Is Video Marketing Important For SEO?

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Video Marketing: improve your web positioning

Having a good corporate video of our company, product and / or service, not only benefits us in the commercial part, by the fact of being able to transmit our message better and be more salable. The video has become a very important tool marketing content companies, as their way of communicating clearly and concisely a message is complemented by improving the ranking of your website in search engines.

If at the time of making a video does not take into account the importance of SEO , there is a risk of not reaching the expected audience and in the manner intended. It is not enough to have a professional and careful video, but we have to dedicate time and effort to position our message, both on Google and YouTube, so that all the previous production work has its results.

And it is that the two platforms are related, because if we achieve a good positioning on YouTube we also improve the SEO of our corporate website . So, how do we improve the positioning of the web thanks to the video?

We must make a good video with a good SEO job. Working to improve the positioning on YouTube has a positive impact on Google, thus considerably improving our search engine positioning. In addition, the video helps us to improve our image (if professional, if it could not cause the opposite effect) and indirectly, to increase sales.

> It is essential to make a professional video , of good quality and not too long. All this encourages customers / users to see it, and may even share it.

> Carry out a preliminary study determining the key words of the activity of the company and the subject of the video, using them in the title and description of the same.

Rename the video file with simple and easily identifiable terms with what is going to be seen and / or the company.

> Take special care with the title . It is the presentation card of the same and will make your search easier.

> The tags and description on YouTube. They are two very important and complementary sections of the title. Once the title has been chosen, we must have a clear description of the video with simple and identifiable words; words that could be used later as labels. The labels are like the categories, keywords by which to identify it.

Viralize the video on your social networks . The more times you share your video properly on each platform, the more reproductions you will record and the better your positioning will be. Audiovisual content is one of the best works in social networks.

> Promotes and responds to comments. The interaction is highly valued by search engines, as they say ‘points’.

Take care of the channel and the profile. We must have a business card that makes a good impression. Take care of your avatar, pamper your texts and fill in all the fields so that the user knows you more.

> ‘Content is the King’. As with texts, audiovisual content is still the most valued to improve SEO. It is important to take care of the image, betting on a high quality recording and production.

Be constant . We must be regular when it comes to publishing audiovisual messages. We can create a publication calendar so there are no long periods of inactivity.

To all this, we must add that if we have a video with an original script it can be even more useful and attractive, creating a much more marked brand image; what is known as branding. In addition, the fact of own videos about your company, brand, products or services transmits to the public greater credibility and transparency.