Landing page, what it is and how to optimize it

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5 Tips to improve your lead conversion process

One of the most effective tools in digital marketing,  a landing page or landing page is a site dedicated to your site with one goal: CONVERT

A good landing page will specifically target a particular audience, such as trafficking a campaign e-mail that promotes certain ebook, or visitors who click on an ad pay per click promoting your webinar. It is therefore important to create a unique page for each of your destination offers.

You can create landing pages that allow visitors to download your content offerings (ebooks, technical articles, Webinars, etc.), or register to receive offers such as free trials or demonstrations of your product. Create landing pages allows you to go specifically to your audience, offer something of value and convert a higher percentage of your visitors into sales opportunities.

The intention of these pages is to invite the user to subscribe to your blog, download an ebook, invite to an event, try a demo or bring the user closer to the buying decision.

And the result for you?

A valuable list of contacts interested in what you have to offer, you can continue to strengthen


The key to a successful marketing campaign to generate leads using a landing page is to be clear what you want to get results. Start by the target and develop a plan to get those results. How many want to download, how many subscribers, how many guests to an event etc.?

Knowing detail Who should the landing page and how you’ll promote, will help you identify what you can offer them value and how to offer it.

Elements for optimization

1. Simplicity

Less is more in the world of landing pages. A simple page – centric offering (ebook, webinar, etc.), a clear CTA (call to action) and hiding other elements that might distract the user, ensure that visitors understand you’re proposing them and convert to m ore easily.

2. Convey confidence 

It includes elements to prove that you are a serious and reliable company. Include your logo, safety symbols, announces that will not provide the information obtained from other companies and any other information you transmit professionalism.


3. Engages visitors with a good title and subtitle

The title and subtitle are good opportunities to capture the immediate attention of visitors. Use a familiar and concise, creates conversation with the reader and ask questions language. This part of the page should convince the reader instantly.

4. facilitates the conversion with a clear CTA

A CTA or call to action, either a button or a form that is large and clear will help identify where to access user to receive the offer or information you are advertising. Request initially too much information can be a barrier to the user, keep simple ways to facilitate the first conversion.

5. Explain the value of your offer or service for the user

Write clearly, explaining the value of what you are offering in the usual language of the reader and using the amount necessary to communicate your offer. Do not roll, I direct the reader not want to lose before it reaches the CTA. 

6. A picture is worth a thousand words

Use at least one color picture, pictures, graphics or other visual content to represent your offer. 

7. If not, modifícalo- A / B Testing

And like any test, test and test. Every industry has its own characteristics, behaviors and specific needs. The more you taste better know that works well and what not. And do not forget that there are more people consuming Web from mobile devices a landing page that suits mobile will give you better results, guaranteed.


Foxie School has a perfect landing page. Sign up and receive as free summary of the book The Lean Start Up . A simple page with a good image, a clear message and an easy way to complete.


Code Academy meets all the characteristics of a good landinga page. Use a clear title, good size roundly explaining the value of register for courses: It’s FREE. The form is simple to complete and the page has no excess of other elements that could distract.


Airbnb is an example of ecommerce web that is not proposing a specific offer on your home page if not a solution – a service to bring the user to the purchase decision. In this case , the CTA is a search for accommodation in a particular place and time.


All like Code Academy, Dropbox uses hyper minimalist style to create your home page. Complete your form is very easy, and there are no distractions. The only purpose of this site is that visitors register at your service.


Image by  Josh Hallett