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In Social Media everything moves or tempo all. You sleep with some planning, and the other day , play it again, Sam . And, AC between us is doing it all much the same way there is time, probably something of your must process is obsolete . The word, then, is actualization. E or appears to be a problem passe a constant apprenticeship, you can not get you sell ships sitting pass, update yourself .

And here at Postcron’s Blog people are always linked in the news, six separate investigations of social media for you to take a bath shop – or updates. Take advantage of your adjust strategy to marketing content and stay at that unstable vanguard so world.

investigations of social media

# 01 The darlings two networks marqueteiros

This full post topic was a little more summarized.

In first place, and important mkt Part Two professionals work with social networks. The answer is obvious, at less than 96% in the Network of companies. A little ‘re moving to question: Social Media Working with your and important strategies? By adding favorable and pro emphatically social networks found or value of 92%.

investigations of social media

{ What are they on the networks that look? }

– Linkedin, Youtube and Twitter are not giving focus to current attentions strategies and future increases. In less than 66% of respondents marketing two professionals indicated that they are investing more resources to these networks.

– It asks whether or not the alarm clock refers to specialization and acquire more knowledge, the answer is a good one for you that does not indicator in know that focus: engagement and tactics.

– The SIGNIFICANCE of the video is reflété in 57% of posts presence us two marketersconsulted. Personally, time already face pressing or “alert” button and I advocate the idea is one of the most interesting that of web formats.

– When asked if they had to choose only one network for their Campaigns or Facebook cam 52% attentions, in appear second or LinkedIn, with 21%, in Third appears or Twitter with 13%.

investigations of social media

Take a look at the full report of the Social Media Examiner , you will find many others say value.

# 02 Men, Women and other features. Who is not the most?

To know to audience and critical. Their identify likes, habits and common interests Prune mark difference between getting rebound or be or famous who? A survey of fractl and BuzzStream has discovered some interesting says.

For example, most two activate Facebook users, some say they stand out by being shared by most two users were well analyzed. A research centered on hearing the media or Yahoo, Hufington Post, The Guardian, Buzz Feed, among others in the. Some interesting given:

– The higher is partly composed by people with top level education;

– sers activates have marked tendency to be Liberals amu and less conservative more.

– The majority men ODS 18 two 20 studied Meiosis. This particular given is interesting.

investigations of social media

No case gives men and women comparison between, you can see in the investigation of social media , that when you post to facebook , you should understand that post or be aimed at common point one. Obviously, an analysis of the statistics in your fine Prune Face help to correct your two orientation posts.

# 03 Platform with greater engagement

When we do not compare comments likes Vs. Instagram or is result massive for das leathery; are 96.87 against 3.13%. In fact, this is by most feature one of the shared social networks, where the most actions are the most popular ones.

investigations of social media

The network also wins. Interaction when it is. When compared with and Twitter or Facebook, which have engagement levels of 0.25 and 0.20% respectively, Instagram displays at less than 2.81% by publication. I’ll ask you: you … Tano Calls?

About Images Vs. videos, in Instagram photos as still dominate, with 2.87% against 1.85% of participation. Even so, this also shows that you have given space for the growth of publications with videos. A COM conclusion two profiles with one more Million users, the trend is reverses favorably second year, goes with pro 3.92% against 3.19% of photos engagement.

investigations of social media

Suddenly and yet another time to give detailed look at your account characteristics . For that, I suggest give a one in a past LocoWise tool and see how to adjust your posts. The report is pretty full, the Interactions Shows, likes, comments and other things pA, just do not enter Locowise Instagram Analyzer .

# 04 Images for twitter Invest in your account is is small

A Prune image to mark difference between increase or impact of your and the engagement posts in your social media has already not discussed. Short accompanying figures, infographics, GIFs, illustrations and other forms visually present an idea is developed has. The SEO itself became Complex of Images much more. Well then, in the case of Twitter, a little Prune bomb your post.

A second social media research gives photo of your Twitter postPrune to increase and much visualization two Contents yours. More … What is the concrete difference? Well know what to do or combo img txt + directly Fold chances as they your post Win favorites. For initial accounts or with few followers for that average SoBe 5 to 9 more chances of shining on the web.

# 05 People in the Spend Their Social Times Media

Do not know enough to audience, raising Super cool posts and be on the correct time and place: or public asks you for more be specific. And in this samba tangle gives online communication or user expects to find something recognizable and family, I fit the expectations. Different platforms have specific characteristics; professional networks, social networks, inspiration and others.

Not primarily Brazil, it is for work Linkedin, Facebook is for Personal Communication and has a mixed Google Plus profile to the Biggest slope with shares of articles and Contents published Users hairs means in others – blogs, newspapers, magazines, among others.

Already on Twitter, they react to Media questions or are occurring in that fact that time. The consumer dynamics completely different in each medium.

investigations of social media

And with people that Frequency visit them each network ? Pontus This is when you particularly interesting Plans or times of publication of your Contents.

investigations of social media

Tumblr, Linkedin and Pinteres lead are. Already it is or Face champion not quesito come back always. Youtube, Twitter, Instagram and Google Plus present next more behaviors, with small variations.

Do not confuse frequency of visits with engagement, or is one of the Instagram that and no more interactions creates is team champion ” more than eleven day “.

# 06 peak times of social traffic

The best for publish time ? Semper that majority is in the network two users. The chartbeat did a study enlightening on or rush in the networks. Your content has to be first, but you may be missing out on a great opportunity.

The best time to publish and from 9:00 am until 8:00 pm. The time track audience Highest is next day and goes in half gradually I decreasing according to Night progress. Coincidence or not, it is during or hours of work when we find the largest number of people commenting, and we have more chance to get a social representative sharing . Take advantage of the Procrastinating Tendency public offer and a good reason for it’s information its absorb and give  feedback.

investigations of social media

And you in this story?

Current comes from the Latin Currentis means “active, related action” Actus . Also find “Do, Act, Move in” the setting. And the word was updating, I hope the article still shows something wise you =) not. I suggest studying the full in ANALISES mainly practice you related to yours.

investigations of social media

– Acorda pras investigations –

Oh, in addition to Social Media, you also have blogs with pleasure of working gives in our look at a last article on tools for bloggers . Short film or Post? #Tudodebom and until next Our article!