How we generate 7,000 organic visits in 90 days!

5 Actions to Promote Content You Can Execute Today Even!

People the all that know a little know that digital marketing or SEO Today is one of the most efficient ways , when the subject is to attract qualified traffic to any site, mainly when we have little investment in the start time any digital business.

So I partnered with in Postcron, decided to raise this article with the intention of my share experience in more generating 7 thousand Organic hits / month for startup in my less than 90 days: the

The Nã is a site connects people que que had any problem s with air companies to network lawyers. The idea is to get help Passengers that have missed Flights late or , or have suffered overbooking their missing bad. In passibles of compensation cases, our Iran lawyers paste all the necessary information and give in the legal entry process. More people were 1,000 already with catered operation just 5 months and 90% of those people came due to the work was digital marketing developed.

Below, we have listed the key strategies for organic results to achieve so expressive, with very little investment, in just 90 days.

Generate organic Visits: Choose the right keywords for each page

Words your customers know which Google search is not essential . First thing for thermos one has no volume of research.

Generate Organic Visits: Keyword

For that, it is my suggestion list the main words that you certifies that would seek your customers to find you . Ask friends and colleagues for work not to stay prisoner just your vision. This helps greatly expand your initial list!

Try to also define words that are not as broad as , for example: “car”. Try more find specific thermos “used cars”, or “Belo Horizonte used cars in” or “cars used to purchase”, etc.

To check or volume of research you can use multiple tools. Referrer:

  • Google KeywordTools
  • Ahrefs

I suggest looking at or indexing difficulty of Ahrefs for each flask. In it you are in a MEAN scale from 0 to 100 or How difficult position for certain word is. Try to find words that describe that target page, which have a considerable volume of looking (above 500 / month) and that do not have a “keyword difficulty” * above 15.

OR keyword difficulty is an index will tell you difficulty what is the position to on the first page for a thermos looking for . Generally it also informs you how many external accurate links your site receives to rank for specific keyword. Use reference, but do not get too prisoner number, the metric as an idea serves is just for difficulty of positioning of the Word each.

First made this stage is in raising or content.

Visits generate organic: C rie or full content as possible 

You have defined keywords of each page, now accurate writing or content possible to complete plus be your RELEVANCE high before or defined thermos.

In , we decide to group or content for “backward flight” and “I canceled flight” in the same on page speaks the rights of the Passenger:

Repair it or content is as complete as possible on or subject to target help with having users or maximum possible information about these two subjects.

That alone is not enough. We need to inform you of Google burglaries, as it should associate each word to each page. And that’s on Page SEO is Flame.

SEO on Page

Be one that maybe two factors of simple implementation more in SEO , more no site almost correct face shapes. Many programmers do not lack the knowledge and end up understanding of the dynamic algorithm of Google and they do not know the importance of well and the or attractive description for each page study. This is what will allow you to choose a user in your click search result competitor or one.

Generate Organic Visits: SEO On Page

Part Two large developers ignore basic SEO and that’s just the interpretation information harming the Google algorithm on which keyword relates to each page. That’s what you’re going to say for or algorithm, which one do you want word that it considers important for that more page . Generally, we use main Word do not start title. Ex: I want position for “Flight Overdue” with or given page content, we should raise an attractive title, which begins with the word focus more than do sense. Our home for adopted or title: “Flying Overdue or Canceled? Be Indemnified! “.

You have already defined the target keyword (s) of each page, simply raise an attractive and creative title (always using the chosen word) of up to 54 characters and INSERT it into the “title tag” of the not code site . The same applies to the description (how much more attractive, more people will click) that may have tied 170 characters.

WordPress is you use or, simply install or Yoast plugin, where you even get this information not alter code. Doing this does not get married, talk to your programmer to implement it as it is quite simple and face all difference.

Off Page SEO ( Link Building )

Now you already have that hair less or in a word-focus Key, already a CRIOU page with it title, description and has as full content as possible on or subject, just missing a Factor: authority.

link building

Or Google chalked that one has authority page, when other linkn algorithm or linkam several websites for or your. Each link that receives another you site functions as a “vote”. When this “vote” comes some very relevant domain, the portals and blogs with BREAKING NEWS large numbers of visitors, or “vote” has a greater weight, more passing relevance.

In use Press Office in to get great portals appear as: Exam and Uol. This enabled authority to have a greater use of Google or theft, as those channels were referencing. All this, coupled with quality content and On Page optimization, did more that we generated 7 thousand monthly visits us First 90 days.


Not there is magic formula and each segment has its characteristic and peculiarity, but that you believe follow all steps and clear these, you are in a with latent market demand, I have certainty that will well happened in your SEO strategy. I get organic, without a doubt, the quickest and inexpensive way to validate acceptance in its your of the solution market. Most Important Factor in Another Digital Business and Rate of Conversion. Nothing better to validate usability than free with a website hits, right? So, hands down to work!

Extra tip: When you have tactics implemented as described above SEO and measured conversion rate of your website, you how many people will know to attract accurate for each page. This will enable you to know which are the best of your best pages and which are the words. These with information at hand, test Investments in online media, such as Google Adwords and Facebook Ads, targeting your best pages, always having in mind or maximum value Prune pay for each visit.

and then tell us the result!