LinkedIn launches carousel ads

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LinkedIn launched globally yesterday, June 12, a novelty that brings other possibilities for those who make campaigns on the social network. A new ad format, the carousel is now available for all companies.

Through it you can add multiple offers, which can be scrolled horizontally by the user as he navigates his feed , as in the image below:

Ad carousel linkedin ads

According to the statement, made by the product manager Rohan Rajiv, ads carousel serve to humanize the campaign B2B companies in focused social network for professionals.

In B2B marketing, we sometimes forget the importance of storytelling in building a deep relationship with the audience. Make your brand stand out in the noise is a challenge, but these connections can create a memorable experience and keep your brand in people’s minds, he says.

The format was first launched for 300 businesses – companies like Hewlett Packard and Volvo Canada. According Rajiv Rohan, these first advertisers did “informative and entertaining ads,” speaking of the companies, their products and services.

He points out that 75% of them said they should continue using the ads in carousel, they saw an increase in engagement and click-through rate. Remember that this type of campaign can now be made on other social networks, like Facebook .

What you can do with the ads on Carousel LinkedIn

In the statement, LinkedIn provided some suggestions of what you can do with this news:

Tell a story

On a carousel ad, you can use up to 10 cards and customize each of them. Thus, it is possible to share more content or create more quality interactions with the audience, showing, for example, several offers at once, or deepening into one.

Attract the attention of your target audience

Because the format is interactive and draws attention, stands in the feed . According to LinkedIn, ads carousel encourage the audience to engage with your brand both on the desktop and on mobile devices.

“Behind every decision is a real person,” says the release of text, “and ads carousel allow you to show the personality of your brand, what attracts your audience, helping them to connect with you.”


According to LinkedIn, ads carousel make each stage of the buying journey is tailored to your marketing goals, which allows to increase brand awareness, send traffic to different forms Leads generation of social networking .

To measure it, you can use known metrics such as click through rate and the number of generated Leads, and see the number of clicks and impressions individually from each photo announcement. Reports can also be downloaded.

The format is available for all companies. To learn more, LinkedIn has a page that shows step by step how to start using the carousel format, shows use cases and outlines the best practices for advertising on the social network.

And you will take advantage of this new format in their campaigns on LinkedIn? To find out how to generate even more results in the largest professional network in the world, download our eBook Introduction to Digital Marketing on LinkedIn.