Inbound marketing for private schools

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Year after year, schools are seeking to occupy new positions in their schools. With the available online and access to international schools education, the challenge of attracting more students becomes increasingly competitive.
It is necessary for marketing professionals in the education industry find new ways to attract the attention of enough parents to nurture these prospects during the season enrollment of their children.

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Each student goes through their own registration process, but the stages of the path of inbound marketing are the same for all prospects. One of the key elements to achieve success is to know inbound each of these stages and different strategies and marketing tactics inbound required for each particular situation.

It does highlight: the attention of parents and rate them as prospects

It is impossible for parents to enroll their children do not even know you exist. The first step is to get your school attract attention, but not from anyone. You must ensure the attention of parents with children students (prospective) who seek a different alternative to public education. It is they who will have a good development in your school and help to make it even better.

To ensure you attract the right prospects you need to understand who they really are. You must describe in detail these consumers ideal for creating fictional versions of parents who would like to have as customers. You probably have more than one consumer ideal for your school. For example, it is possible that parents who want to enroll their children in a private school from kindergarten with questions and distinct from those who only seek to transfer them in the last years of primary education needs. It is likely that one parent is curious to know more about after-school care centers, while the other might be interested in making sure your child gets adequate preparation for success in the future.

When you do research to create ideal consumers, talk to your academic counselors and professional staff in the area of ​​admissions, current students, local libraries and even, if possible, with other schools. You must find out what questions and concerns consumers have your ideals when they start looking for a private school.

The information you find out not only be for your ideal consumers also will also be the basis of your SEO strategy that will guide you to select words and phrases that will generate the type of suitable organic traffic to your site and site blog . Thanks to the right keywords you can receive targeted traffic.

Want to increase the recognition of your football program in the region? Then phrases like “youth football in [name of region]” and “children’s soccer leagues in [name of region]” should be part of your keyword list.

Educate prospects is the forte of your school

The goal is to convert visitors to your web site and blog can nurture prospects. Visitors become prospects when you know enough about them and begin to customize your content. The best way to achieve this is to provide extraordinary content they want to obtain in exchange for providing your email address.

The extraordinary content should provide detailed and practical answers to specific questions that perform the prospects to make certain decisions; for example, how to choose between a private or public school, send a request or decide what type of school is optimal program for your needs.

Whether your school is mixed, only it admits students of one gender, it is day or boarding school, it certainly has a philosophy, a set of values ​​and a unique educational approach. The content is an excellent way to show the unique qualities of your school and the type of students that could be ideal according to their characteristics.

Check your ideal consumer profiles and analyzes what you learned about them during your research. Now you should have a better picture of the concerns, questions and interests in which you can drill down to create extraordinary content that educates your prospects on your most pressing questions.

Manages to increase the number of applications and registrations 

A prospectus can spend much time at the stage of educating customers, so you should use your content and your choice of topics to address their inquiries, requests or registration process. To achieve this, boosts prospects with content that begins to answer questions that are specifically about your private school.

And continuing to educate them, but now also will establish the right expectations about your school and the reasons why your institution is a good choice. This is also the time to start “close” your best prospects time. 

If you want to start generating leads and connections between school, at this stage you must include calls to action (CTA) in your blog posts, emails and other content that are targeted to your ideal consumers. CTA best for this step include invitations to campus tours, have meetings with professional counselors, academic and financial advisors. 

To achieve this strategy to achieve success you must seize the right moment and be persistent. Identify triggers behaviors that indicate what is best for a prospect order your short list of potential schools moment. You can use a series of emails and other automated workflows to show a balanced mix of content and calls to action where you invite the prospect to send your request and then to make their registration.

Generates the best ambassadors for your school

Good job! Your inbound marketing program obtained all the necessary entries to fill a class exactly the kind of students you want to have in your school.

However, your job does not end here.

These students and their parents are infinitely valuable source, so you must use surveys to find out their preferences and interests. Find out what specific factors motivated prospects to choose your school and no other institution. Need to redefine the profiles of your ideal consumers with the information you got?

On the other hand, parents and students satisfied are also a great source of content, and they can write posts for your blog, post videos showing your school and share the contents of your institution through their social networking profiles. Remember to keep publishing remarkable content that addresses new questions and problems that arose after enrollment. 

The endless cycle 

As we know, there will always be another semester to fill the classes students. If you implement a strategy of inbound marketing more often, you’ll get a clearer idea about what works well with your prospects, what strategies are best answer and what items can (and should) be ruled out. Take advantage of this endless cycle of new prospects in order to continue improving the content and flows nutrition sales opportunities you implement to enroll new students.