Meet the 10 most used social networks in Brazil

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You’ve probably seen some matter on TV talking about how much the Brazilians love social networking .

And the numbers prove it really is so.

With a daily average of 3:43 a.m. in online social networking , Brazil ranked second in the ranking of time spent on this type of site, losing to the Philippines only.

And the trend is that it continues to grow.

Last year, for example, were 19 million new Brazilian users on social networks, almost 10% of the population. The numbers are from the report Digital in 2017 , the site We Are Social.

Before meeting the social networks most used by Brazilians, check the ranking of the 20 social networks with more users worldwide:

Social network Active members
1. Facebook 2234000000
2. Youtube 1,500,000,000
3. WhatsApp 1,500,000,000
4. Facebook Messenger 1300000000
5. Instagram 1000000000
6. WeChat 980 million
7. Tumblr 794 million
8. QQ 783 million
9. QZone 563 million
10. Sina Weibo 392 million
11. Reddit 330,000,000
12. Twitter 330,000,000
13. Baidu Tieba 300,000,000
14. Skype 300,000,000
15. Linkedin 260,000,000
16. Viber 260,000,000
17. Snapchat 255 million
18. LINE 203 million
19. Pinterest 200,000,000
20. Telegram 200,000,000

The 10 most used social networks in Brazil

In Digital Marketing , social networks are important channels to reach your target audience.

And to identify in which your audience is and make good use of them, it is interesting to know the most popular social networks, which have a greater number of users.

Meet the 10 most used social networks in Brazil:

Facebook1. Facebook

You may have heard say that “if you’re not on Facebook, there is.” That’s because Facebook is by far the most popular social network on the planet – and, consequently, of Brazil. Already more than 2 billion users worldwide, 139 million of them around here.

This places Brazil as the third primary user of the social network, behind only India and the United States.

Facebook is a versatile and comprehensive social network, which brings together many features in one place. It serves both to generate business and to meet people, to relate to friends and family, learn, among others.

That’s why, for companies investing in Digital Marketing, it is virtually impossible not to be on Facebook.

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Instagram2. Instagram

The Instagram was one of the first exclusive social networks for access through the mobile phone. And though today you can view publications on the desktop, its shape is still facing mobile devices. It is a social network sharing photos and videos between users, with the possibility of applying filters and other issues.

Instagram has changed greatly since 2012, when it was bought by Facebook, which paid $ 1 billion for the transaction. Today you can post pictures of different proportions, as well as other formats such as videos, Stories, among others.

Having an account on the social network is an opportunity to publicize their visually content; humanize the mark showing the scenes, for example; and attracting candidates, if hiring.

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linkedin3. LinkedIn

The largest social network geared towards professionals has become increasingly similar to other sites of the same type, such as Facebook.

The difference is that the focus is professional contacts – that is, instead of friends, we have connections, and instead of pages, we have companies.

It is used by many companies to recruit professionals to exchange professional experiences in communities and other activities related to the corporate world.

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twitter4. Twitter

The Twitter peaked in mid-2009 and since then is in decline, but that does not mean all public stopped using the social network.

Today, social networking is mainly used as a second screen where users comment and discuss what they are watching on TV, posting comments on news, reality shows, football games and other programs.

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Whatsapp5. WhatsApp

The WhatsApp is the social network most popular instant messaging among Brazilians: almost all people who have a smartphone also have the installed. Here, by the way, won the application to the “affectionate” nickname zap zap.

In 2017, also entered the fashion of Stories and implemented the feature, which was named “WhatsApp Status.”

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facebook messenger6. Facebook Messenger

The Messenger is the instant messaging tool from Facebook. It was incorporated into Facebook in 2011 and separated from the platform in 2016.

With the “separation”, download the Messenger app has become almost mandatory for social network users via smartphones, since it is not possible to reply to messages using the Facebook application.

In addition to a messaging app, Messenger also has a unique function Stories. For companies, it has some interesting features, such as bots and intelligent answers.

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youtube7. YouTube

The YouTube is the leading social network for online video today, with over 1 billion active users and over 500 million videos viewed daily.

The site was founded in 2005 by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim. The meteoric success has made the platform were acquired by Google in the following year, in 2006 for $ 1.65 billion.

As the video format is currently a big bet, worth investing in the social network as a way to distribute this content.

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Snapchat8. Snapchat

The Snapchat is a photo sharing application, videos and text to mobile. It was considered the symbol of post-modernity by its proposal known ephemeral content such as snaps that disappear a few hours after publication.

The network launched the concept of “stories” – attracting the interest of Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, who several times tried to acquire the company, but was unsuccessful. Thus, the CEO launched the feature in the networks that have already been absorbed, creating competitors Whatsapp Status , Facebook Stories and Instagram Stories .

Although not a niche social network, it has a very specific audience of hyper-young.

Thinking of using Snapchat for business, you can create filters with geolocation-based images, which is a great option to engage users at events, for example.

google plus9. Google+

Google ‘s social network has just not very popular as planned. It’s hard to find a company that has more engagement or generate more traffic from Google+ than Facebook, for example.

In recent years, he has been trying to reinvent itself to win more users, making a series of updates. The last was in January 2017, as we speak in the post Google Plus did not die (and also announced three updates to the beginning of the year) .

pintereset10. Pinterest

The Pinterest is a social network of photos that brings the concept of “reference wall.” There you create folders to store your inspirations and can also upload images as well as place links to external URLs.

The most popular subjects are fashion, makeup, marriage, gastronomy, architecture, DIY, gadgets, travel and design. Your audience is mostly women worldwide.

In your company, you do not need to create folders only with their own content. Select images that have the soul of your brand, help in the construction and it can be a gateway to the user get to you. You can also create sponsored pins that appear more relevant in the feed users.

And his company, which is social networking? Some of them got out of that list? Tell in the comments.😉