Link Building: The Ultimate Guide to Apply this Strategy and Make the Most of It

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Link Building: The Definitive Guide for Entrepreneurs


To position your business online , it is essential to apply a number of SEO strategies.  Including the practice of  Link Building is one of the most important. So today we bring you a complete guide so you know all about this technique of SEO and can take full advantage. Take note!

What is Link Building?

It is an SEO strategy that seeks to promote the reputation, authority and rank your website in the ranking of Google and other search engines by generating links to relevant external sites linking to your site.

The foundation of Link Building is based on the search engines take into account a number of factors SEO On-Site and Off-Site  in their algorithms to position your website on the Internet. The technique of Link Building belongs to the strategies Off-Site SEO and direct impact on the positioning of your site .

Link Building, how can you help your business?

We explained: to establish the degree of relevance of your site , search engines like Google take into account in their algorithms quality and quantity of links pointing to your site from other Internet sites . These links are also known as third “backlink” or “Inbound Links” .

For this reason, the strategy of Link Building to generate such “qualified” links on other sites to increase your relevance. As discussed below, it is better quality than quantity , as there are right and wrong to carry out this practice forms.

For now suffice it to say that the best option to succeed with this strategy is to get these  backlinks are as organic as possible . That is, the pages that link to your website do so from the high quality of your content (and not through deceptive methods or spammer ).

In this regard and as we shall see below, one of the best strategies to Link Building without violating the rules of Google and other search engines it is to use the  Guest Posting .

6 words to know to better understand Link Building Strategy

How to Link Building?

Before proceeding, it should review a number of terms related to the practice of Link Building , which will help you better understand how this strategy works and will serve to understand the rest of this Guide. They are:

On-Site SEO 

This is a set of strategies you can implement on your own website to promote their positioning (p. Eg. The use of keywords, URL , or meta information). Since the technique of Link Building works outside your site does not belong to this classification.

Off-Site SEO

Are all those techniques including SEO Link Building, which focus on external factors to your website is included  and impact on their relevance. Some of them are external links , social mentions and other indicators that favor the authority of your page.


As explained by experts , this kind of links, also known as  “inbound links” are generated when a website link to another website . Thus, the link created between the two is what is known as Backlink .

In this sense, the quality of Backlink depend on the A uthority Domain  (Domain Authority) site that has linked content, and the thematic link between the two sites (whether real or forced).

 Link Building, Inbound Marketing and other concepts you should know

Domain Authority (domain)

It is a score related to ranking in search engines created by MOZ , one of the most important online SEO tools today. This score predicts how well a site will be positioned in Google search results .

Thus, the score ranges from 1 to 100 and the higher the score, the greater the positioning capability of a particular website.

Anchor Text (Anchor Text)

The Text Anchor ( Anchor Text ) of a link, is the part of the link where you can click . E.g. to read our post about SEO and Social Media , you must click the Anchor Text , which in this example is the text  “SEO and Social Media” .

This is important since the Google algorithm takes into account what is the Anchor Text used by external pages that link to your site when determining its relevance and position in the ranking . In turn, they should be ignored at all costs Anchor Texts misleading to avoid penalties.

So, if you want to position a keyword or keyword such as “restaurant in Buenos Aires”, it is best to work with Anchor Texts that include that keyword, p. eg. “The best restaurant in Buenos Aires” .

Inbound Marketing

Called Inbound Marketing or Attraction Marketing is a series of strategies (including the Content Marketing ) seeking to attract the target audience through content created especially strategies SEO, Social Media Marketing and more.

In this context, the Link Building as a strategy of SEO Off-Site is critical to successful Inbound Marketing, ie, to promote the dissemination and relevance of a website on the Internet.

What are the benefits of Link Building?

What is Link Building and what is

Now that you know the main terms related to the strategy of Link Building , we will tell you what the most important advantages that this practice can bring to your site.

1- Increase your Domain Authority Website

As explained specialists when Google determines which sites qualify best for a given search , one of the most important factors to consider is the quantity and quality of external links (inbound links or backlinks) directing each site .

So while better your  Backlinks greater the Authority domain of your site, ie, the probability that your website rank high in search results for Keyword determined.

Thus, do Link Building is an excellent way to increase the domain authority of your site and thus its visibility and dissemination.

2- improving the visibility of your brand

By doing  guest posting on your site (ie, when you invite an author to publish content on your site in exchange for publishing you in yours) each new source you contact for this purpose (p. Eg. Related to your industry blogs industrial) constitutes an effective opportunity to introduce your brand to new readers .

