Marketing Automation for Virtual Stores: How to Implement

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Although the concept has been around for many years, until recently a Marketing Automation was common only among large corporations. This is due to the high cost of technology required to put it into practice.

The methodology helps in generating marketing professionals, segmentation, nutrition and Lead qualification. It is also useful in the strategy of customer sales cycle, cross-sell and upsell , retention and return measurement on investment (ROI).

That is, one of the great pillars of Inbound Marketing .

Okay, but what exactly is Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation is a set of actions that allows companies streamline, automate and measure their workflows and marketing activities. Thus, they can increase operational efficiency, making revenues grow faster.

Here we go: establish communication with 10 clients is easy. 20, it is possible. If you arrive at 30, it starts to get complicated. Above that, each new customer comes to represent an obstacle to maintain a good relationship.

This is when you think, “how good it created the Marketing Automation to climb communication with Leads and customers in the same proportion in which they interact with my shop.”

This is because automation involves the intelligent use of information systems to understand consumer behavior and offer him the right solution at the right time.

In the case of online shops, it is necessary that your ecommerce is prepared to convert 98% of visitors who are not yet in the final stretch of the sales funnel.

For this, you need to use some triggers for him to leave your contact information and you can start a relationship.

In general, automation simplifies the work of ecommerce , running a series of activities on their own, since programmed properly, of course.

Just to be clear: this is not a robot performing tasks, but people creating information flows, connected together to provide a unique experience between consumer and brand.

How to implement Marketing Automation in the virtual store?

The ecommerce industry is increasingly competitive, and this is not news to anyone. For those who work in this business, you must perform a series of investments to ensure sales, both in the short and long term.

It is still common to see online retailers investing primarily in short-term results. Investment in sponsored links is an example. Some online stores of medium and large size have more than 50% of your traffic generated from paid channels, and here lies the great benefit of marketing automation.

Initially, it was used in customer loyalty activities to prolong its life cycle. However, today is also used to designate a process within the Inbound Marketing strategy, which helps to attract the interest of consumers. This makes that standardized newsletter miss forces.

Know who the customer is, your tastes, your time in the purchase journey and what content is most attractive with the commercial offer is fundamental for modern ecommerce.

This all shows that Marketing Automation and ecommerce work very well together.

Automating processes frees your staff to take care of more strategic activities, those that are reflected in real gains for your business.

But exactly what can be automated within an ecommerce?

1. Consumer Day

Marketing Automation is closely linked to optimizing the consumer journey for him to feel safe in making the purchase.

Each customer action deserves an immediate and accurate response. And this can be done by automating the flow of nutrition and to care.

So one of the first steps to implement automation in your shop is the definition of personas .

2. Nutrition Leads

A visitor came to your site or in your e-shop and left contact information for you to keep frequent communication?

Great, you have the Marketing Automation to take care of the following processes. You can target content which are most relevant according to the person’s profile and send messages for Email Marketing to educate, entertain and inform the consumer until you are ready to purchase.

3. Status of applications

The buyer is anxious, so it is important to inform you about the situation of purchase. You can automate the sending of notification emails on the status of the order, disseminating steps as:

  • In separation in stock;
  • In dispatch;
  • With the carrier;
  • The way to her house.

So in addition to keeping the informed consumer, you make your mark is in memory longer.

If delivery occurs on time without any unexpected point for you and Marketing Automation, which allowed all this without you needed to move a finger.

4. Abandonment cart

About 83% of the carts are abandoned. Sad that, right? In fact, the cart abandonment is a ghost chasing virtual stores. But you can recover most of the customers with a simple measure: remarketing .

By the time the visitor leave your site, send an email and ask why or talk that the products are still there, waiting for him.

You need to be in front of computer for that? No! Tools Marketing Automation as the RD Station Marketing , do it automatically and you will only know that someone left to buy in the middle of the way when analyzing the reports.

5. recurring Purchase

Selling to new customers is more expensive and labor-intensive than selling to those who have already bought the first time. So, an ecommerce should invest in recurring purchases, establishing a communication with the customer some time after purchase, touting new offers or discount coupons.

Once again, our dear automation gains the scene. You need to automate these offer. For example, if you have a pet shop and knows that particular drug should be applied every three months, you can create an automation product flow so that buyers receive an email with a reminder that the pet should take another dose.

Or, you can offer an earring that matches a string that the customer has acquired in its high-end luxury jewelry store.

This will increase your sales with a much smaller investment than acquiring new customers through advertisements or other actions. In this strategy, you can also offer a product that complements the first purchase.

Attaching the Marketing Automation in practice?

The first step to good marketing automation is to investigate whether a company has enough manpower to take care of the necessary steps.

In this evaluation, you should start thinking about the software options and integration with the ecommerce platform you use. It is important that they are well integrated – because of the automation functions is to reduce its operational work and not increase it.

They need to work in synergy so that the metrics are measured and their functions performed satisfactorily.

If you realize you do not have the required number of employees or qualified to start this work, you might consider hiring a Digital Marketing agency to help build and configure automation streams your virtual store.

What you can not do is stand by. Work to increase the conversion rate of your ecommerce is a smart strategy on the cost of bringing new customers to your online store. So, focus on optimizing their conversion rate to have sustainable growth.