectations of readers.
  • Do a keyword search that the company wants to achieve, including the top of phrases and long tail in due proportion – and this time updating the search to time, according to the results achieved.
  • Develop themes of interest to the target audience for every moment of the buying cycle, to attract more visitors, convert visitors into leads and, ultimately, help turn contacts into customers. The themes will take into account the keywords searched to improve the positioning in search engines, like Google.

Make sure that the company, in addition to producing content, will also manage your calendar and make publications (if this service is of interest) and provide a good range of products – for when you “phase leak” and decide climb the strategy. So you get really take much of the weight of this concern of his shoulders, will have time to focus on business and convert the generated leads into customers.

See this supplier a real partner, not only to optimize your time, but also to help define the best ways to their content. Give feedback (both positive and especially negative) and develop a trusting relationship with someone who you think will be able to take on this task.

Content for freelancers

If your company already has a strategy (or will develop one) and know exactly what you need in terms of content, hire freelance writers can be a good option. The search can take place offline, to networks of contacts and acquaintances, online, in so-called self-service platforms. The question here becomes make sure that you are actually choosing the most qualified and receive valuable content to bring the expected result. To increase the chances of success, make sure:

  • 1. The writer is prepared

A good copywriter will make a series of questions and may even ask you to complete a questionnaire content. Delivered basic information about the project in advance and take the time for a more meaningful conversation. Be ready to provide information not only about your product or service, but also on: its overall objectives, the style of your brand and voice.

There is no denying: content marketing is still a new topic for many journalists, advertising editors and other professionals. Make sure that the chosen professional will be aware of the most appropriate format for indexable and content relevant to the target audience.

  • 2. You will have time to manage

Even the most productive writers require investment of time, especially at the beginning. Take this time to train and prepare your copywriter in the contract from the beginning will make your life much easier later to avoid comings and goings of content that was not exactly what you expected.

You know very well the history of the company, products, services, who are the customers. But the writer who is starting to work with you do not have the same knowledge. So, be specific in the instructions. If after a while following the work closely, the result still does not agree, find someone more experienced. But if after the initial content is note 10, you can go giving more freedom to work for the writer by reducing supervision to focus on other ends of content strategy.

extra tip

Whatever the choice of the production is done in-house, by partner companies or contracted writers, the important thing is to follow a plan that includes quality content for your current and future customers and to be complied with discipline. Respect the frequency of publications and dissemination is critical to a consistent strategy.

His company produces targeted content to digital strategies with partner companies or freelancers writers? Tell us how you coordinate this production on a daily basis. Leave your tip or opinion in the comments!

This guest post was written by Emilia Chagas, the Contentools .

Image credit: Shutterstock