Is It Important To Use SEO Tools?

What Are Some Factors To Be Considered In Choosing SEO Tools?
What Is Good SEO Tips For On-Page?


The SEO tools are the best allies of a specialist search engine positioning because, without them, our work would become tedious and interminable. We already know that an SEO consultant is, many times, the key piece when it comes to giving visibility to a website. Precisely for this reason, our knowledge of all programs, applications and systems that are in the market is essential for us to do a good job.

Precisely for that reason, those of us who dedicate ourselves to this must be up-to-date, in constant renewal, always aware of the changes and developments in the positioning sector.

The SEO tools that we have at our reach right now are innumerable. Some work better than others and there are all kinds and they cover different functionalities. But, in addition to knowing the technical side of the matter, it is essential that an SEO consultant be creative, responsible and very professional. And, of course, the experience in this area is also a degree.

The main functions of an SEO consultant

A professional who focuses his activity on the optimization of web pages focuses his daily task on the application of techniques that improve the website, with the sole purpose of appearing among the first results of a search on the network.

Precisely for this reason, you must know perfectly the rules of the game that search engines like Google establish when ordering those results. If you know them well, you will use the most appropriate SEO tools to boost the visibility of the site, increase traffic to it and get those visits transformed into conversions.

Of course, although many do not know it yet, it is not an easy job. The key is to know how to combine technical and analytical knowledge with the instinct to detect new opportunities and the ability to turn all these into successful practices.

In any case, we are talking about the functions of a professional SEO consultant , not an amateur or the owner of an online business that applies its own SEO techniques.

In this sense, it is essential to know the techniques and SEO tools to apply on-site and off-site on any website. But, in addition to knowing them, you must manage them well, be solvent in their use and know how to convey to your clients the importance of what you do and how you do it.

Main areas and SEO tools for a good positioning job.

  • Keyword analysis : is the basis of any SEO strategy, because they will define the content of a web facing the search engines. For this, there are very useful tools, some of them free. For example, Google offers us the keyword search of Adwords, Google Trends and Google Correlate. There are also other payment options such as Übersuggest, SEMrush or Wordle.
  • Optimization of the web : must ensure that the structure is correct, as well as internal links. In this case, Sistrix is ​​an SEO tool that helps us to radiograph the parameters of our website and gives us valuable information: links, keywords, positioning results for each one of them.
  • Linkbuilding : quality links are basic for positioning and give authority to a website. Here there are several tools available, such as Link-Assistant or Link Detective that analyze the profiles of the links to our site and make it even easier for us to carry out link campaigns.
  • Site monitoring : another fundamental job of any SEO. We must control the operation of our website, without taking our eyes off what the competition does. Here we can frame the web analytics, which will give us very valuable information. The most useful SEO tools for this are Google Analitycs, Google Master Tools, SEO Powersuite, Google Alerts or Talk Walker Alerts.