Learn SEO with Google: Get to Know the New SEO Starter Guide

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Those just starting out or want to get started with SEO can now have a direction of Google itself.

The company launched a new version of its SEO Starter Guide , after seven years without updating the document.

The current version was built from the previous one, bringing new sections on the need to optimize for search engines and for building a user friendly website for mobile devices, for example. Are matters that were far less popular at the time of the last publication in 2010.

Traditionally, Google supplies the beginners were the SEO Starter Guide and the Webmaster Academy. The first contained the good practices necessary for search engines to meet, understand and indexassem content.

The second brought information and tools to teach webmasters how to create a website and how to make it appear in the Google search.

As the two had repeated content and similar goals, the idea was to retire the tool for webmasters and launch a new version of the guide.


What has changed in the new version of SEO Starter Guide

We separated some novelties presented in version 2018:

Hiring an SEO expert

The new guide that talks may be worth hiring a professional SEO for your site.

The content details the types of service that these professionals can do and provides links to help center articles that teach how to hire an SEO expert.

According to the guide, the best time to hire a professional SEO is as soon as possible, as this ensures that the site will be friendly to search engines from the beginning and that is already optimized when you grow up.

friendly sites for mobile dispositos

As we talk, a lot has changed since the last release of this guide by Google. To get an idea, here in Brazil we were still living times of Orkut and MSN.

By 2010, a good practice was to have separate pages for mobile devices, for example.

The new guide has been updated to reflect the current state of the Internet to mobile devices, with best practices for creating responsive sites and can be accessed by all device types.

Link to other sites

Google’s new guide also talks about taking care of the sites to which you link. And it shows the most common ways to take advantage of the reputation of another site, such as adding links in comments.

The new guide is available in nine languages ​​- English, Portuguese, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Russian and Turkish – and should be translated into other languages ​​16 soon.

These topics are just some of the available in this update. Google recommends reading for everyone who disclose online content through the browser.

But if you are already familiar with the subject SEO and read about it from other sources, Google’s guide reveals no great secret about how the algorithm works.

Anyway, worth taking a look, especially if you are starting out and seek knowledge in an organized manner.

The SEO Starter Guide is a comprehensive guide to be used as a basis in the beginning. Now, if what you need are quick and practical tips that can be applied today on its website, download our free eBook 27 actionable SEO Tips to Boost your site in Google .