Accordingly , and as you can imagine, the Guest Posting is one of the best strategies Link Building because, besides favoring the SEO of your site greatly increases the chances of spreading your brand , as if it were free publicity.

3- Reference Generates More Traffic

Another major benefit of Link Building  is that it manages  to increase your referral traffic , ie those visitors who enter your site from a reference (link) on the contents of another site as if it were a recommendation.

Link Building for beginners

And p. eg. when you guest posting and a reader wants to know more about your proposals, simply click on the link to your site that you included in the content published on an external site. Thus in addition to benefiting your position, you generate more visitors to your page .

4- Helps You Leverage Influencer Marketing

Many foreign authors who can resort to carry out your strategy Link Building  by Guest Posting are prominent figures within the Influencer Marketing , ie, are Influencers , renowned personalities and good reputation within your area of expertise.

Thus, by resorting to this strategy Link Building your brand and your site you will enjoy the benefits of being “in the hands” of a Influencer : have a high degree of exposure to a specialized audience, generate reactions and even interactions Networks social and disseminated among new readers.

5- Increase your brand Authority

By doing guest posting on reputable sites related to your industry, you have the opportunity to show your brand as an authority in your industry to many new and interested in your content readers. To do this you must take a safe and professional tone in your articles.

By doing this quite often, you will go progressively gaining new readers and, ultimately, potential customers or consumers of your proposals, all of which will positively impact your conversions.

What is Link Building and what is

6- Increase your credibility with Audience

When your site is mentioned in a specialized publication of high quality, the reputation of your brand rises and becomes relevant to public perception . For this reason, many brands exhibit logos or insignia of publications that have been mentioned (we recommend you do too!).

These badges serve as evidence that such reference is real , and as evidence that it actually has been mentioned in a relevant source in particular. Therefore place them on your site increases the credibility and authority of your brand in the eyes of readers .

Te 7- sets before Authorities Other Industries

By doing guest posting not only you get backlinks for your site, but you can also discover and embeberte what the leaders in your industry are communicating. Indeed, when doing your research to determine who you should do Guest Posting you get a clear picture of the influencers in your industry .

It is best to invite you to write to your site, so you can get  free content and highly qualified for your blog, as well as new readers (among which there will surely be other influencers and leaders in your industry). The more Guest Posting do, the higher your level of exposure to authorities in your sector.

8- It brings long-term benefits

To sustain over time your collaborations with other sites as part of your strategy Link Building , you will go to build strong relationships with other representatives of your industry . Eventually you will have many links with external sources, while keep reciprocity, always be willing to publish your links.

Accordingly, each time you invite a new author to publish on your site aims to strengthen the terms of trade . Thus in addition to new backlink , you will go progressively expanding your system dissemination and effective range of your brand online .

Beware Google Penalties: What You Should Consider When Making Link Building To Avoid Penalties

Link Building, how it can benefit your business?

Both to defend their interests to keep rising service quality, Google has assembled a set of rules in the Statute Webmasters seeking to control the practice of Link Building . Then we will see that regulation points you should keep in mind to avoid sanctions:

  • Do not abuse the Anchor Texts Based on Keywords: Since the anchor texts are susceptible to manipulation, many people link their content on external sites exclusively using various keywords that seek to position. This behavior, especially when dealing with a large number of  anchor texts with the same keyword, all of which target one place, usually quickly sanctioned by Google.
  • Within the strategy of Link Building , there are two kinds of links: the organic , which are those that other users place spontaneously, and forced , which are those you place yourself. In this context, Google “rewards” to organic links and tends to disfavor the links forced, marking them as SPAM. The goal of search is to reward high quality content including added value and have earned good law in its Inbound Links . Consequently, we recommend ensuring that your links are organic as possible … or use the Guest Posting .
  • The bigger your backlinks  without Spam by Google , you will be most favored in the ranking of search engine and get more traffic to your site. This may not work as fast as forced place on different websites links but promote the reputation of your site long term and will avoid penalties from Google .
  • If a link is manipulative, Google will take with SPAM. Therefore we suggest using Anchor Texts not misleading , but actually relate to the content they point.
  • Post very poor or low quality content as part of a strategy of Guest Posting is also taken as spam by the search engine.

How to Link Building From Scratch?

How to grow through the Internet Link Building

Now that you are aware of what is proposed this strategy SEO and Off-Site SEO , we share with you the best recommendations for Link Building from scratch and make the most.

