How to Set Digital Marketing Budget for a StartUpHow Much Does a Digital Marketing Project Cost for a Startup?

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How much is a Digital Marketing Project for a Startup?

The challenge to create a Startup is clear from the start.

It starts when we have an idea we want to put into practice.

After increases as we realize how this idea is good.

When the idea is good enough for us to ask for dismissal of our work to live it, the degree of difficulty goes up space.

Man, however, we have come to the moon (will … .rs), then nothing is impossible.

Obviously the main idea, the core business of your Startup is the most important, as it must have quality and usefulness for people to buy from you.

Once solved this major problem, there are others that are no less challenging, including the marketing of work you need to tell the world that life can be better with your product .


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The 3 macrofases a startup process

We divided the NoTopo the process of forming a Startup in 3 macrofases:

  1. Idea,
  2. Project,
  3. Marketplace,

See this video to NoTopo YouTube channel where we explain these three phases:

Many startups do not have a department Marketing ; sometimes they are played only by the founder and his associates.

The issue of disclosure, however, needs to be addressed since the beginning of the project and Budget suitable digital marketing needs to be stipulated for the product to flourish in the market.

Lack of knowledge and experience in marketing , especially in Digital Marketing , which is more accessible for Startups , can be a major impediment to set a Budget adequate and define the best strategies for your business .

The usefulness of social networks for a Digital Marketing Project

One of the gateways to the Digital Marketing is precisely the Social Networks .

These do not impose barriers to companies who want to advertise and have relatively lower costs, compared to other forms of dissemination.

But it is necessary to evaluate the need to invest in other communication channels as well.

The fact that life with the internet being easier does not mean that you need to strive less.

What is available to you is also to its competitors who have more experience and market knowledge than a novice in the segment.

Knowing your audience and talk to him is the best way to establish a healthy relationship with customers and prospects.

The image below helps you define the best strategies Digital Marketing .

You choose the strategies that best fit your time and tests by modifying the strategy as needed.

Defining budget of Digital Marketing for Start-Up

Lean Startup techniques applied to Digital Marketing

In NoTopo apply advanced techniques of Lean Startup for strategies implementations Digital Marketing .

This means that  market analysis and performance evaluation are necessary but not sufficient for the development of a strategy.

The differential will be developed through testing of new ideas ( Leap of Faith ) and strategy Pivot when needed.

The continuous test allows us to get out of high competition areas ( ” red ocean “) to reach the areas of new opportunities ” Blue Ocean .”

To get a little clearer how to set a budget of  Digital Marketing and test the chosen strategies, we will separate the stages of the process:

Stage One: High Level Goals

Answer the question: what is my overall goal of short-term? And long-term?

strategies-acciones-metric-networks-sociales-379x297You need to stipulate the overall goals of your business .

These do not have to be particularly accurate.

Document your goals simply and concisely provides a springboard from which you can set your strategy in deeper detail.

It’s easy to get lost in granular metrics, but always ensure that you do not lose sight of the bigger picture.

An overview is often what you need to stay motivated and ambitious.

At this stage we will not consider the administrative costs and the indirect costs of your business.

Let’s just consider the  return on investment  (ROI) based on production costs.

This means that we will consider only the actual external costs to generate the value Budget Digital Marketing.

If you reach your goal before the stipulated time, you can structure your model marketing based on the feedback received and move to Phase 2 .

Phase Two: Detailed Objectives

Answer the question : “How will I measure my results?” – SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-Bond)

You have already set their high-level goals.

You may want to generate Leads , or perhaps your intention is to close more sales.

But how many Leads want to generate?

And what percentage you want to increase them?

If you want to increase brand awareness, how do you go to measure it?

Once you know exactly what you crave, you can identify exactly how you can achieve your goals and support their strategy with actions that really resonate with potential customers.take-a-closer-look

Regardless of how things are going, it is very important that you set a KPI for the end of the first phase and reach there without changing the strategy.

Otherwise you will start to rotate and change the model every day, and this will only create confusion.

To be even clearer, let’s see how you could use the budget for digital marketing , noting that short-term strategy should be based on proactive actions and pay for engagement / click :

LinkedIn, Facebook or other social networks

  • Optimize profile page;
  • Create company page;
  • Create, disseminate and promote content;

Interact pages and groups (this is something you have to do, so it is to be estimated in hours and since we are not considering goods sold, will have a “zero” at this point)

Google AdWords

Create Campaign view on relevant sites for the segment

landing page

Create a landing page for display campaign, which would give more details about the service to the user and promote the call to action to attract the target audience.

E-mail marketing

Investing in an e-mail platform. We use MKT2Easy platform  Streamline .

Animation video

You can make a short animated video that can be shared on social networks and promoted on Google AdWords.

These are just some suggestions that can be operated in accordance with the Budget estimated.

At this point you must understand if you want to do everything at home and deal with the demands and results alone.

If you need the support of a consultancy for landing page optimization , guidance in creating social pages, campaign management Pay-per-Click , etc.

Digital Marketing Budget: Try Small Investment in platforms

There are different social opportunities in which you can invest.

Early on, acquiring customers is their top priority and its initial impulse may be consuming between 20-25% of their time on marketing (10 hours if you work 50 hours in a week).

It’s a good idea to test different techniques to see what works before you structure your budget.

For example, if you want to use Google AdWords , you can break your budget in some small tests , analyze the results and then use the budget for the following months.

In general, if you have a budget between $ 1,000 – $ 5,000 per month you can work a broader strategy.

Once you have a logo and brand of which you are proud, strong web presence is the next essential step.

It begins with what is usually the first impression your customers have of your company.

The design should be user-friendly and responsive to those who look for big screens of computers, smartphones and other devices.

Remember that a good website allows you to convert visitors into Leads, enabling people to provide their information through forms.

To understand more about how to trace their strategies Digital Marketing in the best way for your business, contact the NoTopo, a consultancy that helps companies like yours to grow in the digital market !