Marketing in Social Networks: why use each one differently (and how RD does)

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Having an online presence in social networks is no longer a differentiator. No company stands out for using a particular social network, but to use it the right way.

First of all, let’s ask a question: How many social networks your company or brand is this? If the answer is more than one, this article is for you. If you are in doubt or have not decided, check out some tips on post “Overview: In which social network your company must be present” .

We will show in the text how you can leverage its reach in social networks, assuming you use them all the same way can bring savings in time, but not the best results.

There are some social networks that are apparently competitors like Facebook and Google+, for example. However, you can not say the same for others.

The similarity exists. In all cases users – and companies – want a space to demonstrate their ideas, personal stories and / or professionals, and interact with others – or customers.

But not always be done the same way. Up because social networks are simply differences as average age, purpose and predominant media shared by users.

To make an analogy, it’s like you have to promote your business in different media such as television, radio, newspaper or magazine. You would not use the same language in all cases, right?

In social networks, it is the same. Do not think of promoting content or products on social networks, but on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Think separately, as a term used to summarize all the possibilities can be costly!

Below we show some peculiarities of 7 social networks where the Digital results have an active profile, and demonstrate how we differentiate to another network.


Facebook LogoFacebook is the most popular social network on the planet. Only on Brazilian soil, the network covers 90% of the population has access to internet. Or 90 million people to be exact.

Updates on the Facebook timeline are dynamic. Each user receives a content type according to what he most likes or access. This is how the judges Facebook show the most relevant content for each type of user, using a powerful algorithm capable of absorbing information about the navigation of each person.

So we not always visualize all publications of certain pages. We receive updates from pages that interact more.

With this algorithm that shapes the timeline of each user, Facebook becomes a social network where quality trumps quantity. That is, it is recommended that the publications are as relevant as possible, and moderate in quantity.

To learn how to get more Facebook advantage for your business, read the post “7 simple tips and effective to increase the organic reach on Facebook” .

As used in DR

We publish all new posts from this blog and blog results Agencies  on our Facebook page. Some of the posts are republished over time, but always take care to change the description or image of that link. That is, even though the same content, we changed some elements of the offer. This causes the posts do not appear to repeated and also gives us the ability to execute some tests to find out, for example, which image, time or description deliver better results.

We also publish the release of rich materials, success stories, pictures with motivational phrases, news about our events and other updates. The average of 5 per day.


Twitter is a popular network of 140 characters. It is a social network sighted nature, characterized by updates on events that are happening in real time. It is also considered a second screen, as users often use it to comment on what’s on television, such as news, reality shows, football games, awards and other programs.

The priority of Twitter is to show what is happening right now, even the fact that the feed be updated chronologically. Still, it is a social network that can generate enough traffic to any company, even those without this background information of “last minute”, as is the very case of Digital results.

With options compatilhar posts (retweets), mention other profiles in an update and answer users, it is also an important relationship tool with the audience.

In the post “Twitter for Business: Tips to do (and not do) in 140 characters” , we talk about best practices for you to properly use social networking in your business.

As used in DR

We post all news from our blogs and all releases of rich materials. On some occasions, also mentions the retweetamos Digital Results and posts made on Twitter RD Station, our product.

Unlike Facebook, we usually tweet some more than once posts. Publications are scheduled in advance by the RD Station and scheduled at predetermined time intervals.

We build a grid of threads times not to pollute the timeline of our followers with much repeated information. Break, we measure the outcome of the strategy and identify which are the times when there are more social engagement. The average is 7 to 8 tweets per day.


Google Plus LogoGoogle’s social network has just not very popular as the planning. Launched in 2011, the proposal that has just butting heads directly with Facebook.

It’s hard to find a company that has more engagement or generate more traffic from Google+ that Facebook, for example. Still, it is interesting to have a presence on the network.

One of the best reasons is to simply be the Google’s social network, which means that Google+ posts are indexed in search results much earlier than the other social networks.

