Instagram Ads: 9 tips to make a good campaign

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Before we talk about Instagram Ads , we contextualize a bit the strength of this social network. Your company already has a profile on Instagram? The application, acquired by Facebook in 2012 for $ 1 billion, is known to be a network of mobile entertainment.

You may not see much sense for your business, but think about it: In September 2015, Instagram reached the milestone of 400 million users worldwide. Brazil is among the countries with the highest number of users are about 20 million accounts.

To enhance the potential of Instagram in August 2015 were made available in Brazil, paid advertisements on the platform. Just as on Facebook, you can optimize campaigns, among other objectives, to site visits, video viewing and conversion.

And do not stop there, as a paid media recently, many new features are yet to come. For example, in the beginning, it was possible to advertise only through the Power Editor, advanced tool Ads Facebook . Today may be campaigning for common ads.

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Go to practice

Instagram must be linked to your Facebook page to make the ads. Within the Facebook page, logged in as an administrator, click Settings in the upper right corner, and then Instagram ads.

If you use the Business Manager of Facebook, on the home page go to Settings in the left corner, then Instagram accounts. Then just put your username and password.

Advertisement Instagram - printscreens (2)

Advertisement Instagram - printscreens (1)

What if I do not have an account on Instagram?

You can make campaigns directly from Facebook using your page to identify the campaign. The username is the page name, will be in gray and not clickable. Beware of pages of very big names, if you exceed the limit this name will be cut in the ad. Another point of attention is that you can not respond to comments in the ad, then end up losing a lot in relationship.

If your company is not on Instagram, but your audience yes, the ideal is to have a business account and link it to Facebook.

Set Instagram is now put your hands dirty. Separate 9 tips to optimize your campaigns and improve results:

1 – Have your very clear aim of Instagram Ads

The campaign should be your first focus: Social network optimizes (and charges) for results pertaining to your goal (clicks, views, convesões, etc). Do you want to promote a new product? You want to increase traffic to your e-commerce?

The question to be asked should be: “How do?”, That is, which direction refers to my goal? The two questions in the previous paragraph are easy to solve, both site visits and boosting are direct targets in Instagram. But what your your goal is not as intuitive as well?

For example, an IT management company wants to promote its solution. It’s a very specific niche, much of the audience did not even know you need such a solution. The answer of “how to” in this case may be to educate the public, demonstrate how IT management can facilitate the day to day technical, how can foresee problems in infrastructure and avoid high costs.

One way to do this is to use a video as a demo in a few minutes the software in action, or an animation teaching solutions that IT management has for businesses. Maybe not for companies in general, but may be a solution targeted for a specific area, such as retail.

In this case, the ad may be aimed at the video display. So the company wins branding – top strategy funnel.

Another goal may be a conversion, or use the Landing Page video. Thus, the user watches and is convinced to convert to make a trial – funnel fund strategy.

The line of reasoning, therefore, must be this:

  • Goal?
  • How to make?
  • What media strategy delivers this result?

2 – Think of the ad topic

This tip is related to the previous one, but it is important to give a highlight. After defining the objective, or as they are setting, try to think of what will be the topic of the ad.

Continuing the example of IT management, it was decided that it wants to educate a decision maker within a large retail company, and turn this decision maker in a Lead. Well, probably that person is an IT analyst, perhaps a manager, then what kind of topic matter to her? I speak in LANs, WANs and HelpDesk or time management? Perhaps management team, management and optimization of the time? What is the pain that person? What’s wrong with her? How to attract your curiosity?

3 – Use responsive pages

If the goal is to take the user to a page, like a Landing Page for example, ensure that this page is responsive, that is, if good view also on mobile devices. You can do this by reducing the page size on your own desktop and verifying that all information remains visible on the screen, as shown below:




Note, in the second image, as the source and the page fit the small size of the screen.

Instagram is a mobile tool, unconfigured page for a small screen may end up with the result of the campaign. Moreover, responsiveness is no longer a trend but a reality today . Take into account not only the ads, but on their website.

4 – Work with URL Builder

Also in relation to take the user to another page, try to use UTM parameters in URLs, so the visit information to control are more accurate. This also facilitates the Traffic Sources analysis in analysis tools, such as the RD Station .

