Let’s understand what is Content Marketing?

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For simplicity, content marketing is:

  • One way to educate their consumers;
  • Engage with your target audience;
  • Increase your network of customers and potential customers;
  • Create relevant content.

Content marketing can take many formats such as news, videos, ebooks, blog posts, articles, images / infographics, among others (depends on your creativity and how your audience interacts more).

Although it seems easy for us to talk, it’s super difficult to understand how to start, is not it? Do not worry, we separate a list of points that you should follow to set the creation of content.


persona creation: What is the profile of your audience?

Personas are characters / fictitious profiles super important to help your company understand who your audience more assertive way.

To define their personas, you have to exploit the profile of your current customers. After this you must create a persona that will match these profiles to be your potential customers.

See the example below:

what is marketing conteúdo11

  • In addition to understanding what these customer profiles you want / need to attract to your site, the persona definition is super important for your company to understand what stage your audience is, so that these contents are planned in a way that matches these moments. Not everyone is ready to convert, and we need to know what that moment that our efforts are not in vain.


Content: What use format?

You already know the profile of your audience, you can now produce content in the most appropriate format for it.

Ex: You built the persona and understand your audience tends to interact more with visual content, then you can use infographics, videos, or content with many images.


Content Creation: Keywords are important SUPER!

You must set the main keyword of your text, it is important and is part of your content strategy, which in addition to engaging your audience, strengthen the strategic actions of your website optimization.

You can make keyword search by Google tools, as will be shown in the example below.

what is content marketing

To do this research?

With research, you will be able to understand how people look on a certain subject in search engines, being more assertive when creating their titles. You know which terms are being sought more and be able to write for issues that are most relevant to this audience.


Optimize your content!

The SEO is responsible for cooperating with the indexing of your site, causing Google’s robots understand about what you speak and rankeamento better your pages. (Need to mention that in addition to Google, other search engines like Yahoo, Bing, etc.).

So it is extremely important the content is relevant. In addition to being applied to more relevant keyword to your content, you must complete optimization of the page: insert titles, descriptions, alt the images, internal linking, anchor text application, etc.

and optimizing your content he will have good positioning in Google, consequently new visitors.


Always use the Call To Action

The call to action is a call link format, button or phrase that encourages the visitor to perform a specific action on the site. Eg download an e-book, direct the visitor to an offer page, etc.

It is essential to use the CTA in your favor! So be creative and attract your visitor the best possible way.

what is content marketing

Keep communicating with your audience!

Remember, be sure to relate to your audience, keep your blog updated and always interact on social networks.

what is content marketing

Well, now you know a little more about what is content marketing and how to take the first steps to building a good text, start your planning.

If you want to talk to us to understand a little more about how to design the improvement strategy, so their results are achieved in the best possible way, focused on your customer, speak to one of our experts. We’re waiting for you.