As used in DR

In Google +, we published a few posts and materials Digital results. However, we usually post less often, considering that the channel has not generated enough traffic.

We like to maintain a presence in this social network, but it is not our priority. The average is one post per day.


LinkedIn is the largest corporate social network in the world. It is quite similar to the social networks, but the difference is that the focus is the professional networking. That is, instead of friends, we have connections, and instead of pages, we have companies.

It is used by many companies to recruit professionals to exchange professional experiences in communities and other activities related to the corporate world.

In 2015, reached the 21 million mark for users in Brazil. If your company is not in Linked In, consider changing this situation. In the post “8 tips to take off your Company Page on LinkedIn” we show how you can get the best out of the network.

As used in DR

What we have to bear in mind when we published an update on Linked In, is the public that will consume this information is connected to the network purely for business purposes, and does not divide your attention with entertainment updates or personal nature, such as in Facebook or Google+, for example.

The company page of Digital results is updated whenever a new post (like this) is published on the blog. Our intention is to publish the network our tips Digital Marketing for professionals who are connected with us. Published less content than Facebook, but also republished some articles and older materials. The average of three per day.


Youtube is the most popular network video streaming. It has over one billion users, a number that corresponds to almost a third of all Internet users.

Although the intention of Youtube to be serving videos, the site does not stop being a social network, as you can with your Google account to interact with others, follow channels and write comments.

Check out the post “Youtube: 12 killer SEO tips for your videos” how you can increase the relevancy of your channel.

As used in DR

We use our YouTube channel to publish events presented lectures (such as RD and RD Summit On The Road), corporate videos and RDicas , our series of short videos on Digital Marketing.

We also use Youtube to perform the live broadcast of our Webinars, and have available for viewing after the close.


Instagram is another social network popular among users. The main features is that it is a network designed to be used by mobile devices, and only accepts visual content in the publications. It began with pictures, but for some time already also includes videos up to 15 seconds long.

In 2015, Brazil reached the number of 29 million users in Instagram, which makes our country is the second largest public Instagram, behind the United States.

In the post “When and how to invest in Marketing on Instagram” talk about some good strategies for your company to use the social network the most appropriate manner.

As used in DR

The intent of RD Instagram profile is to strengthen our identity. So we posted backstage photos from our day to day, our team, our office, etc.

We do not usually disclose posts and rich materials on Instagram because we generally use the network more to branding than to generate Leads or traffic. The exceptions occurred when we promote a post on the RD generate Leads .

Incidentally, if you seek to know more about promoting ads on Instagram EFFICIENT way Cofira the post ” How to advertise on Instagram Ads: The complete step-by-step .”


Slide Share is a social network presentations. It is an optimized space to host slides that were the basis for lectures, portfolios or any documents that work in this format, such as eBooks, for example.

It is more than a presentation of website hosting as it allows to create profiles, follow profiles and interact with others through comments.

As used in DR

We posted some slides of lectures presented at our events, as in the RD or RD Summit On The Road.

We have also used the network to publish the slides of some webinars we transmit and also the preview of some rich material, always directing the user to the download link of the full material.

Other social networks

Above, we mentioned 7 social networks in which we use the Digital results for different purposes. However, there are other networks that are available and have great results for other types of business, such as:

  • Snapchat: The preferred application of the young audience. In the United States, it is the most popular social network among the population.
  • Pinterest: Visual tool where you can find creative ideas for all projects of interest.
  • Tumblr: Platform blog format, where users publish text, images, videos, links, quotes and audio. It was here that the case of blue and black dress (or white and gold) began viralized.
  • Periscope: From the creators of Twitter, is highly used for real – time transmission of events, facts and news. It is a pure and broadcast live, unedited.

The secret is to think of a different strategy for each social network. This does not mean that you should not automate tasks such as automatic posts and schedules (as we did with the RD Station, for example), but to think that each network has a different language.

Unite these different objectives is a factor to differentiate it. Share with us in comments what their strategies are to make the most of the different social networks!