It is recalled that, if you have a website and want to earn organic traffic, the best you can do is get good links from relevant sites (in other words, to “exist” on the Internet, you must do Link Building! ). Those are some tips on how to do it right the first time :

1- Calls Backlinks

This is a good way to start, especially if you are a person beginner in terms of SEO and Inbound Marketing . Basically it is to ask your friends, colleagues, family and the general public, which add a link to your site on their web pages .

In this regard and for best results, we recommend asking them to place the link in the body of an article or in the middle of content , rather than as a footer that can go unnoticed. You must also ensure that other  sites relevant to your industry , in order to avoid penalties.

2- Build strong relationships

To make your strategy Link Building work, it needs to be based on strong relationships. In this regard, there are countless opportunities to make new contacts with relevant actors in your sector . It is therefore advisable to begin by examining related to your niche communities.

And p. eg. We recommend research on blogs, forums, Facebook groups and other social networks. It is also advisable to take the first step, contributing interesting and relevant to the conversation content . You can also make comments and postings that add value to the discussion.

Link Building for beginners

The idea is that through these interactions gain  Backlinks of the most organic way possible, and as far as possible and connect with influencers in your industry references that can help in future collaborations Guest Posting ,

3- leverages Posts Testimoniales

Many brands on the Internet offer you the opportunity to say a few words about your experience using some of its products , which is an excellent opportunity to Link Building with sites that already have a good position .

Therefore we recommend connect with some of these brands, give your testimonial and add a backlink to your content. That way everyone wins: the brand obtains another reference to build credibility with your customers, and you win an Inbound Link  and potential traffic to your site.

You can start by giving a testimonial about the products of this site , whose administrators ensure that changes will link your site with great pleasure.

4- Start a Blog

While this is an excellent way to boost your Link Building strategy , the fact is that to work you must do it right. In other words, there is no use to open a blog if postearás just once. At this point the idea is to write articles short intervals (p. Eg. Two or more times a week).

Link Building, how can you help your business?

We also recommend that your contents are focused on your industry and the needs of your customers. If you keep the quality of your content (ie, if you research and you link to reliable sources, add a value added and offer interesting and well written texts) will earn domain authority over time .

The idea is that your blog will become a reference site in your industry , with people wishing to link their contents. Thus it will be much easier and sustainable to carry out a strategy of Guest Posting.

5- Add your site to directories Confiables

There are numerous directories on the Internet dedicated to specific niches, which can include links to your site , along with a brief description. The function of these directories is to provide users finding businesses and brands within different industry sectors.

That way you will not only generate backlinks to your site, but also you inform your potential customers about your products and services. Besides being part of a directory increases the chances that users find you when they require services related to your area.

In this sense and before adding your site to a directory, we recommend you do some research with Google, to see which ones are the most popular and best positioned in the search.

6- Dedicate to Guest Posting Quality

As we have said many times on this blog post , the Guest Posting is one of the most effective strategies in terms of Link Building . This is so for several reasons. First it lets you add backlinks on relevant sites with quality content related to your sector.

In addition, it provides an excellent opportunity to present your proposals to new audiences and interact with influencers in your niche , which can further increase the range of your proposals and authority of your brand.

Here are some  essential tips when making Guest Posting :

  • Before agreeing to Guest Posting with someone, make sure your site or blog is relevant to your topic .
  • At the time of writing, focus on quality content (try that is well written, it is interesting and that brings something real to whoever reads).
  • Remember that the article should not be how amazing it is your brand or business , but must be a genuine contribution to the niche.
  • Note that a poor or poorly written article can bring bad reputation .

7- leverages SEO Tools Online

What is Link Building?

Finally, there are tools that can help in the task of Link Building . In particular I will discuss two of them used to know the domain authority of a particular site, so that you can evaluate based on your score if you agree or not your strategy for Link Building .

One is MOZ ; app creator indicator “domain authority”  which we discussed. This tool allows you to , among other things , enter a URL anyone to know which is your score for this indicator. It is noteworthy that requires registration for use.

The other application is Website Authority Checker an online app  simple and requires no registration, through which you can enter in the same way a web address to know both the authority of the entire domain, such as a specific page of the site in question .

In conclusion we can say that the Link Building is an important aspect of any SEO strategy . For that reason every place you want to positively position in Google and other search engines should use its techniques to achieve effective results, and always taking care not to violate the rules of Google.

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