Instagram Direct: How to sell more with this function

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Instagram Direct is a feature that lets you exchange messages and photos privately with your followers. It is available for both commercial profiles and for the personal. Instagram Direct also records the interactions that are made by users with their stories, opening another opportunity for dialogue.


When it comes to selling more, many companies just think of ads, Content Marketing , promotion and customer attraction.

But selling more is not all. It means weaving processes and build a good relationship with the general public.

In this context, direct messages Instagram are an excellent tool to optimize their results in the sales network.

Also called Instagram Direct, the function allows your company to approach the followers, and direct them to the conversion pages and attract their attention to your product.

Instagram is a very important social network for businesses nowadays. It is one of the channels where you have more potential to reach people with low investment, given that its number of users has reached 1 billion in 2018 .

Next, let’s talk about Instagram Direct. But if you want to go further and learn more about how this social network can help your business, read our Instagram Guide business .


What is Instagram Direct?

Basically, it is a feature that lets you exchange messages and photos privately with followers. It is available for both commercial profiles, and for the personal . Instagram Direct also records the interactions that are made by users with their stories, opening another opportunity for dialogue.

When it comes to engagement, the power to exchange direct messages to his followers is something that should not be ignored. Instagram is one of the social networks most used in Brazil , and reached, according to data from a survey by Socialbakers , an engagement potential of 400% more than Facebook. We can then say that it is the network that provides more interaction between users.

More than that: according to the same data of 800 million users, 80% of them interacts with commercial profiles daily. This means that the network is a fertile ground for relations with the public.

How Instagram Direct will help?

Check out some of the ways that Instagram Direct can help increase your sales, and ensure loyalty and retention of current customers.

Create a relationship

It is common for followers to contact to find out about their stock of news, prices and other information. But it is also common to contact to have information on products already purchased, applications pending, among others.

In both cases, we are talking about relationship.

For the first situation exemplified, of course, this contact can generate a new sale. As for the second, interact positively with customers who already bought promotes satisfaction, a good experience with your company, a positive assessment of this client and also an indication of its services and products to others.

In addition, loyalty it. Possibly return to buy from you, as you feel safe and well served by your company.


By the same token, serving customers through direct messages is a way to provide support so that he can complete an application or more information about the product you already own.

This channel means immediacy and agility to answer questions. These qualities are highly appreciated by the current consumer, given that, with the evolution of technology and purchasing methods have become more immediacy and value the convenience.

Good quality in supporting turns your customer relationships, promoting the retention and loyalty of which we have spoken.

How to manage Instagram Direct?

You may be wondering how this can be difficult. After so many guidelines about the importance of having many followers and maintain engagement with everyone, manage chats can cost the dedication of time and money.

But today, there are extremely cheap and technological resources that optimize the entire management of Instagram. Not only for direct messages, but also to increase followers and professionalize their management with performance reporting and monitoring dashboard.

Automation tools like Bume allow the scheduling posts and interaction with the publications of his followers and sending automatic DM. They are essential because they optimize the process, making it much cheaper than hiring people to take care of this management.

Advantages of using Instagram Direct

To improve results in sales, which is the main objective, the use of this feature to communicate with followers provides other benefits such as:

  • Give more credibility to your page;
  • Expand its engagement;
  • Enlarge its scope of followers;
  • Provide more relationship.

Instagram Direct is a way to sell more for the social network, and build a solid relationship with the followers. You can also understand that it is not necessary to increase the company’s costs, given that the automation Instagram offers convenience and excellent results in optimized interactions.

Now you know one of the ways to improve their sales results with this social network that grows so much, it is important to create a good strategy to get even more! We know that at the beginning, it can be difficult to plan something. Therefore, Bume made a material where you will be able to access the checklist tested and on increasing results in Instagram . This content is a shortcut for you to start now to boost your numbers!