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LinkedIn made a very important statement for companies that use social networking to generate business.

Are two new features:

  • Video ad format
  • Use videos in the Company Pages

According to an internal survey conducted by LinkedIn, 46% of B2B advertisers said they were quite challenging perform video campaigns on other platforms.

This result prompted LinkedIn to bring the format into the social network.

linkedin video ads

Ads in videos on LinkedIn

Video ads represent an evolution of the format Sponsored Content on LinkedIn. Unlike the pre or post-roll (which are ads that appear before or after other videos), the new format is published directly in the news feed as a post itself.

For LinkedIn, the video promises to help advertisers reach different goals within the sales funnel , such as:

  • Improve brand awareness through rich, visual stories;
  • Generate qualified traffic to the site;
  • Capture qualified leads with the call-to-action button available or through integrations with Lead Gen Forms .

lead gen forms

Ie, through videos, companies can now reach the audience following the same ad targets available in the LinkedIn Ads , such as job function, seniority level, company name, segment it operates, among other skills.

Moreover, it is possible to integrate the videos with the tool Matched Audiences to be even more precise in scope.

Remember that the format was in beta since October 2017. So if you’ve been impacted by a video ad on LinkedIn before is because the company announced that was participating in this test. There were more than 700 advertisers experiencing format, such as GE , Philips and Canada Audi .

Videos for Company Pages

Another novelty is that now companies can publish videos directly on their Company Pages.

Again, if you’ve seen it is because the company was participating in the testing phase. Only now the functionality is officially available to all Company Pages.

In the statement, LinkedIn said that the format of video is very effective for the company attract talent, generate engagement and talk to the audience directly by the Company Page. According to the social network during the Beta phase the videos presented results 5 times better than other formats with similar goals.

Ready to generate more with LinkedIn?

The company said the two news will be available in full for all in the coming weeks.

Also released this page best practices ads in videos based on 7,500 rounds campaigns on the platform.

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