Inbound Block: Digital Marketing Tips For You To Apply During Carnival

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Not because your audience is not directly impacted by this holiday you can not take the time to be present.

Undoubtedly, everyone literally knows that Brazil’s Carnival is the most popular party of the country.

And all this grandeur is also reflected in the numbers. The expectation of the Ministry of Tourism is that in 2018 are injected R $ 11 billion into the economy with Brazilian and foreign movements.

And as you can get a ride in this important event for our country, even if your business has nothing to do with the revelry?

We separated some tips on how you can relate to your audience and its base in different ways:

1. Block “Enter the Climate”

digital marketing carnival

If your audience is excited and your communication is very informal and relaxed, in the mood.

Show your Leads as you understand them and make a guide to the best cities to enjoy the Carnival.

If you understand a little more of your audience, even better: age, family with children, pet owners, musical preferences etc. All this can help you with tips and options to get closer to its base and ensure that memory after carnival.

Use and abuse of the quiz format, what kind of reveler you? What is the best costume for your Carnival? Which the city has over your face? This type of content engages and viraliza much in social networks .

2. Block the “jackets”

Your company is B2B or your communication is formal. You can not talk about costume contest, is not it? But you can give that power to those who have another kind of concern for this period.

One tip is to create materials and articles that show how options Carnival can impact as little as possible in your business. For example:

  • How to ensure that sales do not fall during Carnival?
  • How to keep your staff engaged in one of the most important holidays of the year?
  • A guide with key metrics of productivity during holidays.

A holiday with several days like this brings significant impacts on many companies. Stay on the side of your audience and show that you understand their pain. Thus, you become more and more a reference.

3. Block “Do not miss”


There will always be those who are crazy for Carnival and for some reason had to stay home. It pays to have a specific action for those who will be on social networks to stay on top of things and on top enjoy a lightning promotion.

Be sure to use promotional codes or landing pages specific to evaluate the return of these shares. Maybe you find a niche market in this period.

4. Block “There comes that does not have”

digital marketing carnival

If you know your audience well and his Leads base, it’s likely that you know a lot of people using these four days to get off.

Is to study, read, rest or enjoy the tranquility with family, you can also have a special appearance at that time.

There are more and more options for retreats during the Carnival holiday, which can be a great guide option.

Also, if you know your base like putting the day reading whenever possible, take the time to send a collection of the best posts, or that eBook must.

It is always important to remember that the more we know our base, the greater the chances to bond in a personalized manner. So take the opportunity to approach your Lead even in a way that is different from usual.

And then tell us if this relationship was beyond a brief history of Carnival.