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LinkedIn has come a long way. For years, it was known only as a platform to post resumes and search for jobs online. Much has changed and today it has become a robust social network, which offers many opportunities for marketing and sales . Unlike Twitter and Facebook, which are focused on personal relationships, LinkedIn is a leading platform for relationship oriented business.

According to its CEO, Jeff Weiner, members who are part of LinkedIn are the most influential, successful and better educated the web. Today, this network already has more than 200 million registered users from more than 200 different countries. Of these, 3 million are businesses that have a company page. Another figure released by LinkedIn itself shows that new professional profiles are created every 2 seconds, showing how fast the membership and how the network has grown over time.

In another post, we gave some tips on How to Generate Leads using LinkedIn groups . In this, let’s talk about a very important component in generating Leads and increased sales opportunities: Pages Companies.

So if your customers are other businesses and niche specific industry, do not worry: networking and marketing opportunities abound on LinkedIn. But where to start?

Start right: Pages Companies X Profile Single

Something we have seen with some frequency is the confusion that exists at the time when companies decide to participate in LinkedIn. A similar question arose on Facebook: Create a profile or page? It is wise to start with the personal profile and, from it, build the company page.

Build a profile for your company is not only wrong, it will hurt the entire process of generating opportunities the platform offers. The profile must be unique to individuals as Pages companies are for business.

Get started: Build Your Company Page on LinkedIn

If you do not have a page, do not hesitate. To create a page is simple: the Menu, select Interests / Businesses and then click “Add your company”.

Image and credibility: The cover image is the first thing your visitors or followers see when they access your page, then provide one that is appropriate to their visual identity and the concept that you want to transmit on the network. In the LinkedIn Company page can create additional tabs for your products / services and, in them, you can ask for recommendations from your customers – which can increase your credibility.

Promote your content: After the page is ready, make regular updates. If you own a blog, make sure you disclose your post and even your content rich material on LinkedIn.

Go beyond its products and services, use the most of the multimedia capabilities that LinkedIn offers and also share your content like videos, PDFs, eBooks, Whitepapers, Webinars and any other material that is relevant and, above all, has quality. This is a simple form of interaction through LinkedIn that will allow you to remain top of mind, either with a customer or prospect. Is participatory and always try to keep your active presence on the network.

In addition to generating qualified traffic to your address, you will be able to follow the acceptance of content through metrics such as impressions, likes, shares and comments. These same metrics will help you understand what works best with your followers and where you can improve.

Keep your discipline, consistency and engagement

As in any action Digital Marketing , form an audience involves not only quality content production, how to maintain the consistency and frequency of publications. Here are some strategies that can be applied to help in their results:

1. Set one of the team responsible for the updates of the website and that can coordinate the content that will be posted, and to examine whether these contents have a performance in the company’s goals for this channel.

2. Depending on the range of products and services that the company has, it is interesting to divide the page into tabs and, if possible, delegate responsible for each specific area. Thus, the management process becomes more dynamic and also allows diversification of content faster.

3. Keep the team always engaged, whether in sharing content posted on the Company page, or content posted in groups. As success in network revolves around quality content and recommendations, every professional in your company that shares a publication, its power range will be even greater.

Increase your reach through other networks

Nothing has a more immediate impact on people’s behavior as the trust recommendations from friends, family and coworkers. By posting content on your Page Company, his followers have the ability to go beyond comment and share with your first degree network. If you like the content, they are likely to recommend also in other networks, expanding the reach of your material. Ie an extra opportunity to bring more members to your website and convert them into followers.

But how to attract more followers to your page? Here are some ideas:

Use social plugins on LinkedIn – These plugins are buttons that indicate that you are an active member within the LinkedIn network. There are two options: a sharing of content and another that allows your visitors to follow your page. The trick is to add these plugins to your site, blog, post and email marketing campaigns – so as to attract more followers and boost your content.

Invite – Enjoy to invite contacts that you have on other networks such as Twitter and Facebook: call people to visit your page and begin to follow it. Another option is to take advantage of sending a campaign Email Marketing for your contact base, including a brief text inviting the reader to visit her.

Another possibility is to use your personal profile to find customers and prospects and sending a message to them, inviting them to access and enjoy the page – LinkedIn allows up to 50 recipients per message.

Like any other social network, to establish a significant presence takes time and will not happen immediately. But the results are great because LinkedIn has a very qualified audience mainly for B2B companies. Do not waste time and get started today!

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