Instagram Shopping: feature that allows you to tag products directly in photos is launched in Brazil

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Last year, Instagram launched in the United States a tool that gave the company the ability to add links to products or services in their publications on the social network.

Now, the application announced that the news is also available in 8 other countries: Brazil, UK, France, Italy, Germany, Australia, Canada and Spain.

Through tools such as product marking and a tab called “Buy” profile, the idea is to find and purchase products on Instagram becomes easier.

Imagine an ecommerce clothing, for example, put a picture of a model wearing a pants and a blouse of the brand. Just as we add “tags” with friends profiles over the photo, this company could put balõezinhos that lead the user to purchase these products page.

So for businesses, marking a product becomes as simple as marking a person in a post. And for buyers, avoids requiring ask the name and price of an item, causing them to have easy access to more information.

“Now people can go from inspiration to information and buy with just a few taps, all organically,” says the text published on the official Instagram blog.

See how the tool works in more detail below:

instagram shopping

simpler shopping

According to Instagram, they are already 200 million accounts, visit every day one or more company profiles.

“We know that Instagram is a great place to discover and share passions and with the novelty, this sense of discovery goes even further, giving people a window to explore new products from brands that follow,” says the text.

In the statement, the Instagram used the example of store US clothing Lulus , which has used this tool since it was in the testing phase. The company ‘s marketing vice president, Noelle Sadler, told Instagram the business has seen growth during the experiment.

We have seen that as users become accustomed to see the ads, they have become more inclined to buy the social network. Experience new ways to inspire followers to purchase, from creating unique visual in which each item is available for purchase to display user-generated content and give customers ideas “real life” of how they can use the items you buy from Lulus.

The professional said that, since the adoption, 100,000 visits to goods and 1 200 requests made to the store are credited to Instagram.

What changes to who does marketing on Instagram

A point highlighted by Instagram is the ease for the user. In fact, this news very takes the hassle buying process, especially for companies with simpler sales, as is the case of ecommerces of clothing, shoes and electronics.

The news also gives scope for the working social media is less to answer comments and private messages with questions about prices and sizes, focusing on more complex issues, the analysis and strategy of social networks.

We’ve talked in some posts and materials DR on Instagram has grown in number of users, and this is another opportunity for companies to leverage this channel to do business. It is the second social network most used in Brazil .

“From the biggest brands to small businesses, more and more companies are using the shopping tool on Instagram to connect with consumers in a new and immersive way, making the act of buying less transactional and more actionable,” concludes the text.

How to get started

The tool is now available in addition to the United States, in countries like Brazil, Germany and England, as we said at the beginning of the post.

For those who want to start, first of all you must have a business account on Instagram. The company has created a page to give directions and ask questions about the new tool. Click here and find out .

And if you want more tips on how to use Instagram on your business, download our free eBook Introduction to Marketing on Instagram .