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What is a landing page?

Clinical word refers to a very wide segment spacing from Aesthetic Health.

In terms of marketing the first difference between the two arms is the fact that if we speak of the Health segment, we need to pay close attention to the rules of the CRM (Regional Council of Medicine).

In this article we will specifically address the branch of Medical Clinics.

And even in this category there are also great sub-segments.

CRM Rules for Health clinics.

Before you begin, we need to emphasize the limitations of the segment in both online and offline communication.

Without claiming to be experts in medical jurisprudence, we will list some basic rules to consider.

  • You can not use photos of results obtained in patients, even if with their permission;
  • It is permissible to transfer address and telephone office, but can not promise guaranteed results in its communication;
  • You can advertise used equipment, but without securing the result that comes from the use of them;
  • may disclose no more than two specialties, where they are recorded in the CRM;
  • can mention the medical communities of which it is a member;
  • You may disclose medical titles, but only registered CRM and related area;
  • You can not use expressions such as’ the best doctor, ‘the one’, etc;
  • the doctor can not participate in advertisements for products or trademarks;
  • You can not receive prominent awards, type ‘physician of the year’, etc;
  • can not disclose the prices;
  • can not promise results, or show photos of ‘before and after’, or disclose praise from patients for the results;

By not respecting these rules, depending on the severity of the offense, you may suffer or warning to revocation of his professional record.

This, said, no need to break any CRM rule to produce an adequate Digital Marketing strategy.

Just north is education about treatments and surgery, and prevention of diseases and conditions, without sensationalism and self-promotion.

Google Trends: Health Clinic vs Medical Clinic

Which two two terms are most popular on Google?

We see in Google Trends that the generic word  Medical Clinic has well more search volume than Health Clinic .

So we will focus this article on the keyword that generates more search volume.

Main keywords segment

Let’s enter the keyword  medical clinic  directly in Google search.

The results of this search are the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) .

Health Clinics results in Google Adwords

Clinical Google Adwords SERP in Sao Paulo

The first results are sponsored links, that is, the advertiser pays to be in the first positions of Google.

To understand that we are talking about sponsored links , simply identify the presence of small icon  Ad  same ad side (see image above).

The cost per click paid advertising depends on two factors:

  • Quality Score – consistency between what user demand and it will find as a result – the higher the Quality Score, the lower will be the cost paid per click.
  • Maximum amount that the advertiser is willing to pay to be in the top positions.

The first two paid results given by Google are:

  1. Dr Consultation  – multi-specialty clinic
  2. Vialiv – multi-specialty clinic

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Results ‘Clinical’ on Google Maps

Going further down the Google page (SERP), we see the results of  geolocation,  ie, Google displays the most relevant results to the user geographically (closer).

I am writing this article Aclimação neighborhood, São Paulo and these are the results.

Medical clinic in Google Maps in Sao Paulo

3 results shown on the map are:

  1. Clinical Eyemori – unidentified specialty (not included because the link on this article, the site is down);
  2. Clinical Harmony – specialty unidentified, no website;
  3. Medical clinic Ibirapuera – research center;

We can see that those who ranqueiam in the first place certainly did not have a job optimization on the site … or not even have site.

It is very important to understand the importance of geolocation, because Google always wants to spend the most relevant results to the user, then takes into account the geographical position of it.

So if you do the search elsewhere, will likely get different results.

The aim here is to show the methodology to define a Digital Strategy You can apply it to your business and in your region.

Organic results by word Health Clinics in Google

Further down the Google results page, we see the results  unpaid,  also called organic. That is, the advertiser does not pay for the announcement of it being in this place Google.

Medical Clinic - Organic Results in Google Sao Paulo

The first three results are:

  1. Wikipedia – which is an Internal Medicine (informative);
  2. Clinical PebMed – Multi-products;
  3. Clinical Einstein – Multi-products;

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Let’s look at these first positioned to see what we can learn in terms of difficulty and opportunity.

As for Wikipedia, it is important to know which is the first which ranks for this keyword, because we know that does not have much chance of getting in the first place in front of this information portal.

Analyze the other two domains.

PebMed the Internet site of the Authority - moz

The tool Moz tells us that the site has a Domain Authority 35% and page to the homepage 38%, which is quite good.

