Memorable Customer Service Experiences: 3 Tips from Mikkel Svane #RDSummit

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Trust in simplicity!

That was the key theme of the lecture by Mikkel Svane, co-founder and CEO of Zendesk , a customer-service company established in 2007 in Denmark, his native country.

Today, with 10 years of history, Zendesk has its main office in San Francisco and customers worldwide recognized as L’oreal, Uber, LATAM airlines Adobe y.

In his lecture, Mikkel talked about the business scenario. There are many factors that can make a complex environment, carrying many of the problems of this complexity to the end customer, which ends carrying the weight of the entire problem not understand the solution you are acquiring.

Because, that the key to good customer experience according as it is: simplicity .

Customer service should be simple and can be made easier with these 3 tips:

  1. Responsiveness (responsiveness):the extent that customers can get assistance looking through many different channels, the solution here isreact. Be available to respond in all the channels of communication open and show makes the client know that you can really give a solution to what he is looking for;
  2. Empowerment : to give the opportunity to the clients also for them to do things on their own, and quickly! That way, you avoid customer frustration and can even optimize internal stock in the company;
  3. Transparency : allow access to all information throughout the experience. This can avoid receiving false data, what happens when customers do not trust the provision of information.

Create a good relationship

Investing efforts to build relationships with customers can be even more profitable than going after new customers. So worth winning customer confianza.

“The truth matters today more than ever. If your customers trust you are you, but they did not say more. “

And it is not only an issue of permanence. Create good relationships also improves other topics:

  • Reduces churn rate;
  • Increase the percentage of revenue;
  • Reduces the cost of customer acquisition (CAC);
  • Increase NPS (Net Promoter Score);

To end the presentation, Mikkel recalled that build confidence through simplicity is not an easy task. However, it can be done in a simpler way with the multiple aligned communication channels.

Email, chat and links should be centered not to interrupt the communication between the customer and the company, regardless of the size of the latter.

“Build simplicity to gain confidence. Gains the power of simplicity “