Instagram Stories allows creation of polls for interaction with followers

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Instagram announced today an interesting novelty for businesses to engage with the public on the social network.

It’s a sticker in survey format, which will ask questions on Instagram Stories publications and see the results of followers.

To these questions, just select the sticker “poll” (poll or in English) and put it where you want.

You can write your question and customize the colors of the sticker. blue lines appear also to help position the question and avoid being placed in a place that cover parts of the image.

After shared your poll, your friends and followers can begin voting immediately, seeing the results in real time.

polls instagram stories

When assessing, people can see which option is winning. And, if you choose to see your video or photo again, will have access to updated vote.

To view received ratings, scroll up. You will see a list of people who viewed the publication and there will be results, showing who chose that option.

In this way, you can compare the votes and choose the most reliable opinions, going beyond the numbers.

Just as other Stories, the post disappears after 24 hours.

polls instagram stories

For companies, it is an opportunity to interact with followers on the social network, receive feedback and ask questions. In addition, it allows to reach the young audience, which uses more often this kind of tool.

Instagram has invested heavily in Stories. That’s because this tool has great support among users and in June 2017, exceeded the number of users of Snapchat – were 250 million users from 166 million the application publications disappear.

A few months ago, for example, they were launched stickers that allow the publication of hashtags and location in the publications.

According to Instagram, the tool will be available from the Application Version 17 in both the App Store and in Google Play.

And you, as you would use this tool?

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