I was able to generate traffic to my site! And now?

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Google Analytics screen opened in Real Time, the numbers are stable until entering the air marketing campaign and access go up, up … you’re about to beat your record and is so thrilled that only lack the narrative of the Galvão to complete.

Virtually every marketing manager ever seen in such a situation. It is so much work to put a campaign in the air to let that Email Marketing in state of the art, to refine the SEO about to shine, to publish that ultra relevant rich material, that the time to track results is a worthy celebration of gold in Olympics.

I was able to generate traffic to my site and now (2)

You at the end of a good month.

In fact, no one can deny the thrill it is to be responsible for a marketing action well done.

But then, what happens?

Bring visitors to the site always has a purpose. You may want your Lead make a purchase, sign up to a trial, fill out a form to download material, call you, go to a page, sign up for a newsletter, educate yourself about a subject, share something, watch a video, etc.

The point is to generate traffic is never an end, but a means. It is essential that you have a well-defined strategy for what you want your Lead make after it went on your website and, especially, to be prepared for that action to be taken with the utmost convenience possible.

If not, all those real sweaty invested in your marketing campaigns will know where?

I was able to generate traffic to my site!  And now?

Right there.

Here are 4 tips to make the most of the potential conversion of your website traffic.

1. Invest in UX

UX, short for user experience (in Portuguese, user experience), is the feeling of a person interacting with a digital product. This feeling can be good or bad, complete with all the nuances in the way.

The role of UX area within your company is to bring this result as close to excellence, working factors such as usability, accessibility, performance, aesthetics, utility, ergonomics, human interaction and marketing.

This term is widely used among software companies, but should be on the radar of any organization. It is noteworthy that invest in UX has a guaranteed return. Research shows that every dollar invested in UX brings 2-100 dollars in financial returns.

But why UX brings such a result? Elementary, my dear marketing manager. People spend time where they feel good. If your site or digital product makes them feel good, they spend more time there and therefore are more likely to spend money too.

2. AB tests

AB test, also called Split Test is a technique consisting of duplicate and make small changes in the product (Landing Page, Email Marketing, tool etc), direct of the traffic to the modified product and measure the results.

For example, you created a Landing Page that is performing well. But what if the button was another color, or if the call were different, would the results would be better or worse? There is only one way to find out: testing.

The tests AB should be a routine for any marketing manager. That’s because they help improve the results continuously. This routine allows you to test one element at a time, always replacing the current product by the winning of the tests. At the end of many cycles, a page that converted 10% can easily get to convert 30% or more.

3. Generate confidence

Your Lead is accessing your digital product and you want it to perform an action. But as far as he knows, you do not exist. Your company does not exist. All this can be an ambush to capture your data and sell it to a spammer or other cyber criminals.

Their role is to reassure him as much as possible, in every possible way. If your site is an ecommerce, keep in view the security seals and links to shipping rules and exchange and return policies. If it is a SaaS, show links to their privacy policy and terms and conditions. Let view the contact channels, as well as its name, ID number and address. Place legal notices in your forms, ensuring that you will not use the data to spam. Use security certificates in data collection pages. If possible, place names and photos of team members, particularly top management – personify the brand is a major confidence-building items.

The above actions are very helpful, but may vary from company to company. Make an exercise of thinking as their Lead and list all suspicions that he might have in relation to its digital product. If in doubt, do a little research, ask recent Leads and use this knowledge to turn your product into something extremely reliable.

4. Be available

Lead your have any questions. Sometimes it will look for the answer before you want to contact you, sometimes not. Sometimes these questions will have been answered within the content of your digital product, sometimes not. The question is: you’ve invested valuable resources to bring to the Lead your page. And now you will let him go because he is not willing to talk to him? Does not make sense.

It is essential, both to generate confidence, as described above, and to ensure that your Lead manages the outcome you seek, you keep communication channels visible, immediate and – most importantly – to be available to serve them.

The choice of channels should be made according to what is most convenient for your target audience. For some, it’s the phone. For others, chat. Or WhatsApp, social networking, email, video chat etc.

The surest is to choose a mix and make available to its visitors – one service platform as Omnize helps you manage it well easily.

Remembering always to have at least one immediate service channel increases the chances of your client trust you – who has time to wait for hours (or days) for the return of an email when the problem is urgent?

Ufa! It sounds like a lot, but you can be sure that your results will improve – a lot – if you put into practice these four tips in their day to day. You got any questions? Ask in the comments!

This guest post was written by Helena Simon, co-founder and CMO of Omnize .