Keyword Bank To Position Your Business

Link Building Service
Which is the best link building SEO tool?

What does the Keyword Bank offer me?

• The most effective keywords to position in Google your business, your (s) products or your (s) services.
• Forget about the keywords that have not worked for you.
• You will have those words that will help you sell your products / services.
• You will get more views of your website , and above all more customers and more sales.

How many keywords do I get?
We provide a group between 100 and 300 keywords depending on your goals, your project, your business and your products or services. Each case is different and we adapt to the particularities of each business.

What criteria do you use to search for the best keywords?
• Number of searches: How many searches do users per month of each keyword. In this case, the more searches the better. but you have to filter by more variables.
• Competition: How much competition you have on the Internet for each keyword. The less competition the better. We not only look at the number but the strength of the competition. Whether or not it is easy to overcome.
• Convertibility: The probability that people searching for that keyword will be potential customers for your business.
• Other criteria: we use 10 more variables to improve as much as possible in the selection of the best keywords.

How do you send me the keywords?
We send you an Excel with the battery of keywords organized in order of effectiveness by the possibilities that generate customers and sales.

What do I do with the keyword battery?
With the most effective keywords that we send you, you can optimize your website and your content to achieve better positioning. You have to:

• Incorporate them to your website to optimize it. This means that you will have more views of potential customers to your website.
• Incorporate them to the most important pages within your website to optimize them. They are usually the pages of your products or services.
• Use them for articles or posts on your blog.
• Use them to title and describe your videos.
• Use them to tag your images.

How do I contract your battery service keywords?
Send us the form, call us at: +9190782365466 or an email to to indicate:
• Web, product, service or event that you want to position on the Internet.
• Your phone, or Skype number for us to call you and you can tell us more about your goal and your project.
• In a period of 1/2 weeks we send you the report with the battery of keywords.
• For any clarification or doubt you have us at your disposal through mail, telephone or Skype.