How to use long tail keywords to attract more people to your site

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Companies are continually increasing efforts to become reference in the digital environment and bring more and more revenue from different channels that the internet offers.

This relentless pursuit of ROI high influence at all stages of the process AdWords , Facebook Ads ), conversion ( Landing Pages , contact forms) and relationship ( Email Marketing ).

In today’s post we will deal specifically with the part of attraction, that is, as the use of long tail keywords ( long tail keywords ) can help in improving the digital positioning of your business, either through organic search or paid media.

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What is the concept of the long tail?

The term “long tail” became popular with the article and subsequently the book by Chris Anderson, The Long Tail – From mass market to niche market .

The term has become a way to describe and explain the strategy of attacking several things with little demand, rather than a few things very demand. For example, while the US sells several popular items, from food to clothing, the Cocoa Show only sells chocolates and derivatives.

The image below helps in understanding:

long tail

The “long tail”

By analyzing the image, you can see that the “more general” things have higher demand, but are more limited in quantity. As for the things that are part of the long tail (more specific) have lower demand, but there are so many options that end up surpassing the general quantity.

If we evaluate the concept for retail means working with products that are part of the long tail can become more profitable in the aggregate.

It has been evaluating its strategy in Digital Marketing , you can work long-tail keywords and more success!

What are long tail keywords?

Keywords long tail or long tail keywords  are generally formed by three or more words, creating a short sentence and representing a more personalized search.

Such words are a way to differentiate both buying keywords on Google as to the implementation of good practices SEO .

Thus, generic terms are set aside to give preference to more specific keywords that are closest to the content you want to disclose. Ie keywords more specific that represent more realistically the intention of its content. In addition, the use of such word allows, mainly targeting visits top funnel, working the lure of Leads.

At first glance it appears to be a gamble, as it involves words that represent a smaller search volume, thereby reaching fewer people looking for your product or service.

On the other hand, the strategy with long tail is a huge gain with the ability to make people looking for your business find something closer to the reality of research that they do. This also contributes to an increase in the quality score of your ad on Google AdWords .

An example of long tail to be analyzed in practice

Let’s assume you have a site that sells sporting goods for surfers in Santa Catarina and want sports people find their products on Google’s first page organically, or in the top positions by announcing AdWords.

The use of keywords as surf shop, surfboard, surfing, surfboards , among others that are very general, can make this surfer can not find your page because the competition for these terms is quite high.

In the case of paid media is even worse, because the display and the click can cost a good amount of money without necessarily take the visitor to purchase.

A good example of key-words long tail that would specify the interests of that surfer, would be:

surfboard new
surfboard used
where to buy surfboard
price Catarina holy surfboard
buy surfboard
surfboard prices
plank beginner surf
surf shop sc

These words have a lower average monthly searches than surfboards, surf board. On the other hand, are words that increase the chances purchase surfers because the interests are directed more clearly. That is, these words usually have a conversion rate greater than the short-tailed, and also less competition than usual.

Another interesting point of the use of these terms are the different directions that they can give to those who are doing a Google search. Consumers who are not yet ready for the time of purchase will likely use more informational words in your search for the network, for example:

how to find the right board
choosing your surfboard
surfboard brand
top 10 best surfboards
surfboard sizes

On the other hand, consumers who are already more advanced in the purchase journey and therefore looking for more commercial content, can use more targeted words for buying and selling, as follows:


Learn also how to create content based on the buying journey of his persona.

In short, we can find four major benefits of using long tail

Get easier to your goal

The closer to the answer visitors arrive in a search, the greater the likelihood click on the link. And the greater the chance that he has a settled question.

Ease the way the audience the goal of your page, either purchase, conversion, subscription or other action is also a way to start a good relationship with your new customers.

Best relationship between cost and benefit

Despite being keywords with lower search volume than the short tails (which have between one and three words) and head tails (one word), the long tail keywords usually have more qualified clicks, since it does not lead vague answers to those who search.

This directly influences the ROI, since the conversion chances are higher.

lower bounce

High rejection is not a source of pride index by a business.

By optimizing their long-tail keywords, you have the opportunity to reduce this fee and have, on their website, the right visitors purchasing your product – and possibly returning or displaying your business to others.

Growth of Google searches

With a smaller rejection of visitors also there is a better qualification in Google searches, which ends up increasing the number of visits to your site.

6 important tips on how to use long tail keywords

1. Make a good research

Before investing in the most relevant keywords for your business, it is vital to have a survey of the terms that are relevant to your business.

For example, the Digital results using the keyword  “Digital Marketing blog” was not made by chance, and helped position the company in the first blog in Google ‘s search ranking.

There are good tools that can help in this research, as AdWords Keyword Planner , Keyword Tool and  Ubersuggest .

Learn more about choosing the best keywords to fight the results on Google.

The Ubersuggest tool in particular is very effective for this research. What it does is to improve keywords with other terms and give suggestions and variations thereof, increasing its range of options when choosing a keyword specific.

2. Use your Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools

Analyze your site through Google Analytics and tools Webmaster gives a good sense of what long tail keywords you can start exploring.

Both the internal search of your site as the external analysis are good sources for you to improve your optimization of long tail keywords.

Check also 6 tips to get more out of Google Analytics.

3. Use synonyms

The fact think like your customer were to search helps a lot to create the long tails . Often the word that you think are the best can be searched as a synonym for your potential customer, so be sure to also invest in synonyms.

You can create multiple versions of long tail keywords exchanging only a few words that are synonymous or or lead to products or very similar services.


  • shoes / footwear
  • notebook / laptop
  • employment / work

4. Balance in size

Ideally, these long tail words are not as small as “marketing” and not as great as “what you should pay attention to marketing in 2015”.

It is recommended to use at least 4 keywords or they have 11 to 20 characters.

5. Produce quality content

The question here may seem that escapes rather long tail keyword theme. But make no mistake: there is no point writing keywords haphazardly without a clear concern to answer questions from visitors. Google, every update of the algorithm, value more and more the quality of the content.

6. Enter the mind of your consumer / visitor

Think about your product and forget that it is part of your company. Then imagine what questions or keywords you should do to find it on Google.

Do this exercise as if you were looking for a solution to their problem and find their own site in the results.


The correct use of long tail keywords in Digital Marketing is critical to your site receive the most qualified visitors and thus get the best results.

It is good to take into account that the main objective of using long tail keywords is not the manipulation of search engines to better to rank your site, but to understand what your audience is looking for, what questions she wants to solve and what ‘re wondering when will do a search by Google.