Inbound Vs. Outbound Sales: Which model to use to generate more sales?

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Inbound and Outbound terms are common in the vocabulary Digital Marketing . With the recent changes in consumer behavior, the areas of marketing and sales of businesses had to adapt to these new ideas.

To understand, we can think of as a sale was made about 20 years. To buy a television, for example, it had to go to a physical store and talk to a salesman, who held the knowledge of the different models.

In the information age, it is no longer necessary to leave home or to learn not to buy. A simple search on Google and you can compare prices of different models in different stores. So it is not new that the way we buy has undergone many changes.

In this post, we’ll talk about how the concept of Inbound and Outbound apply to sales and with which one can obtain more results.

inbound Sales

Inbound Sales (Inbound or sales) is a sales methodology derived from Leads , contacts that are passed to the sales team.

The idea is that these people whose information is passed to the sellers already know the company and are interested in what it offers – although often not have been aware of it.

How to use the internet, an advantage of Inbound is to reach people anywhere in the world. And here comes another keyword  to understand the methodology: Inbound Sales is directly connected to the Inside Sales  (or domestic sale), which is what makes it possible to sell anywhere in the world without relying on go door to door. Most of the time, both Inside and Inbound Sales go together.

Unlike more traditional methods, which force the sale of goods and services in Inbound public is more free to pursue the companies. Also makes the team more productive salespeople, since it does not need to contact people who probably are not interested in what the company has to offer.

The sales team receives Leads with information about profile and interest (based on consumed contents and pages accessed) and thus can prepare for a more appropriate approach, providing more targeted assistance at the time of purchase of the Lead and to his problem.

In addition to these information coming from the marketing team, the seller may resort to social networks  Lead, as well as blog and company website to seek other relevant data. When talk finally, the seller can guide the conversation based on the information you have.

The Inbound selling is therefore more consultative and endowed with prospect qualification process, with the seller to know the reality of Lead and striving to assist you with customized information for each case, which is data that can not be found on the Internet .

outbound Sales

If the Inbound focuses on customer attraction, the Outbound go after these people, by selecting the Leads that have more suitable profiles and contacting those who have not necessarily been drawn to the company.

But despite differ from Inbound, Outbound brings many results for some companies – some technology business, by the way, just make use of this methodology. Largely depends on the company you use, the customer that it seeks, the commercial structure that has, in the average ticket, the sales cycle , among other factors.

In Outbound, you have more control over when the approach will be made, since it is not necessary to wait the interest of Lead. But the chances of being inconvenient and repel that person are also greater because she had no interaction with your subject before, so that his approach may be out of context.

It can also occur that person has no need of your product, which causes many contact attempts are in vain, burdening the team with links and offset unnecessarily.

How Inbound not always supplies 100% of the necessary sales, some companies have adopted the Outbound to complement, mainly to attract a very specific audience.

Outbound or Inbound?

If you’re wondering what sales method is for your company, keep in mind the characteristics of each of them and know they are not mutually exclusive: they can be combined for you to get more results.

Inbound is focused on increasing the productivity and efficiency of the sales team and the sales of your company, but in the long run. It also seeks to retain consumers. The online is the predominant strategy with offline serving as a supplement.

In Inbound, the Lead will know what it is to lead and how they got your number and will be more likely to talk, since he was looking for on the subject. As in the Outbound there is nothing that the methodology may be more suitable for businesses that focus on a niche and they already know who the potential customers.

Let’s review some features and benefits of each of these methods?

inbound vs. outbound sales - infographic

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