This is confirmed on the platform SEMRush showing that even with a drop in recent months, the site appears for 298 keywords in the first 3 positions of Google (see image below) - SEMRush

We also see that the trend of traffic is falling but even so, the site has good traffic (see image below) - SEMRush - Traffic

Einstein’s site on the Internet Authority

As we have seen the site is second.

The Moz shows the following Domain Authority and Page Authority in Moz

We can see how the authority of both the homepage, as the field is much larger than the site that appeared in front.

That’s because Google recognizes that the first site is most relevant to the specific user in specific time and specific place.

On the contrary, the Moz shows that the site is then most certainly will have more globally ranqueadas words and more traffic.

Let’s check in SEMRush? - SEMRush - keyword ranking

Look, here we even 2,620 words that lead the site in the first 3 positions. - SEMRush - organic traffic

And we also see that traffic is much higher than the other analyzed competitor.

That means it is very complex to a labor optimization to rank in the first place Google .

But as Google recognizes the specifics, we can think of target by region or sub-clinical segment to achieve a relevance, but for everyone, at least for your target audience.

Using this basic method, you can now assess authority and traffic estimates for both your site and for the specific keywords of your niche.

If you are unsure how to choose your keywords to be analyzed, here are some platforms that will help you:

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If you need more details about the use of these platforms, leave a comment here below, at the end of the article.

Let’s see now quickly the trends of some keywords characteristics of some segments:

  • Cardiology;
  • Dermatology;
  • Psychiatry;
  • Plastic surgery.

As we did for the more general practice segment, we can see the trend for the analyzed sub-segment

The same exercise can be done for other segments and niches.

Prospecting for Health Clinics

Clearly the main channel prospecting for this segment is the indication.

Overall, the best way to work the factor indication is through testimonials.

However the CRM very limited this type of disclosure, or lets you make promises results.

Another way to work the factor indicating  the Internet is through social networks where you create your base of followers or friends and can start earning trust with them.

Why most clinics opt for Instagram channels mostly, but also Facebook.

For a visual good, a beautiful photo can create an empathy and trust, indirectly.

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Trends in the clinical segment on Instagram

We can do the same exercise on Instagram made Google. We typed the hashtag:  #clinicamedica.

clínicamédica hashtag - instagram

The post with the most tanned is a martial arts video

clínicamédica hashtag - instagram martial art

The second most tanned post is about a face transplant, we will not show a good taste issues, the third is an architect, probably working in the establishment of a clinic.

Only in the fourth we see a picture of a team effectively operating in a clinic.

What does that mean?

The hashtags on Instagram are used will, then just as Google to rank need to cross the search volume and the level of competition, here we also need to find a # to give space to appear.

For example #clinicamedicasp greatly reduces the number of Likes and engagement but focuses on your target audience.

You can see that all clinics are appearing.

clínicamédica hashtag - instagram sp

The analysis can be deepened seeing these clinics the kind of tanned, the type of post and the kind of language they use.

This leads to a Benchmarking Study.

If you are interested in a specific article for positioning Health Clinics on Social Networks, leave a comment here below.

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Trends in Clinical Facebook

And to complete let’s see what happens on Facebook.

Typing  Medical Clinic in the Facebook search box, we see some suggestions on the basis of the most sought relevant words. Like what happens in Google search.

popular medical clinic on facebook

we see how the word  popular medical clinic  is the first suggestion, which shows the large volume of search and the opportunity in this segment.

The first pages on Facebook to segment health

medical clinic on facebook - main pages in Sao Paulo


Let us quickly review the page in the search list to see if we can learn something.

  • GlobalMed
    • type of main post: Photos,
    • organizes and promotes events on the Facebook page,
    • It has discrete engagement in the pictures,
    • uses hashtags,
    • It has a discreetly defined identity for pictures (all with a blue base).

This shows us the importance of engaging in social networks, with no promise of results. Simply in order to gain confidence in the structure.


We can say that medical clinics represent a segment of great opportunity, because despite being very inflated in quantity towards quality needs improvement.

It is these gaps that your clinic may see an opportunity.

This methodology shown above is just the beginning of a basic design of online positioning, but it shows how you can even start doing this type of analysis and see your opportunity niche.

However I suggest you always ask for a review of its strategy to a lawyer or accountant specialized in the medical branch, to avoid infringing the rules of the CRM.

If something is unclear, leave a comment here below and we will respond rapidademente and effectively.