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How long you invest in creating titles for blog posts of your company? More or less than the time to write the rest of the post?

Most people respond less, much less time. Write a title line seems to be much simpler than writing the various paragraphs that form the text. However, the responsibility of heading the results of a post is incredibly disproportionate to its size.

There is no doubt that only a good text retains readers, but there is no retention without the initial attraction. Several great posts are not read or spread for this reason: lack an attractive title.

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The importance of a catchy title

We live in an era of abundance of information. If it’s good on the one hand, for those working in marketing for an important warning: attention for dispute has never been so great.

When writing to a loyal audience who already knows and admires the authors, the title is less important. Just keep the quality of the texts and readers come back. little concrete titles may work, if not look very attractive or clearly indicate the topic discussed.

But for people who do not know the blog (probably most of your potential customers), there is an unconscious suspicion: with so many things to do and so much information available, is it worth spending my time reading this article? What does this have to do with me? As content adds me?

Think about how many emails you receive each day and how many links your friends share on Facebook or Twitter you simply ignores.

Usually it is the title that appears as the subject in the email, text in tweets or highlighted when someone likes or shares a post on Facebook. See the example below:

Title - Post to Facebook

If we think of search engines, the importance of the title is even greater. In addition to the title being displayed in the Google results page it is also a major rankeamento factors and key words used here have great value to the searchers. So as well as being attractive to attract the click, a title should also be focused on the keywords that your targeted company, using them in a straightforward way. Another example follows below:

post title in the SERP

Note .: You can make the page title (attribute “Title Page” given in the HTML code) is different from the actual title of the article, prominently displayed before the text. However, there are some limitations on the use of this practice and we will leave the matter to other text.

Securities types that work

Theme + Decoy

One of the heading styles that I like most is the one that highlights and explains the topic first and following uses a more striking sentence.

This type of security also helps a lot in the organic searches, since the most important words of the theme are presented directly at the beginning of the title and yet not cease to be interesting, since there is a decoy sentence following. Examples:

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Questions / answers open

Your post must have been written with the aim of presenting a problem or solution, and usually this problem or solution can be expressed with a sentence that begins with “How”, “Why”, “What”, “When” or “Who,” as in the posts below:

What a development company can benefit from a private cloud

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Lists and numbers

Posts with lists of items impress with effectiveness. Although simple, it’s amazing how much always work well.

The number is concrete and conveys the idea of ​​great benefit in reading. Posts lists also indicate, implicitly, a broken content topics and easy to read, attractive format for Internet users. More examples:

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Provocative or controversial

All that is a little more controversial ends up drawing attention. Posts that follow this line usually always get more clicks. The downside is that it requires a broad knowledge of the subject so that your company can sustain the vision and avoid the dislike / criticism of some people. Disagree with an expert or a company are common ways to do this. Cause the player itself can also work. Ex:

“Storytelling” may not be what you are thinking!

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Other models

Despite the previous items already indicate several ideas, there are some other “templates” of titles that can be adapted to various types of posts such as:

What […] need to know about […]

Learn how to […] to […]

[…] forms of […]

as […] made […]

Several other examples can be found mainly on the covers of magazines or gossip sites, or relationships that often use good titles for your materials.

extra tips

Use some magic words

There are common bonds that if plus either word, become fantastic.

Some words highlight the item and, somehow, end up arousing desire, expectation or curiosity.

Common examples: Free, amazing, perfect, new, best, complete, essential, easy, simple, guaranteed, unusual, amazing, ridiculous, stupid, unknown.

Also remember the plural (five essentials for …) and the adverbial form (3 amazingly simple ways to …).

Mix the different techniques

In many cases you can use several techniques at the same time. For example, you can use a list as a decoy in Theme Decoy + model, as can be provocative using the questions and open answers.

Each combination can offer a more attractive possibility, so do not be afraid to take chances.

Always analyze the Keyword Tool

Google offers a tool to estimate how much a keyword is searched: the Keyword Tool .

A simple search on the tool before writing the title can be of great value to understand what people actually seek. If you were writing on the subject, a survey might reveal, for example, that the word “car” is fetched 20 times the word “car”. brutal differences like this occur in a multitude of other cases and most likely in the topics of your posts too.

Write several options

If we consider the title so important and difficult, it makes sense to leave it to the end and write it in 2 minutes.

It is worth spending more time creating multiple versions of the same and seeking some that stand out.

With the work done, test your title with the following questions:

– The title is well out of their original context?

– Someone who does not know your company or subjects who writes would identify with the topic of the post?

– How attractive is the promise?
It seems to speak of a problem / real interest of your audience?

– The title could benefit numbers listed or the magic words that indicate?

– The title is compatible with the post content?
Will not cause disappointment in the continued reading?

– The title uses words relevant to the company’s strategy in SEO?