LinkedIn News: How to create showcase pages to advertise your products

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LinkedIn announced that from April 14, the Product Guide will be removed from company pages (business pages on the network). From now on, users can promote their products on the updates of the page and the pages showcase.

We will see in this post how these options and step by step to create a “showcase” for their different products and services.

As it was before?

To get a sense of what has changed, our product guide looked like this:


We shared the same page calls to our digital marketing software, the RD Station , online courses, educational materials, and more.

As is now?

Linkedin announced two ways of presenting products: Page updates and showcases pages. Updates the page are not new to users. Just the company disclose in its company page a publication on a specific product so that your followers can see the contents (which can also be sponsored to have a longer range). So far, no mystery.

The big news is the showcase pages, which are “showcase pages” for different content. For those who have more than one product line, different brands or services, this is a way to target better what your business offers. And for the public to great advantage it is to follow only the contents that interest you.

One example: imagine a company of food products. She may have a page only for your pasta line, another for jams, preserves, and so on.

Just as a company page, users can follow them and track updates inserted there. In addition, when you post an update on these pages, the content can be targeted to specific audiences between her followers (or be sponsored to gain a longer range).

As examples, LinkedIn released the Microsoft use cases ( Office ) and Prudential Financial ( The Prudiental Challenge Lab ).

How to create a showcase page (showcase page)

To create your first you need to be an administrator of the company page of your company. Then click the blue button at the top right and option “create showcase page.”

Enter the name of the tab and name administrators who may edit content:

In the next step, you insert a cover image (974 x 330px or higher), describes what the page will have up to 200 characters and add your logo and a URL of the company’s website where these products are available.

Ready at that time your will showcase this face:

From there it is only post the content. You can target your post to a specific audience among his followers:

For this, of course, disclose their showcases to go building your audience of followers. One suggestion is to disclose in the company page updates.

His company has already set up a showcase page? If so, share in the comments what you think of this change on LinkedIn.

For more information and questions, please visit the pages on showcase pages and frequently asked questions .