Introductory guide on Internet advertising: why you need it, what options you have and 10 tips to get the best results

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One of the most common ways to advertise on the Internet is the Search Engine Marketing ( SEM ) or marketing in search engines , especially one of them: Google .

In fact, the great technology giant has a method for you to sponsored advertising: Google Adwords .

The main advantage of these ads is to  help improve the positioning of your website through paid advertising . Thus, for example, through SEM techniques you can advertise your products, services or content through advertising service of Google or others for users to find you more easily because your ads will show relevant way the user’s search results .

This type of advertising usually works through  pay per click  ( PPC ); ie only  pay for each click is made on your ad , and  although there are other variants this is still the most used. It is highly customizable and you choose the maximum amount you are willing to pay for every click on a particular word.

As for its format, only up to four lines of text as much is admitted : and distributed as follows 25 characters in the title , 70 in the text and 35 in the URL .

For example, imagine you want to book a hotel room in Fiji Islands for the next month and you Google “best hotels in Fiji” . As you can see in the picture below, first organic results will appear positioned through SEO techniques and other ads. The latter will ensure that your business is visible by placing it at the top of the ranking:


As for its use, search engine advertising is most often used by advertisers whose main objective is to get web traffic and conversions , since this type of advertising are reaching users searching for your products. In addition, it is one of the advertising techniques  simple  and  effective .

2. Advertising in social networks

It would be folly to ignore the power of social networks to help you have a successful business . And the social media not only is effective within your digital marketing strategy but that advertising on social networks increasingly is gaining more supporters for its effectiveness.

In fact, most social networks offer the possibility of creating advertising platforms, either promoting or creating messages and content specific ads. Facebook , Twitter , LinkedIn , Instagram  or YouTube are just some of them.

Also allow you to target well your target audience with which you will be able to choose what kind of people want to come and not only that but with messages promoted you can reach a wider audience, position yourself higher and have more options to get a successful outcome.

If you want to boost your presence on networks, make yourself known and refer traffic to your social profiles and your website then it is a good choice for you.

This is how you see an ad on Twitter, showing as a publication more in your  timeline :


3. Banners

Banners are probably the most popular form of online advertising and much of that is because they were among the first ads to appear on the Internet.

It involves placing an advertisement in different formats, sizes and designs in a strategic place within a web page. Users who click on the ad end up on the landing page you choose. The problem is that today we are so saturated with advertising that hardly pay attention to them with so if you want to advertise online should first consider other options such as Google Adwords or advertising on social networks.

For example, if you are about to read a story in any online journal, in this case  El Mundo , you will be surrounded by ads like these:


4. Pop-up or pop-ups

Make no mistake: sure since you are using Internet you have closed dozens of pop-up ads (and probably many more) and is the most normal thing in the world because within online advertising is one of the most annoying forms of advertising.

This is a popup window that appears when you open a website that is not yours , and though years ago was effective now with the emergence of new ways to advertise on the Internet is becoming less advisable to bet on it.

Now, this has nothing to do with a resource of online marketing is increasingly used: insert a popup on your own web site that invites users to register, subscribe or just leave your email in order to receive information totally free .

Something as simple as that can help you win prospects, increase your database and give you better results. In  Postcron , as you may have noticed shortly begin reading this article, and we have been implementing and the truth is that it is an option worth note:


5. Advertising in blogs

In this case we are not referring to ads that appear in any blogas this would fit within banners or ads Google- but is a type of indirect advertising is usually done by the technique of storytelling and branded content , making up advertising behind an experience, a story or a reflection.

This is a relatively new form and therefore many businesses are still unaware of its advantages.

It is a type of collaborative advertising and to exploit their potential must look for references in your industry to pay in exchange for either write an article talking about any of the products or services Article  -and when we talk about pay do not mean only money but you can also offer your products or services and other agreements that will benefit them both .

If you know what those blogs followed by your target audience then is this is a very good choice to make yourself known and gain qualified traffic .

For example, Isasaweis , one of the fashion bloggers and best – known Spanish territory beauty, tends to talk about various products and services on your blog as you can see in the picture below:


6. Advertising on mobile

It is certainly one of the Internet advertising strategies that are being used in more recent times because virtually almost everyone has a smartphone or other mobile device from which usually connects.

That makes more and more companies choose to tailor their ads to means greater growth is experiencing, and unlike happened long ago when most mobile ads were simple adaptations of ads on computers ever are now more ads designed to be seen from a smartphone but are not bothersome, whether in the form of text, video or image .

They can be both social networks like Google Adwords, banners or other forms of advertising. Yes, please note that users do not behave the same in front of a smartphone than a computer so choose a responsive design adapts the design to the fullest and make sure your landing page is adapted to be viewed from a mobile phone . And above all, make sure the charging time not overreach , highlighting the calls to action and that the buttons visible .

In this example you can see an ad for Waynabox on Facebook created exclusively for viewing from  smarpthone :


7. E-mail marketing

For many years it has dominated a form of Internet advertising is now annoying, intrusive and ineffective:  the mass mailing advertising .

