Lack of alignment between marketing and sales can be expensive for your business.

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If you are a sales professional or marketing, you should probably be accustomed to differences between these two areas. Although conflicts are inevitable and even can be used productively in many cases they can also be seen as a symptom of misalignment.

Many companies end up diminishing the problem, thinking that these clashes are a natural part of the routine of each area. However, by doing so, they end up not realizing the potential losses, which could have a material financial impact.

Monday to IDC , the lack of alignment between marketing and sales can cause losses of about 10% in the sales of B2B companies every year.

In contrast, a survey by Sirius Decision , advice on market intelligence, pointed out that a better alignment between these areas tends to produce an increase of up to 19% in turnover.

What is the origin of misalignment between marketing and sales?

Even though they share the same ultimate goal – to increase the company revenues, each area performs this task from different approaches. While the marketing team seeks to attract new sales opportunities, the commercial team tries to convert them into customers. They are clearly complementary activities, but it is at the intersection between them where we usually observe the biggest problems.

For the sales team, the results tend to be binary: a revenue target has been achieved or not. Score. Measure the performance of the marketing team, on the other hand, it is not always so easy. Although the area may have their own goals, it is not always so easy to harness them directly to the acquisition of new clients.

From there, we arrived at the old clash. One side complains about the volume and quality of opportunities generated, while the other states that they are not being utilized as they should. If this description sounds familiar to you, chances are that your company is losing money on this conflict.

Information and interaction are the key to overcoming the disagreements

According to the survey map the practical impact of their marketing activities in sales .

Today, the integration of marketing and software sales, as the RD Station Marketing and Agendor , already allows the flow of information between the two areas will become much more efficient. Measure the influence of marketing actions in the sales team’s performance already is much more palpable.

Still, some almost cultural aspects of the relationship between these two areas need to be reassessed. Otherwise, even the provision of relevant and reliable data may not be enough to overcome the conflict.

Check out the following three important tips to help your company make more surpassing misalignment between marketing and sales:

1. End the culture culpabilization

This may be one of the main challenges to be overcome. It is quite common to find sellers who have already internalized the following maxim: the marketing team only delivers bad opportunities. Or marketers who believe that their efforts are never really taken advantage of by the sales team.

It is necessary that such mentality is discouraged in favor of a more investigative and assertive stance. Instead of seeking to blame, encourage each team to focus on solutions. More than that, encourage them to cooperate, reflecting how each area can help in addressing the challenges of the other.

2. Eliminate any bias management

A study conducted by Harvard Business Journal found that many CEOs tend to allocate more money in sales, since they assess that, as their results are, in principle, more tangible, its impact on the billing is also more evident.

This kind of conclusion is not only wrong, how can unbalance the relationship between the areas. It is important that company management take decisions in a transparent and analytically, explaining the whys and stressing that everyone is in the same boat and looking for a result in common.

3. Build an agreement between areas

How many passage of Leads ? What information captured by the marketing team can help sellers?

It is easy to conclude that these questions should be answered by the two teams. Still, in many companies these decisions are made in isolation or with minimal interaction between the areas.

Instead, seek always to build an agreement between marketing and sales , mapping the points to be discussed and recording all the findings in a commonly used document.

Preparing for the next step

Perhaps you’ve heard of a concept called Smarketing, aportuguesado as Vendarketing .

Even if you do not know him, you might have guessed what it is. The goal behind this concept is to create fluidity and alignment between marketing and sales teams. The tips we have presented are a great starting point, but the idea here is to go beyond.

Rather than creating a connection between the areas, the Vendarketing proposes that they act together, communicating continuously, sharing goals and processes. Both teams are to grow together in a coordinated manner, leveraging consequently the growth of the company.

It is important to note, however, that the proposal does not convert the two areas into one, but trimming all edges, reducing friction and making each one make the most of the delivery potential of the other.


If the desire for maintaining a healthy and productive work environment was not already enough, the alignment between marketing and sales should also be looked at from an economic bias. The better these two teams work together, the better your performance and increased the company’s revenue potential.

Any business, no matter its size or market segment, has everything to gain by reducing the friction between these two areas. To deal with the issue, there are no secrets: we must treat both the cultural aspect inherent conflicts as procedural and technical issues.

So, how is the alignment between marketing and sales teams in your company? You think you have room for improvement? Tell us in the comments!