How to (re) do your company website [Complete Guide]

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A few years ago to a site function it was only to be the “face” of the company on the Internet. Something just to be present, without worrying about the need to generate results.

Today, however, a website of a company needs to be much more than that, since 57% of the purchase process is done before there is any contact with any vendor – not to mention shops and virtual goods in which this contact is zero.

Therefore, the website of a company need to be strategically designed not only to make sales, but to reach the audience that is still early in the buying process. This means an easy site to be found on the Internet, aimed at attracting the company’s target audience, convert those visitors into Leads and stimulating relationship with them until they become customers.

Unfortunately, even in times of Digital Marketing , many companies do not even have a website and when they have, it definitely does not offer the possibilities that the business needs to take off in the online media.

Therefore, the RD joined KingHost and We Logos to launch the Guide to re (do) the site of your company , a complete eBook to teach you to have a totally dedicated site to meet the needs of your audience.

Below we list 10 signs that it’s time to redesign your site:

  1. The site has not responsive design and does not adapt to mobile devices;
  2. The pages are slow to open;
  3. There is a blog on your site;
  4. The company has modernized and the site remains frozen in time;
  5. Brand new, new logo, new look. And the site ?;
  6. Competition is leaving you behind;
  7. Nothing convert visitors into Leads;
  8. Few conversions into sales as well;
  9. Little access by mobile device;
  10. His company eventually decided to use the Content Marketing .

Download now the guide by clicking here.