Lincoln Murphy talks about the importance of having a Customer Success area at Studio RD Summit

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Some people define like a bucket with holes companies that do a good job in marketing and sales, but without concern for customer success. You put water inside (or customers) and it goes away.

However, Lincoln Murphy , known as the Pope of Customer Success, makes an exception to this analogy: the problem of unsuccessful buyers is that, unlike water, they comment with others about their bad experiences. “Customers go away and this causes internal damage, is the opposite of what generates growth,” he says.

The solution, for him, is to have the company the area of Customer Success . It avoids having to fill the time all the empty space of clients who have left. “Marketing and sales pick up customers, but Customer Success is the reason we exist as a company,” he says.

In addition to cause them to become longer with the company and buy more when customers reach their business goals also get good recommendations.

If you can help the client succeed, then there will be good only in financial terms, but will also be sustainable in the long run.

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