How to Test Site Changes in WordPress without unconfiguring everything?

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You know you need to test changes on the Site, are wanting in need of improvement …

But it is also afraid things do not go right. And if after the changes you do not know how to get back?

If you are a little knowledgeable of platforms CMS (Custom Management System) and the worlds of servers, you will be thinking that can create an automatic periodic backup of your website.

Okay, but imagine a backup set for tomorrow and you need to make changes now.

Or simply you do not know when it will be done the next backup.

There you can ask for your programmer check the server. It checks and warns you, oh you know that the next backup will be tomorrow.

Perhaps the last backup was made last week or even last month.

So if you do something wrong in the site and want to return to your backup, you will return to the version of last week, losing all that has been done on the site since.

And more

You need the programmer to reinstall your backup.

So how to test new changes to the site without using a programmer?

If you do not know how to use WordPress, since search for a course or contact the NoTopo .

We will be super happy to guide you in the best way.

First, you have to have a website in WordPress.

That’s right.

Having a CMS platform for your blog is not enough. To do an effective job of SEO and to rank organically in Google, the best content platform to use is still WordPress.

If you have knowledge, is very basic WordPress, this article will suggest the steps to test changes in the most effective site.

MAKE ART: Magic word in Digital Marketing: TEST, TEST, TEST

Because you need to always test in Digital Marketing?

That test is always a concept that we borrow the world Startup.

What features a Startup is that of providing a service or a product or a business model that does not exist yet.

So it has few references Benchmarking. Here, you need to test their ideas.

It is the only way to see if your assumptions make sense.

We are talking about the ” leap of faith ” or, in Original name: ” Leap of Faith “.

To learn more about Startup and setting a budget for a startup, read this article and watch our tutorial pill .

We returned to Digital Marketing for Test concept.

In the online world things are being updated daily.

The things that we do in an assertive manner, it will be obsolete in a few months.

So we have the NoTopo among our values , that knowledge has no owner.

We make sure to spend as much knowledge as possible to the customer because:

MAKE ART: The know-how in Digital Marketing does not come from what you know today, but their ability to update.

But how can we update and upgrade our website without having a reference to what has been done and it worked.


I do not know if it was clear, but the key is to test … .rs

But we test?

You may have heard of A / B testing or Split Test

The test which is an A / B?

Not knowing beforehand what is the most effective solution, the ideal is to test the solution A and solution B simultaneously.

Does the red banner on white background works more than a red background and white banner?

Then create two banners and try sending 50% of visitors to option A and 50% for option B.

With today’s tools in day available (Hotjar, Google Analytics, SEMRush, SEO Quake, even WordPress, etc.) you will know, for free , which it generated more visits, engagement, interest etc.

Ai will testing a Sidebar Sidebar left and right, etc.

The A / B Testing is a technique not only important, but necessary for everyone that works Online Marketing, especially if it is Startup.

But how to do it is the whole site we want to test? We need to make an A / B test for each page?

Of course not!

This is where the issue of creating an image site.

The website image is a copy of your website.

You can create it in the same domain.

We suggest creating a website identical to what you have in a ” subfolder ” or ” sub – directory ” of your domain or a subdomain .

What is a sub-directory, subdirectory, subdomíno?

Imagine that your site is:

The part of “/ test” is a sub – domain or subdirectory dento

WARNING: do not confuse the subfolder with the subdomain , which in this case would be: .

The basic difference between subdomain and subfolder is the subdomain is seen by robots as a site part.

Now you can copy your entire website on your subdomain or subdirectory .

Important ask the programmer to create a separate database from the original site of the database, to make sure the changes you will make will not affect your website.

Do not forget to enter a command “in the index” on every page of the test site.

You need to tell Google that this site is not to be indexed, because if not the boots that come will find the same content as the original site and think you have a duplication and content on your site and this can seriously harm your SEO.

To insert this in the index code, just insert a snippet in the <head> of the site, so you can appear on each page of the test site.

the snippet to be inserted between <head> and </ head> is:

<META NAME = “robots” CONTENT = “noindex”>

In WordPress you can do this easily in the Editor.

If you do not know how to do, you can ask your programmer, but really this is the last time you ask for his help.

Because from now on you can make changes and updates you want on the site test WordPress, without fear of error.

And just when you get the result you like, then you can copy these settings to the original site.

Settings you already know that work.

He got some questions? The article was too technical?

Then contact us to get your questions or leave your questions in the comments here.

Do you have another technique to test changes to your site? Please indicate in the comments, because remember:

Making art: Knowledge has no owner.