In the post “6 steps to create a trackable URL” explained in detail how you can create these links.

5 – Create your audience

You can target the audience for Instagram ads the same way as Facebook ads, as many accounts are linked. There is also the proximity tool for ads focusing on public coming to your establishment.

segmentation possibilities are numerous, almost any information you put on Facebook is likely to target. Gender, age, tanned pages, interest categories, age of children, cities attending, phones that use, spoken and company where works are examples.

Extra tip: Think outside the box, meet the decision maker and influencer. Who buys male shampoo, for example, man? Or perhaps the woman to give a gift for her boyfriend? The ideal is to make A / B testing to compare different ads and different audiences.

6 – Plan your ad

The ad itself is the watershed between the good and the bad result, especially on Instagram, where the flies feed on the fingers quickly without user patience.

To hold the attention, the notice shall be impactful, the image needs to generate curiosity to take the reading of the post. This in turn should lead the user to the goal of the campaign, click, for example. Instagram Ads also allows the use of Calls-to-Action, buttons for action, with the following options:

  • no button
  • request now
  • book now
  • Contact us
  • Download
  • know more
  • Buy now
  • Register
  • watch more

In the communication choice, the focus should again be the audience. What is important to my audience? What mental trigger generates interest – comfort, power, seduction, freedom?

Bonus tip: Take care with the number of characters, Facebook and Instagram work with different numbers. In addition, Instagram does not show the ad title, only the body text. As the text is usually tied to the title, you can leave your confusing ad to the user.

7 – On Instagram ads, be careful with the image

You can make the same campaign run on Facebook and Instagram, but the two platforms use different sizes and images, which can unset the ad.

During the process of creating the ad, you can preview how it will look on Instagram and Facebook. If feasible, an ad for the two platforms makes everything much easier. However, the ideal is to separate campaigns, as this will facilitate future analysis and metrics. If you have an active management of social networking and have image and text adaptable to both platforms, the same ad is enough.

Extra Tips: The image can not have more than 20% of text, as well as on Facebook. Use filters! They can let their very professional photo. Instagram is pure image, select it with great care, not seek in banks, do not copy from third parties and, please, do not use clipart!

8 – Of course, do not forget the #hashtags

These keywords work as a hyperlink and are often used by users and companies to direct the communication.

A good option is to create your own hashtag , something to remember your brand, your business and your campaign. So you gain notoriety and increase audience interaction.

9 – Seize the moment

If you are reading this post in 2015, is a pioneer in campaigns on Instagram. Take the opportunity to come out ahead, winning branding, promote its brand and achieve better market positions. This all at a lower cost, because even the known results Cheap Facebook Ads are no longer as cheap. If Instagram follow the trend of paid media, over time should become more expensive.

More than immediate results, the media paid – Instagram ads, Adwords , Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads and all others – are excellent to know your audience. Sometimes you did not even know that particular keyword was the one that had the highest monthly traffic and less competition. Or that Joao Pessoa buying public more in its online platform than that of São Paulo. Or for your business, women over 40 tend to convert more than men above 55.

Result for yesterday everyone needs, but tomorrow comes for those preparing, or who builds his strategy Digital Marketing in  the long run, who will address the needs of your audience and not only fill the bank account – money is the result of a job well done. Social media are there to separate the yesterday of tomorrow, take the opportunity and get ahead!

Extra: How to use Instagram Ads in Digital Results

We did have two tests with ads on the profile of Digital Instagram results for two different occasions.

We started promoting an ad RD Summit , our annual event of Digital Marketing and Sales. The purpose of this announcement was the ticket sales. With the Call-to-Action “Book Now”, we direct people to the purchase page.

The second test ads on Instagram went to the Black Friday Digital results. We ran this announcement before the end date to capture Leads interested. In this case, we use the Call-to-Action “Learn more” to direct the public for a Landing Page, where it was possible to make a registration to receive offers by email on the day of the promotion.

In both cases, we import our already targeted Leads base on Facebook to run ads on Instagram.

Our experience with Instagram ads so far has been positive. And you usually or interested in using ads on Instagram your company? Share in the comments!