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Local SEO Service, A Powerful Lever For Your Business!

What is geolocated SEO?

 Local SEO service is a SEO technique that increases the visibility of your business on Google and promotes your services to customers nearby. It allows to be visible on local requests, that is to say that contain geographical information: “Italian Restaurant Paris”, “Montpellier Lawyer”.

The results of the Google results pages are displayed according to where the user is geolocated, i.e. where he is from. Most often, we find in the local results services activities such as health, stores, home services …

You see when you’re looking for a doctor’s office, a lawyer or a locksmith near you on Google, and a map tells you those who are nearby? That’s the local SEO! And this can be a great asset for your business, as long as you know how to improve it. With this in mind, an SEO agency can help you understand local SEO and optimize it.

The 4 criteria of a good local SEO

Thanks to the location of the user and the massive use of mobile for research, Google offers Internet users craftsmen and services near their home via a Google Maps. But to get there, you have to pay attention to the following 4 criteria:

Good customer reviews

Customers are increasingly relying on the opinions of other users of the product or service, so gather as much notice as possible to increase the popularity of your business.

The distance between the customer and you

The distance is a criterion to take into account in the choice of the user who wants a fast delivery. You must therefore define your catchment area as best as possible.

A detailed sheet My Google Business

Fill in your address, your opening hours, your telephone number so that the user can contact you. You will not get anywhere without a busy Google page.

Inbound links of quality

We also advise you to obtain links (backlinks) on local newspaper sites or town hall that value your business and your business.

Differentiate yourself from the competition!

If you follow the above guidelines, there is every chance that your company stands out from other local businesses! Also remember that it is not necessary to have a website to do local SEO, which is a considerable advantage for very small businesses.

Here is an example of a customer case that the agency Experts looked after. As you can see, BH Building appears first in local SEO but also second in SEO … something to boost its visibility even more!

Local search algorithms

In recent years, Google continues to update its algorithms to optimize local SEO. It must be said that it takes more and more importance in the United States, the land of Google. Any SEO agency does not offer a service in this area because it is a trend still very recent.

Google Pigeon: July 24, 2014 (launch in the United States)

The search engine created Pigeon, an algorithm that highlights local sites in the results pages with more precision: location, relevance, etc.

With this update, Google better handles local queries and delivers more accurate results to users. As a result of this change, several sites have changed their positioning.

How to optimize your site with Google Pigeon?

 The first step is to set up your Google My Business account. You have to provide Google with all the information you need to understand what your institution does.

The other strategy is to obtain links from local sites: netlinking is a powerful lever in SEO. If you have multiple links from local sites, you maximize your chances of appearing on location-based keywords.

Google Opossum: September 1, 2016

In early September 2016, some instability is noted on the results pages. This is probably the effects of the new arrival of Google called Possum or Opossum in French.

Experts believe that this is the most important update of Google’s algorithm for local results since Pigeon.

How to optimize your site with Google Opossum?

Opossum has the particularity of only impact the results on Google Maps for the moment. We can summarize in 4 points its effects:

Local results close to the areas searched by Internet users are now more visible;

Companies with the same addresses and the same activity will now be less visible;

The geolocation of the surfer will have more impact than before;

The order of words in the query has an impact on the displayed results.

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