In fact, we received sooo many emails per day that we have become almost immune to advertising and  did not take even two seconds to send her head to the folder  Spam .

The e-mail marketing has nothing to do with it but goes much further and in fact could be considered a fundamental part of your digital marketing strategy.

The e-mail marketing would for an entire article (and probably many more) but in this case, talking about advertising, we refer to the fact camouflaging promotions and advertisements in daily, friendly and value the user will not want to delete messages .

It is a form of advertising so permissive and nice, and definitely should bet on it but Contemplate more as part of your digital marketing strategy than as a way to advertise itself.

For example,  Apple is one of the companies that usually use often to share their promotions without the user sees it only as advertising  even adds the button “buy” directly in the mail :


8. Video Advertising

Every time we consume more video content , and that makes video advertising is also gaining ground with giant strides.

The viral videos are creciend or even exist exclusively for social networks like YouTube or Vine. In fact, these platforms can become an excellent showcase to advertise your product or service once you insert ads on videos from YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo or Vine that the user is displayed before the video starts playing or a featured site in their search results.

In addition, this form of advertising also includes those banners or ads embedded in websites that have video form as it is shown that they manage to attract twice as many users than with an image or text.

It’s a good option to consider besides being an inexpensive and easy option to configure. 

For example, if you search on YouTube  “online marketing” the first result that appears to us is precisely an  announcement .


9. Remarketing

The remarketing is one of the best Internet advertising techniques for both small and large advertisers.

It is not so much a way to advertise but is rather a feature that allows you to create customized ads to users who previously visited your site but not converted it will be displayed .

It is a solution that is within Google Adwords, the great monster of online advertising, and is the one that is more oriented ROI  so it is an option you should consider if many users leave your site without buying .

Yes, be careful because the remarketing misused can become aggressive but with a good configuration does not have to be negative but quite the opposite: it can be very useful and profitable for your business .

And although these are the main ways to advertise on the Internet there are others and you can even mix them together and opt for an online strategy that includes various types of ads.

Of course, either way, it is important that you clear some tips before starting to advertise on the Internet huge showcase . Here are  10 tips that yes or yes you have to keep in mind when making online advertising.

10 tips to achieve the best results with your Internet advertising

1. Take care of having a good website

No matter the type of ad you post: absolutely everyone has as mission people do click on them to go to the landing page of your choice .

That’s why you should make sure you have a good website that loads fast , you have a good design and is designed to ensure a good user experience .

Take the time to define what information the user should see when he arrives at the landing page and make sure that it is useful and attractive enough to generate conversions.


2. Research your market well

You can have the best ad of the universe, but if you show the wrong people will not serve anything . So your market research well, define your target audience, segméntalo and be very clear who you go to design ads that impact .

3. Define what types of ads are going to use

Think about where your potential customers are and once you know choose the type of advertising that best fits them . Your audience is on Facebook? Then chooses to campaigns Fac ebook Ads . Do your potential customers consume videos? Power your campaigns on YouTube.

4. Think about the aim of your Internet advertising

Define what you want to achieve with your online ads is very important to create effective ads, so decide if you want to get more traffic, more leads, more sales, improve your brand image or whatever you want to accomplish and then focus your ads to your goals .


5. Take time to design your ad

You think you’ll have very little room to decide what you want to convey and how you want to do so I think you’ll use words well, what visuals will stand out and what potenciarás calls to action .

The time you invest in designing your ad can multiply and even triple your results; do not take the process lightly .

6. Be clear and concise

Unlike what happens with content marketing, with advertising on the Internet do not have all the space to try to convince your audience that you are the best choice so do not say in 10 words what you can say 3.

In online advertising sends the immediacy and that includes your ability to be concise and highlight only the most important.

Think about that why your audience should click on your ad, and it will be much easier to move forward.


7. Use a good call to action

Your audience to perform a certain action you should tell, and that come into play call-to-action  or CTA  so always include them in your ads to wake your audience’s need to click.

8. Care visuals

We are visual beings, and that means that the first impression inevitably enters the eye. For online ads this is very important because if your ad has a bad design, misspellings, grammatical errors, poor resolution images or inappropriate items will be missing a great opportunity to generate conversions .

9. Do not forget your brand image

Your brand image is very important so get your ads with your logo , are in line with the colors of your brand and consistent with what you want to convey.

It is very important to carefully reflect a brand image, to convey confidence, optimism and seriousness and of course all this can also make it through your ads.

If you want to know how you can include  watermarks on your images, content  this will help .

10. Measure absolutely everything

Finally, and very importantly, measures the performance of your ads in real time , a detailed analysis of your campaigns to enhance what works and change what does not, and especially acts accordingly because thanks to the metrics you can change the course of your business .

And although the world of Internet advertising is very broad and requires time and resources, this introductory guide you just read you already have more than enough to startYou have a world full of possibilities waiting on the other side of the screen! To you to take advantage😉

Did you find this guide useful Internet advertising? Are you using this option within your online strategy? Are you going to start betting on paid advertisements to promote your campaigns? Leave us your comments! And of course, if this article taught you something new feel free to share with all your contacts so they too can learn more about how to boost your business.

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