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Prevention is better than cure. And it’s not an easy job when it comes to retaining revenue while avoiding the so feared cancellations or churns. It has been found that the churn must be fought with good service practices and effective successful delivery to the customer, because if he does not see value in your product, one day or another will end up finding a reason to get out.

arm of lack of time, money, engagement, market full of competitors, businesses that open and close, purchase regrets … There are so many situations where churn applications that you need to stop and ask, at what time that customer decided to go though?

In the post Churn is not the disease but the symptom , focused on an article of Lincoln Murphy, the world authority on Customer Success, said that “if today churn is a serious problem in your business, or if you are trying to avoid that it becomes one, it is essential to see it realistically, it is a symptom of a deeper disease. “

And this disease is the failure in time to ensure the desired outcome of the customers, it ‘s because you can not deliver the success they seek or because it is gaining customers without success potential .

To work in proactivity?

Often the customer life cycle in the company will be less than expected, and it is good to remember that the rotation causes friction and may be an opportunity for growth. Follow some lessons we have learned in dealing with the churns and some strategies that we use on a daily basis:

Let the customer happy

One of the most effective actions to prevent churn is to let the customer satisfied with your product or business. Listen to your pain, try to help you truly understand how it can take advantage to their benefit and your business or market, are rules that all Customer Success professional must absorb as a priority for a quality service.

It is also important to apply empathy and resilience, which help in the delivery of results.

Hold meetings regularly

Results in Digital, holding meetings with customers is routine in sales, implementation, and especially CS. Every successful manager who looks after a portfolio of clients x has as one of its goals cover base by RTS (Reviews Success Quarterly).

We have learned that covered and well attended customer value more our software, the RD Station Marketing as it can prove its value with a strategic and personalized support.

Support must be flush

Who works with SaaS knows very well. Having good support staff makes all the difference in successful delivery. And they need to be dynamic, encompassing professionals from various fields.

It is also essential to have a good tool to manage the entire process, from when the customer enters the Help Center and opens a call, called by live chat or chatbot. The solutions need to be fast and, like CS, customized. Problems such as integration between tools and product incidents need to be treated as a priority.

Oops, it gave bad … What to do?

The logo churn is inevitable, but as a Customer First up in a moment of farewell? For Lilian Klemz , general manager of the Digital CS Results:

You can reverse yes, convince the customer to stay in their portfolio. But on the other hand, if not reverse, the challenge is to make the best parting process because that customer can come back at another time and also indicate your product or service to friends.

Article Churn Rate: what it is and how to reduce to grow your business ‘ve covered how the churn has a negative effect on the revenue of a company, we try to understand what is the churn and working to mitigate this metric, which becomes something critical to the success of many businesses.

So we were seeking with our CS teams some important tips to help rescue churn in a way that you can, above all, provide an effective service and to ensure successful customer experience:

1. Relax and records …

Cancel part of the game. In such a critical moment which is to open the application for churn, often involuntary, let the customer reassured helps maintain a good relationship because it is a right as a consumer.

The line between the Customer Success area and financial need to be well aligned, so that situations regarding the contract termination remain unclear.

Record everything and try to eliminate that part of the initial approach within 24 hours, including links to the client, exchange emails and responses tickets opened by the support.

2. Investigating the background

Understand why the priority is to work out what can be considered a second stage of the rescue. Let the customer talk and practice active listening. Register all, any detail will make a difference to the rescue. Use a CS management tool (in DR have the Gainsight ) so that everything is accompanied by all the members of the teams.

In some cases, involve people from other areas of the company in the rescue, as the product teams, support and even the seller, makes the process more transparent, avoiding failures of communication and service. Remember that the churn is not just a team but the entire company, because it impacts on the overall result.

A second opinion can make a difference in the strategy to keep the customer in the open position or even to break objections that end up appearing. quality managers, product, service can help you understand where you are customer pains and where in the process it decided to stop using your product.

3. Bora negotiate?

It is attached only to discounts does not guarantee that the customer will repent and come back to ask churn in the near future. Believe me, in much of the cancellation requests the biggest problem is not lack of money but rather the feeling of paying for something that does not use.

Here, prove the value of your product or service will make all the difference. Does the client was able to exploit all resources to achieve success? What action plan can be seen on gaps that need to be researched and used as a solution to help the client to sell more, for example?

If the problem is in some stage of the sales funnel, you can focus on a plan of action that may bring short-term results. The customer does not expect only one proposal, but the solution to their problems. Be careful not to offer things that will not be able to fulfill. Be realistic and objective.

4. All on the same page

Sort orders churn and accounts for signal risk that they can be easily viewed and treated proactively is a major goal of kanban method. The benefits range from a broader monitoring of management, to better visualization of the teams who can follow step by step the progress of negotiations, gains and losses.

The kanban as manual manipulation tool offers the possibility to share with colleagues and have good success ideas for each case, and get more opinions to build a “killer” plane, which makes the customer get the right reasons.

Use Posts-its color to identify each application and competence. Yellow for one month, blue for another, and so on. In kanban, create columns with the three phases comprising the churn: record, diagnosis and negotiation. Also open space for information that make sense in monitoring the goals and results of the month.

The important thing is that the update is constant, to achieve a visual notion of results. If you do not like riding a kanban, look for tools that have the same structure as Trello, which uses cards and can be used for the same purpose, only in online form.


There is no point having a large market and a good incoming clients if there is no efficient control retention . The stakes are high, you need to find out where the holes and diagnostic errors and approach to the rescue process who asked churn succeed.

Remember, when high, churn can limit business growth and, in severe cases even derail its profitability or even the existence of the company.

Apply good retention strategies to prevent the potential cancellation of orders, as well as a better understanding of customer satisfaction with your product or service, are crucial factors.

In addition to the tips above, try applying the NPS (Net Promoter Score) , an index that shows whether the customer is satisfied enough to recommend it to another person or company. It is quite effective, because along with other metrics can help you identify which customers need action.

To learn more about how to retain customers and increase revenue for your business, download our eBook Customer Loyalty and Customer Success .