Is Parallax site good for SEO end? We will unveil the Myth!

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Have you ever heard of a website in Parallax?

Maybe not, but surely you’ve interacted with, it is a site style much used these days.

Perhaps your site is even Parallax to be a model.

If you ask most people who work with the internet, they will answer you a website in Parallax is that only one page website where all the information appears on the homepage.

But is this correct?

If you search in the search engines will not find a  Parallax is by definition a one page website only.

But surely find a close correspondence between site in parallax and one page website .

And based on this association, you will see that many say the site in Parallax is not good for the purpose of SEO .

All this is right?

What does Parallax?

Parallax comes from a Greek word  Parallaxis which means change and is used to define a visual effect that changes depending on your position and distance before the observed object.

A phenomenon Parallax observed in nature when, for example, we see a very small tower because it is far away.

When we take that picture in which we can put a building at hand? You know?

This is a phenomenon Parallax .

The effect Parallax is used in geometry to calculate the distance between two observers, from the distance of each of them with a fixed object.

As each of the observers in a different position, see right the object differently, the relationship between each observer and object makes us calculate, transitive way, the distance between the two observers.

Before joining the world of the Internet, the effect Parallax was introduced to create animations films.

Putting two fixed objects at different distance from us, the movement can make up a different speed for each of the objects.

Pure optical illusion.

Walt Disney too has used this technique and who says it was he who invented it .

Worth checking out this video

At the time of Video Games effect has been introduced to improve the player’s experience.

And only in recent years that the effect Parallax came to be part of the Internet world.

Why use Parallax on a website?

Obviously the use of an effect Parallax to your site gives the possibility to create visual effects that can please more the user that visits your site.

Are the effects on a widget or a little window appear and disappear and change size as scrolling the page.

Obviously to do this, you need to insert dynamic loading code of the site, which could leave the heaviest site.

Moreover, this type of programming can become very complicated for order creation and maintenance of the site.

As a Site Parallax has a page only?

This was the first question I asked myself when I started to familiarize yourself with this concept.

In fact there is no direct link between site Parallax and one page website only.

The fact is that a site in Parallax need a more puxadinho code. So it makes more sense to focus efforts for the development of code on one page only.

In case the homepage.

The Parallax is good for SEO?

The most common view is that a site in Parallax is not good for an optimized site.

Important it is to understand that it is not because it is Parallax itself, but because, being in Parallax , most sites have a page only, so it’s not advisable to have a one page website only for the purpose of SEO .


Because you will not want to disclose various services or products or cases or your company’s differential on one page only.

For each of them, you need to work out a password different and their semantic variations.

The ideal would be to have a page for each difference that you want to display.

This means more than one URL in your site.

Why a site in Parallax , one – page only, it is not suitable for SEO project . It does not give the possibility to work assertively several keywords.

However, the effect Parallax was introduced to please more the user experience on the site, with visual effects.

And also because the presence of all the information on one page only (including form), will in fact greatly facilitate interaction within your site.

And clearly the browsing experience is a very important factor in order to SEO .

Then it is worth or have a website at Parallax?

It seems that the two concepts are contradictory, but in fact the choice depends on the purpose of your website.

If you want to focus more on navigability, trusting that a user may like to point to publicize your site (like in the case of video game sites), the Parallax One Page of a page can be an interesting solution for your SEO is based more about creating backlinks coming from information and testimonials.

If you want to focus on classical organic searches, mainly based on content that show your competence in your industry, then you must have a website with multiple URLs (even if these pages keep a close or parallax layout), each of which it can to rank for a specific keyword.

Is that you? Have you tried to work with a site in Parallax ?

What is your experience? Want to opine or supplement this article?

Leave a comment down here.