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It is true that in recent years there has been a big change in the sales world. It began to discuss what the best marketing strategy: inbound or outbound. Both have their merits and in order that each company or business is a unique case, it is not possible to point out what is the best solution without understanding the specific needs of each and what is the most appropriate strategy to meet those needs.

Luckily, we have available today a variety of tools and platforms that can assist us in the sales process, even combining the two strategies to get the best results and ROI.


See this mini video the difference between Marketing and Inbound Outbound Marketing


Linkedin: How to use it as outbound tool?

LinkedIn is a social channel that aims to enable network between different areas of professionals. Understanding this, we see many opportunities within this channel, since the information in each profile also enable the public to identify that part of our aim, because we can highly relevant information on the professional profile of the person, that make our actions are carried out more assertive way.

However, it is the sales team, together with marketing, find a way to address these people, without that they feel invaded on your pages.

One thing we need to
pay attention to before you approach anyone in any social media channel is: are we talking to PEOPLE, from person to person! What does that mean?

outbound-marketingNo one likes an intrusive approach, either a link or boring and generic sales approach (by email, message or invitation in the pages of FB or LinkedIn), why build a more personal approach is more than a good practice already It becomes a necessity, especially with all the information available on the profile of your target.

This information is gold to you who wants to build a relationship and engage the person to a sales conversation.

One thing to consider:
Outbound strategies take time and a great team of sales because need to bring many people into the funnel of interest to be really effective in number of generated leads. So in the long run it ends up being more expensive than inbound.

This may seem daunting at first, but should be considered as a strategic approach when we are talking about a more personalized service, not only as recruitment but as consulting services of all kinds.

How it works ?

Outbound tactics can be worked in different ways within the platform, depending on the professional level of the profile of the seller and the target profile also varies in accordance with the number of contacts we have established. However there are some steps outbound that must be followed by all:

  1. Establish friendly contact and explanatory message by following the strategies of a sales pitch
  2. Establish a criterion to evaluate the profiles that are worth being contacted, ie, identify your target audience within the platform according to the amount of information that these people publish about themselves
  3. Set metrics and targets to be followed, for example, minimum amount of contact persons daily minimum amount of leads generated per week, etc.
  4. Start to contact the right people, through personal invitations, private messages, public posts in your feed or interest groups, etc.

A tip to work Outbound LinkedIn is: does not look like a salesman! Be yourself, because people representing businesses, but still people; try to explain simply why you want to talk to that person and why it is essential for you at that time. Show her a benefit that you offer, show what you mean have much to add, since you understand the need for it.

LinkedIn as Inbound Tool:

Having a company page or even a fully optimized profile on LinkedIn for their business purposes can put you at the center of attention in your professional circle.

  • We will not expand on how the inbound marketing, but we need to strengthen the spine of this strategy is the creation of relevant content and knowledge sharing, which will serve as bait to capture leads that, when generated, will be worked to traverse all the process of the sales funnel to turn customers.

If you have questions, please contact our team of experts! Worship exchange an idea with you!😉

How can I make Inbound by LinkedIn?

You can use the area for visitors to write interesting articles for your target audience and be seen as an authority that develops, thus arousing the interest of people who want to know more about you, your company, you have to speak, etc. You can also share presentations on Slideshare, and interesting posts about your product or service to attract more people to your network of contacts.

  • Recalling again that these contents are baits for you to grow your base, increase your circle of contacts, everything will depend on your goal.

Having a very dynamic and interesting company page also helps. To generate engagement on LinkedIn, it is recommended that at least one per day, and if you do not have the same weight and relevance of Microsoft’s business page, followed by thousands of people all over the world, separating some groups of interest and repost content it might be a good idea.

Pour content in your profile, on the Place Page or interest groups, however, is not the correct way to work with the inbound marketing on LinkedIn. Having a well – defined strategy of posts, with engagement metrics and a clear target audience are part of a successful action inbound. An important question to be asked is what to do with a lead of linkedIn?

The saying “fell into the net is fish” is not valid in the case of inbound, since thousands of people may be affected by its content, engaging communication with your page / posts and not turn a client, which is the ultimate goal of all sales strategies.

After finding a channel of communication with your target audience, share relevant information and establish a minimum level of communication, it is necessary to
establish the next step, which will lead that person to turn indeed a lead, that is, someone who might be willing to buy your product, or even be a customer, but it must be driven to it. And do this by linkedIn can be a bit more complicated, since the tools available on the platform become very individualistic and manual process.

If your product is targeting a more limited audience and your marketing strategy takes an individual reading of each client, the tools arranged on linkedIn will not be a hindrance, but if your product aimed at a wide audience, diverse and variable, perhaps your best option is to transfer these leads to another platform and establish a new type of communication with it, for example by integrating email marketing in your communication strategy.

Ie, LinkedIn may work well for you to get that person to
draw attention, engage that person, however, it should be well monitored and tracked, so you can understand the importance of this channel for your leads acquisition strategy.

For those who prefer to
continue on LinkedIn, after the engagement of people in your content, you can take a reading of the profiles, reset your persona according to the information gathered in this action and prepare a special content for people who are at this stage of the funnel, encouraging -as to take the next step, be it the purchase itself or even a meeting, call, etc.

First Steps to a Digital Marketing Strategy

Aligning the two strategies

LinkedIn can serve for both marketing strategies, inbound and outbound, without regard to conflict and may even work in a complementary way, since you can attract people to your page with inbound strategies and complement the sales process a more direct approach, outbound feature. As linkedIn is a uniquely focused social platform for work and seriousness, find leads qualified for their services is nothing impossible, you may need to work better this lead until an opportunity, or else come into direct contact with her to have a feedback a little faster.

If you are part of a small business with limited marketing resources, can invest in these strategies internally.
Just take creativity to create legal messages that convey the idea of the product to contribute to the knowledge of the person who receives it , escaping the category
flat-to-hell or not-want-read-it-or-a-stick.

How can we help?

The NoTopo specializes in creating relevance. We create relevance for your brand and your site, bringing results focused on return on investment. If you want our help to optimize your linkedin and create engagement on your page, or if you just want some guidance on the best marketing investment you can make, either in SEO, sponsored links or social media, talk to us.

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