How to use social networks to leverage sales?

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In today’s world, where people are always connected by mobile, tablet and computer, social networks have taken on a crucial role in personal relationships and work.  

According to a survey by eMarketer , a market research company that provides statistics and trends related to digital marketing in 2017, one in three people in the world have used a social network. Or approximately 2:48 billion people are using some social media.

This same study also showed that among the available social networks, Facebook still appears as the favorite of users, since approximately 62% of the population is connected to that network.

Brazil is still among the countries that spend time reading and generating content on Facebook, according to another study by the Research Institute ComScore .

With all this data, you must have realized the importance of social networks. After all, it is in them that you can meet people, ie potential customers.

Therefore, it is impossible to ignore the potential of social networks for marketing and selling products.

But with so much information and users in these channels of communication, we need to do something different to stand out from your competitors and draw the attention of potential customers.

So in this post, we’ll help you with some tips for you to optimize the use of social networks and generate more sales for your business!

Brief overview of social networks

Before we show you how you can optimize your social networks to generate more sales, it is important that you understand a little more about each of them.

You probably already know the basic use of these media, but it takes a picture of them so that you can define, then, what are the best for your business.

Of course it’s very important to have profiles on these communication channels. But you may already imagine how difficult it is to keep all social networks working well and really attractive content.

So, when reading, then on each of these media, try to think in your persona so that you understand what are the best channels to communicate with your audience. So, you get to invest time and strategies only in the most interesting social networks for your business.


Despite its updates constant and content delivery limitation (only 1% to 2% of his followers receive your posts organically), Facebook is still the social network with more users worldwide.

Being widely used by several people, it is a powerful tool for online sales.

With Facebook, you can announce the launch of its products, deliver relevant content to their followers, open a channel to provide support for customers and even make sales.

There are several options to enhance the use of that network, and one of them is Facebook Ads, Ad tool of this social network.

To use it, you need to create a Fanpage, so the ads you create will be integrated into the timeline of the people who follow you.

If you do not know how to sell by Facebook, read our post that gives tips for advertising and increase your sales in this social network .


The Instagram is a dynamic and very visual network, which allows you to interact in real time with users, since they view their products virtually at the time you post a picture or video.

Of course, like Facebook, Instagram algorithm also does not allow you to deliver your content to 100% of your audience, but this is still a very important social network to help you sell more.

Instagram also has its own ad tool, Instagram ads, which is a great option for those who want to reach a wider audience.

See the tips that Monique, marketing analyst at Hotmart gave on how to sell on Instagram:


The Twitter is a fundamental social network for those who want to interact more with the public quickly and succinctly. This is because, in this media, you need to communicate with only 280 characters.

In addition to tweets , you can also post photos, videos and even links to external pages, which lets you advertise other communication channels or your sales page, for example.


This is a social network for sharing images references, and even though it has the same force as the others, Pinterest has a community of very engaged users, which makes it to be essential for some niches, such as design, decoration and architecture.

One way to use Pinterest to drive traffic is creating your own board . In it, you can share your infographics, own images and even tutorials explaining how to use their products.

In addition, you can insert links in their publications in this network, which allows you to direct users to other pages of your business.


Launched in 2003, LinkedIn is a social network different from all others, since its focus is to connect professionals and not necessarily sell any product or service.

Nevertheless, being a channel where there are several experts from different fields, LinkedIn is a great channel to promote its brand and to be seen as an authority in your market.

In addition, this network allows you to extend your contacts, meaning you make network with people who are references in various niches. And you can even invest in strategic ads for this media.


The YouTube is a social network Google videos with over 1 billion registered users. Moreover, today, he is considered one of the most important search engines, since many users use YouTube to search different content.

Unlike other social networks, YouTube videos focuses only on an interesting format and that attracts a lot of attention from people because it is easy to consume.

With a YouTube channel , you can advertise your products and also become a reference in your niche, as you can make videos to educate your audience and help people solve small daily problems related to their area of expertise.

How to increase your sales in social networks

Now that you’ve learned a little more about each social network, it’s time to understand what you need to do to increase your sales.

Of course, each network has its specificities, however, there are some tips that cater for all these channels, and it is on them that we will talk.

Create relevant content

With so much information available online, you need to differentiate your content to get the attention of your audience.

Create content that is relevant to your consumer at the time he needs.

If you are an Affiliate , for example, do reviews about the products it promotes. If you are a Producer , invest in marketing content to highlight the advantages of their material.

The important thing is to offer unique information, consistently!

This also applies to the aesthetics of your page: use powerful images and produced and that are related to your product.

Publications with photos and infographics attract more people’s attention, and to facilitate the reading, which count towards your SEO work.

(Take the opportunity to also read our post about editorial calendar . There you will see tips on the ideal frequency of disclosure.)

Use social media management tools

For a successful dissemination strategy, you need to have a profile on major social networks to share the sales links the product you are promoting.

As a producer, having a Fanpage is key. If you are at the beginning, we suggest opting for the more traditional, such as YouTube and Facebook.

In the case of YouTube, you can make short tutorials, urging his audience to buy your product and thus have access to exclusive rewards.

You will also need to invest in a tool social media management to monitor all channels in which it operates and connect with your audience. Hootsuite , Scup and SocialOomph , are widely used for this purpose.

These tools help you to monitor mentions of your brand, answer questions from users and even schedule their publications.

Automating this process will save you time and prevent, on the run, you forget to update some of your pages.

Use groups and communities

Groups and communities in social networks bring together people with common interests. Thus, these channels are excellent to disseminate their digital products to a targeted audience.

Look for groups related to the product you sell. Join the forums and try to answer as many questions as possible about your offer.

Avoid posting sales link repeatedly in posts that are not related to your product, or without the proper context. This type of practice draws attention negatively and can cause you to be banned from the group.  

The ideal is to establish a conversation with your lead , which assess the problems and pains that he faces, only to present the solution in the case, is your offer.   

Incorporate social commerce

The social commerce is a concept that arose when social networks started to be used for e-commerce products and services.

Basically, it is the integration of e-commerce to social media, such as a store within Facebook (f-commerce) or Twitter (t-commerce), for example.  

This association can sell directly to the consumer without the need for intermediaries.

To get the most of this model, you can incorporate social commerce on your sales page, including some plugins on your site as Like buttons, recommendation and ratings.

So, ready? By following these tips, you will surely boost your sales using social networks.

And to further help you, prepare a post that shows what are the best formats and image sizes for each social network . Be sure to check!  

* This text was originally posted in January 2014 and updated in collaboration with Barbara Santos, to provide more accurate and complete information.