It is now possible to follow hashtags in Instagram; See how it impacts your business

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Instagram released a novelty that will help you track the issues that interest you.

Now, in addition to users, you can also follow hashtags on social network.

follow hashtag instagram

According to the text, the news, which was announced yesterday at the official Instagram blog , should provide “new ways to find photos, videos and people on Instagram.”

Every day thousands of people share photos and videos marking them with relevant hashtags. #onthetable, #slime and #floralnails are just a few examples of hashtags that represent the many interests and passions of our community. To make them even easier to find, we are launching hashtags that can be followed.

To follow a hashtag, the process is the same as following a person or company.

Start looking for a topic of interest or by clicking on a hashtag in any post.

You will then for a page dedicated to this hashtag . Then just click the Next button.

follow hashtag instagram

By following a hashtag, you begin to see posts with this marking both in your feed as the Stories. Hashtags you follow can be seen also in a tab beside the people you follow and along with suggestions for subjects to follow.

If your account is private so only your followers will see the hashtags you follow:

follow hashtag instagram

But the difference for companies that are on Instagram?

Use the right hashtags is already a way to extend the reach your business not only in the Instagram and other social networks as it helps to make their publications known beyond their followers.

Now, the update Instagram expands this range, it allows you to reach even the timeline of people who do not follow your company.

To be found, look for include in its most generic hashtags publications, but they have some relation to their area of ​​expertise or the image or video that will publish.

Results for Digital, for example, use the hashtag #marketingdigital, we show in the example above, would help to bring the company even interested in the subject that do not yet know.

Also, when creating specific hashtags for your company, as we do here in RD in period RD Summit and RD on the Road , invite your Instagram followers not only to collaborate with publications, but also to follow the hashtag.

We speak in more detail on best practices in the use of hashtags and how to leverage them into your strategy # ️Hashtag: what it means and how to use it properly? .

The Instagram disclosure text ended with a kind of promise of things to come, “following hashtags is just the beginning of how we are giving you tools to discover and be inspired in our community,” he concluded.

So, will use this new to Instagram your company? Account for us!😉