Multipotentiality: who said you need to be one?

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Lift up your hand if you ever heard as a child that old question “what do you want to be when you grow up?” .

I myself had an answer at the ready. I want to be “boss” because the difficulty of my parents explain me what my father did, that’s what told me. Basically, he was manager of an audit team in the public sector, and my innocence and passion for it made me want to be exactly what he was.

Then we grow up, right? Come to school and that preparation almost “Fordist” production line even. Everyone gets exactly the same preparation, studying the same subjects, talk with the same teachers, with one big goal: pass the entrance exam.

How to choose what I’ll do ‘for the rest of my life’ at the top of my 17 or 18 years?” It is what almost everyone thinks, right? Well, I also grew up, and thinking of choosing something more general, because maybe I could fit me into something. I adapted the word “head” to “managing” and chose administration.

How would Coldplay in the beautiful song Fix You , “[…] When You get what you want but not what you need .” Well, even I am studying what I chose, and with great effort succeeded, some things still did not fit. I felt that feeling of “what’s lacking something.” I had a band that helped to fill me and as passionate bass player, had that classic dream “maybe my band goes right and I do not need college?”.

I did an exchange to study English and I think it was even worse. I returned to “post-exchange depression.” I gave “lucky” to appear in my life, just then a volunteer opportunity in an international student organization, and my life changed.

After 2 and a half years, I had the opportunity to live so much related to people management, problem solving, emotional intelligence. Anyway, I was no longer the same person. Things started to fit, but that did not mean I knew what I wanted to do as a career.

They say the hardest comes after graduation . I agree. You have no experience, and can barely explain in their own words what they like to do. Many companies are strict on what courses work best in which locations, and how much experience you need to have to perform a certain job .

To conclude my story, as newly formed, I had an opportunity to work in a recruitment consulting and selection of young people who taught me a lot about it. I really fell in love, and chose to be a recruiter. Some years have passed, and now I am Talent Recruiter  in Digital results.

In my professional reality, you must imagine that it’s super common to be approached by friends for advice, which I’m happy to help. Some of the things I hear, ”m not happy in my work “; “I can take a look at my CV?”; “It’s too late to make another college?”.

Unfortunately, my opinion is that it has LOTS of people unhappy in their work. This impacts on the person not be happy in life, of course! And I believe that this is because, at some point in our journey, someone created thebad idea that “we need to be one”. As our decisions, those with 17 years, were “written in stone” .

In trying to help one of those people I mentioned, I came across the work of Emilie Wapnick, writer and coach  career, who introduced me to the concept of multipotentiality. It did not take long for me to watch the participation of Emillie TED Talks:



What I learned from this?

  1. You need not be one thing: we can love several things at once, yes! And we can be everything we want (and we realize).
  2. You can be what you want:  taking into account that not everyone, unfortunately, have the same opportunities for access to higher education, language teaching, exchange etc. But the idea is to “never let someone choose you for what you know is what will make you happier.”

The fact that he shared the work of Emillie motivated one person to change a career in pharmacy for a job with Digital Marketing . He made another college? No, his only training continues in pharmacy. How could he? He studied a lot, through online courses and free stuff!

it is misleading to think that it was easy or what happened an hour to another. It took at least one year and a half in career transition. And you think he did it because he hates pharmacy, health etc.? He LOVES be pharmacist and caring for the health of others. He just understood that something did not exclude the other.

Recently, I was asked about what was my vision of “versatile courses” in the labor market. Of course the first thing that comes to mind is management or engineering, but thinking calmly, I realized that for RD, definitely it does not matter one bit.

I have noticed that especially startups and technology companies adopt this line appreciate much more the profile, cultural fit, values and even experiences than by their course . Delivery potential that person has is extremely important, and how it fits with the job  that is open. Here is exactly how.

The RD believes in multipotentiality advocated by Emillie Wapnick!  Definitely, here you can be what you want. Have food engineers at events and projects have environmental engineer as recruiter, has aquicultora in sales …

Each has its RDoer very strong culture of feedback  and 1-1s  (individual conversations between leaders and followers), all are designed to achieve ever higher levels, regardless of the area or job where they are .

Through our internal recruitment program, RDoers have the opportunity to start in Customer Success , but who knows pursue careers in RD University , for example. Each tour must have “beginning, middle and end” and the RDoer requires much effort and dedication to achieve the expected results, which will likely crown the end of that tour. The knowledge gained in this experiment will help in the desired drive. In short, everything is possible!

Just like anything I imagined when I was a kid, and even when I was 17, happened as I planned, I suppose it could also be happening to you. Today I feel very happy, for I have chosen to live things that contributed to my personal and professional development, and found me.

As I mentioned, I am Talent Recruiter in DR, I remain bassist (maybe one day a band not my “bomb” on the radio) and addicted to football (between us, I think I would give a great sports commentator). And okay to be all this, since it’s what I want!

To help in the process of self-reflection and on the subject, I recommend that you ask a few questions:

  • What I will not give up in my life?
  • What I do well and I do not send so well?
  • What I love to do?
  • What I would like to learn more?

I really hope you can find, there is at what time of life and career are. Remember, you need not be one!

He identified and want to get to know this world which gives to be what you want? See here  our vacancies.