Instagram Stories now allows search by location and hashtags

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A new feature is available in Instagram from now, when you are at an event, restaurant or city, you can open the app and see what people are posting Stories near you.

It is that from the day May 23, 2017, the images and videos published using the tool similar to Snapchat containing location or hashtags became searchable too.

The news was announced at the official Instagram blog :

“We are excited to announce two new ways to discover the world around them through the Explore tab.”

See what changes in more detail.

For those who publish

To add a location in Stories, you must use the sticker tool that is dedicated to it.

In the image below, for example, you can click the sticker “WTC Oculus” and other Stories made at the World Trade Center.

search by location on Instagram Stories

Similarly, it will happen with the hashtags: to put the “#” in front of a word, it becomes clickable and you can find people talking about similar interests.

search for hashtags on Instagram Stories

By adding a sticker location or hashtag to your videos and photos Stories, they can be included in a compilation of similar publications.

If your Story is included in this group, their views list will be divided into two: your friends that viewing and, above them, how many people viewed their content in the build.

If you use a hashtag or sticker location, but do not want your Story to appear in the Explore tab, click the X next to the number of views, as in the image below.

search by location on Instagram Stories

For those who view

In the Explore tab, you automatically see a “ring” with new publications appearing at the top, with a compilation of Stories posted near you.

These publications come from people who have used stickers on their location Stories.

search by location on Instagram Stories

You can also search for any location around the world and see a Stories ring on top of the site page.

Similarly, does the surveyed hashtags.

If you search for New York, for example, you see the following page:

search by location on Instagram Stories

And for those who make Digital Marketing, what changes?

If you have a local business , this update can be especially helpful because you can advertise your company in your region. If you own a coffee shop, you can use the tool to promote their products in the neighborhood.

Also, if you add a publication in a specific place, say, in the office of Digital results, it appears to the entire city – in this case, Florianópolis – which can also be a good way of disclosure.

But the benefits are not restricted to local businesses, because with the hashtags, for example, you can make publications marking the subject of your business or other keywords. You can also use them to take advantage of the collaboration of the people if you make an event, for example.

Stories with the location are available for iOS and Android on the Apple App Store and Google Play as part of the version 10:22 Instagram. Already the hashtags will be launched over the next few weeks.

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