How to Sell More Online on Easter 2018

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What are the first steps to putting together a Digital Marketing Strategy?

Easter is coming and if you work with Digital Marketing is thinking about how to use this festival for dissemination of your product or your service.


No? Not thought of that? Well then it’s time to consider this opportunity.

In fact all the festivities become potential sales opportunities

And we must also consider the days when, even if not festive, are celebratory occasions.

I lived in several countries but never seen so many days of celebration and Brazil … .rs

… have day friend, engineer, physician, actor … until the day the dog …

Even exists !!!

Not to mention that some celebrations fall on different days than in other countries.

For example Valentine’s Day in Brazil is on June 12, and in Italy is February 14 (day of St. Valentine , in fact the “protector Valentine” ).

Another example: Father’s Day in Italy falls on March 17, the day of St. Joseph , in fact the “father of all fathers.”

How to differentiate to sell over the Easter period

As for Easter, there is no time difference between Brazil and other countries.

There are some cultural differences, clearly in relation to the type of celebration.

For example, in Brazil as in the Easter feria Friday is festive and the Monday after Easter is working in Italy, on Friday and working on the second feria is celebrated and is festive.

The second Easter Monday calls ” Pasquetta “, meaning ” little Easter “.

And then you may be thinking, what interests me all this is just the Easter Egg I want to sell?

Easter eggs for Digital Marketing


So there we go, consider this: all vendors are thinking that on Easter period needs to sell more.

All have in mind what is expected a higher price just before the festival and a lower price, discount soon after day.

However, if you think like everyone, even your discount will be compared with other discounts. You will be just ” another “.

In fact so you are creating a cost for your company (for a lower price is like a higher cost), but not differentiate.

To differentiate, think different!

 To differentiate, think different

São Paulo and Brazil are full of Italian, right? … so why not focus on the days of Easter the Italians?

Is the question to take the Pasquetta day, the Monday after Easter.

How to approach the Easter 2018 to sell more?

Overall a festival gives the possibility to test ‘ tactics ‘ of selling short-term .

For example, in the case of Easter, you can test a single promotion for Easter.

This short-term approach will allow you to have interesting results that will be able to use in the upcoming festivities.

Festivities we already know that will culminate in the apotheosis of Black Friday and Christmas … which, by the fact that everyone will be giving discounts, your discount will not appear either invitante so ..

Be very careful with the Black Friday and accompany us on our Blog NoTopo and our page Facebook and Youtube NoTopo .

We will write a content to help you enjoy the Black Friday healthily, always thinking of ROI optimization .

Returning to Easter, even having a short-term approach, type of tactical , in fact we can think of a plan strategic to long term , if we consider as general objective :

How to deal with the festivities and the seasonality of a business plan

To learn more about the difference between approach Tactical and Strategic read this article .

How to take advantage of Easter for your Blog?

When you write a post Blog , you are probably using a platform CMS (Content Management System).

What is a platform CMS ? It is a platform to enter the content without resorting to the programmer.

I hope you use the wordpress platform, because it is already ” pre-optimized” to order SEO .

But even if you use another platform CMS , you know that in addition to creating content, you need to optimize it .

Relevant part of the optimization of your content is the title page and the ” Slug “.

See video a few pointers on how to choose effective titles for your Blog .

The slug is the part of your URL after the root

For example the link of this post is:

It is made from the root:

And the slug is: blog / sell-plus-online-Easter /

If you have basic knowledge of SEO, you know you need to include your keyword in the title and Slug

In fact some marketers to find better not to include the keyword in the title to avoid the risk of ” keyword stuffing “, ie ” fill the post of keywords .”

This can become a negative factor in order to SEO .

Do you have a question or an opinion on keywords in the title ? Leave a comment down here.

Create a Blog post engajador for Easter 2018

Now imagine you want to create a post talking about how your product or your service will make a difference in Easter 2018.

For example you sell chocolate and want to enjoy the Easter to show your promotion.

Title of your post could be:

You already know how to choose your chocolate egg for Easter 2018?


See how to choose your chocolate egg for Easter 2018


Wondering how Gisele Bundchen chose the chocolate egg to her Easter 2018?

What is the key word that we are optimizing ?

For the word “chocolate egg for Easter 2018”

What criteria we are using for our title?

What we call ” long tail “.

We have a ” keyword long tail ” when the key word contains various terms, usually 4-5, or more terms in the same keyword.

And Slug ?

In the Slug can enter keyword part, that is, all terms except the year.

If the URL of the post can be:áscoa

Why not enter the year 2018 Slug of a URL?

A URL needs time to be indexed , or found by the search engine.

See video makes the engine to index your page .

For this to happen need time can be a few weeks or more.

Why I am writing this content at the end of March 2018 and that Easter will be on April 16.

So it will be more likely that this post gain authority there.

But Easter passes shortly after the April 16, 2018 and no one will be interested in Easter.

…until next year.

Now, in 2018, this post has already acquired a autonomy in iternet (hope so … lol)

So when I review it and adapt it for Easter 2018 I will be able to use the same URL as not blacked out in the year 2018.

Only title and content will update and we will have an optimized URL and already with a year of authority.

Not to mention that Google loves older content updates .

Get the idea?

If you got any questions or would like a say, you can leave a comment here below or get in touch with the team NoTopo