Is black hat SEO good?

Which Is The Strongest Part Of SEO, On Page Or Off-Page Optimization?
Which is difficult, on page SEO or off page SEO?

Black Hat SEO

If white is all “healthy and ethical” then black, what will it be?

Exactly its opposite.

Making Black Hat SEO means trying to circumvent the guidelines established by Google and the rest of the search engines in order to position your website with the idea of ​​getting more traffic.

There was a time when Black Hat SEO did not receive penalties and positioning something on Google was easy. But everything advances. We are going, we all want success to reach us immediately and these techniques are extremely attractive to achieve that.

There are some software that replicate texts already published by other authors, that re-formulate them and that try to position themselves in Google without taking into account the user’s experience and the content of value that this can provide.

Just as there is black and there is white, is there something between them?

That’s right, the Gray Hat SEO .

Some Black Hat SEO techniques

Keyword Stuffing or Spamming

The Keyword Stuffing is to abuse the keyword to be excessive in its use. This is done by looking to position that keyword more quickly and generally not only has no value for the user in reading, but also lacks sense of its own. It is considered one of the tactics of Black Hat SEO .


The act of “spinning” articles consists of reusing existing content on the Internet and, by using software, changing its order to try to pass it off as valuable content. The objective of the software is to automate the construction of those items.

Link Spamming

Spamming through links is the technique of creating multitudes of low quality sites by redirecting links to your main site. As you will know, the link building is a White Hat SEO strategy that obtains excellent results. When this technique is used “for evil” we talk about Link Spamming.

The techniques Black Hat SEO are only focused on improving the SEO positioning and try to fool Google. This is why they are not recommended.

There are many more strategies, none adds value for the user, only for oneself.

I leave this very interesting post Blogger3cero where he talks in more detail of the Keyword Stuffing.

The advantages of black hat SEO (although it does not look like it, there are), are related to speed. This type of strategy gives very good results in the short term, since it is based on actions that are not carried out by other companies and are very aggressive, so you will see your web page in the search engine at a fast pace.