Marketing Influence: The New Trend What is influence marketing? But why should I use influence marketing? Did you know that more and more users blocking paid ads on their own computers? 6 Steps & nbsp; To Interact With & nbsp; Influencers

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What is marketing influence?

Well, let’s start with the essentials, the influence of marketing is nothing more than using influencers to publicize your brand.

They can be artists, singers, youtubers, bloggers, etc. These people have a large number of followers who believe and trust what they say, and may be influenced more easily.

But why should I use the influence marketing?

Now, as the influencers  will help you get more engagement and trust for your brand, this may be the push that his client needed to make the buying decision.

In addition, the influencers will speak of your brand in a more natural way, therefore, easier to convince the consumer to believe the message.

Also because people are already saturated with so many ads on the Internet.

It is noteworthy that in addition to being an effective way to advertise your brand, is also affordable and a great return. Especially because the payment is not always in the form of cash, some companies send small amounts of the product to the influencer, which will post content (usually in video form) as “thank you”.

Did you know that is continually increasing the number of users that block the paid ads on their own computers?

Blocking users paid ads

Blocking users paid ads – SOURCE:

We’re not saying do not invest more in sponsored links , but simply to complement the strategy with other different.

Test something that is more assertive!

Clearly let’s start with the suggestion to mount a legal Blog .

This suggestion is so banal that today the creation of Blogs became more a red ocean and difficult to navigate.

With all cheap or even free tools available today to create a website and post content, the difference is in the fact that he was “different.”

So the first thing is to define your target audience and from it, his “persona”.


Steps 6 to interact with influencers

Let’s summarize here some tips received by Irish Influencer Ian MacClean, who writes on Blog:

It is very likely that your target audience and your persona are the same as their competitors.

Thus, a differential for disclosure may be the interaction and reciprocal sharing with influencers in its class.

1: Find Influencers of your segment on Social Networks, Blogs, Google, in every possible way

Create a spreadsheet with the information about them, such as name, blog or community of reference, type of followers he has, how to interact with it (inbox, email, etc).

Worksheet Influencers

Example Worksheet influencers

If you engage with influencers, will be seen as part of their community, and gain more respect, people will find it easier to do business with you.

2: Engage With Influencers Online

Interact with them in the posts they publish on the networks.

Replicate the contents that you think relevant.

Because they are influencers, it is likely that the content of them have already generated engagement, then replicating it on your social networks, you can generate engagement of people who do not likes your page.

They will enjoy the post you replied on your page and Facebook will give you access to the possibility to invite who likes your post to also enjoy your page.

Thus, this will increase the volume of tanned on your website at no cost.

Moreover, these likes are much more qualified than those arriving by paid advertising, which often likes pure impulse.

3: Interview the I nfluencers , create podcasts with Important Questions and Relevant for your segment

You know that their opinion will be “heard”. You will share these podcasts on their networks, in fact, making her this content.influence marketing bla bla

And most likely the influencers have interest in publishing and sharing this content because after all they are talking.

Why that? For thus you will be generating more visibility for them, that is, is helping them.

Then think of a strategy that can help them, this will facilitate the interaction with them.

They sure get multiple contacts per day followers of them, except that most of the time these followers are asking for help.

Be different, you propose an aid to their influencers!

Create content on the basis of their content and the post reference at source (in case they … rs).

4: Engage with influencers Offline

We are always more in the world O2O (online to offline).

This means that each online strategy should be supplemented in any way with offline actions.

So look then influencers  at conferences and events offline.

It will not always be easy, but trying, trying and trying, for sure find the right one.

5: Engage with the followers of influencers

The tool twitonomy will help you to do this. Once identified the followers of the influencers, go after them.

As surely they are a qualified target for what you can offer, as have shown active interest following the influencer, so showing interest in the segment.

Also with  Instagram , you can follow the followers of influencers to spread your account with them.

Is it likely that some of them will follow you back.

6: Involve influencers in content

If you will write content just because you are in order, it is likely that no one will read your beautiful content.

Even if you are not well known in his field.

Ask for help from influencers!

Probably they will give you the tips you need to keep the role of influencers.

And you will have assertive information from those who have experience in the segment.

In this way, mentioning them in your post, you will generate engagement with those who already know the influencer.

Without forgetting that so influential even be aware of your business and it shares a content, you automatically have long engagement!

E-mail to be sent to influencers:

Hello John Doe,

I recently read your article on xxxx and loved what you said about yyyyy.

How do I know you are an expert in xxxxx segment, I would like to ask you a simple question.

I am writing in a blog on the subject and would like to wrap it up.

The question is, “What is your opinion about the market trend, the challenge greater future or past, the main obstacles (here need to have made a study that may give the influencer the possibility to show something that can differentiate easily . do not bring up the question as an intelligence use. the more specific the question, much better as it helps to focus and reduces the time for him to answer you.)

I’d love if you could respond with its first opinion on the subject,

Thank you very much,


(SOURCE: online training offered by )

Try sending this email to 10 influencers you have on your list, as explained above.

Then, after a while, see who answers and send those who have not answered a second e-mail mentioning the influencers who gave a comeback.

Ie, mentioning that already have someone who has an opinion and that Article is already in production.

Now is the influencer who will want to participate not to get out of class.

Create a rank Influencers

You can also sort the influencers with notes and categories, type 1, 2, 3, being the category 1 to category influencers more powerful.

And then, you can talk to category “2” a category “1” has already answered.

So it will be smaller category of the influencer easier to accept because you are giving you the chance to enter the category of  Top Best.

When you post your ready, be sure to insert references and photos of influencers who contributed in creating. And of course do not forget to taguear them the first opportunity of sharing in social networks.

If you implement this strategy, because of their content being shared, you can even become an influencer in the segment.

And do not forget to ask for feedback, comments, comments!


Did something was not clear? Need help define its strategic creation or Blog Disclosure on Social Networks ?

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Co-author: Camila Murakami