Is The SEO Niche Too Saturated?

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You post on your blog and then move on to promoting content on social media . Suddenly, see on Facebook that a company also created a post on the same subject. Jump to Twitter and immediately notice that another blogger shared something like that. So, you start to wonder:  how to excel in a saturated niche ?

Given that there are so many other people talking the same thing, you begin to doubt whether your post will actually be seen and whether it will be helpful to someone. The truth is that there are about 152 million blogs on the internet and a lot of people are, in fact, talking about the same subject.

How will you compete with others? How to be clicked in the middle of so many search results? How to be read when it seems like everyone is writing about similar things? If you want to build a strong reputation and reach the most readers, you have to stand out from the crowd.

The blog can take up a lot of your time. You need to write, create images, promote it, respond to comments, send newsletter, and then start all over again. But if you’re already doing it all and you’re not standing out, you may need to fill in the negative space .

What does filling the negative space mean ? It means doing things differently from your competition. Instead of following other bloggers, create a new path, with new ideas and new ways to present similar information.

Develop a content strategy

Start by taking a look at your content creation strategy . What are you doing to create better content ? Some people program what they will write in advance; others write as need arises, and matters stand out. There are even those who base the entire content strategy around SEO keywords and tactics .

To have an effective content strategy for your blog, consider these five elements:

1. Your target audience

Before writing a single word on your blog, you need to have a firm idea of ​​who your audience is. Find out who you talk with helps with blog content . You do not need to be detailed and have information about your level of income or education. But, you need to know the basics such as sex and age. Shrinking your audience can help you formulate your content plan .

2. Frequency

How often will you write on your blog? The perfect number of posts is a much-discussed subject. Once a week? Three times a week? Daily? It all depends on a number of factors. If your audience can not track your daily posts, for example, you may not be able to expand your blog correctly.

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Another good question is if you have time to post several times a week. Do not think that your traffic will disappear just because you can only publish once a week. Blogs take time to generate traffic, especially in saturated niches. It is better to publish high quality content once a week than to post irrelevant posts five times a week.

3. Message size

Some moments allow for long posts. In others, short texts will be better options. And even though Coschedule’s research has shown that posts with at least 2,000 words perform better , you need not despair. Focus on the quality of the material and help users solve a problem, rather than constantly thinking about word count.

4. Specific topics

Of course you know what you are writing about. After all, every blog grows over the discussions on specific topics . But know that, over time, these themes may change. Even because, who consumes the content also changes. Do not worry about changing and adapting, especially when your audience asks for it.

5. Tone and personality

An easy way to stand out is to give personality to the blog . This personality should be focused on how you are. Use your own voice to create friendlier, closer material to your readers. This can also help make more network presence, making users remember your blog more easily.