How to produce quality content? Alicia Rodriguez tells the secret at Studio RD Summit

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The main trend content pointed to by the expert Alicia Rodríguez may seem obvious, but it is something that many companies have abandoned the way: quality.

A professional who is founder of SoMeChatES , lists the components of good content:

It needs to be well written, that has not misspelled, it is enjoyable to read, but are also required some tricks SEO to reach people.

About SEO component, by the way, it reinforces: “Be the Cervantes writing, but if does not use SEO, no one will read your blog.”

Find a different angle to talk about a subject is also important, since, with the sea of ​​existing content on the Internet today, finding a unique theme to treat is virtually impossible.

“For me, quality content is talking about a topic that has been talked about, but you add a different point of view, bringing extra value to your audience. So he goes from an ordinary content extraordinary content, “he explains.

Watch the full interview:

Some points commentaries by Alicia Rodríguez were:

  • What is quality content;
  • The importance of SEO in Content Marketing ;
  • Why continue investing in Twitter;
  • 2018 content production trends.