How to Produce Outstanding Content: 3 Lessons from Ann Handley’s Lecture #RDSummit

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Speaking at RD Summit 2017, the writer Ann Handley brought insights valuable to produce content that stand out in the sea of internet publications .

The Content Marketing is an opportunity to show that his company imports, says the author of Everybody Writes and co-founder of MarketingProfs ,

According to Ann Handley, has produced 73% more content this year, compared to 2016. However, only 35% of that content brings actual results . The data are Americans, but also reflect the Brazilian reality.

For her, it makes it clear that we do not need more volume of content, but relevant content. “It’s more about the brain than on budget”, he said.

How to change that?

For this, the author brought three characteristics that believe are essential to a quality Content Marketing:

Think of a broader context

Remember your market before focusing only on the product or service you offer. By posting inspiring, broader stories, you put your business in a context, and you can use it to convert more people to your point of view.

Ann Handley brought a bad example: the Pizza Hut, which placed the phrase “sell pizza” below the logo on a board. It is a redundant information to the store, which also already has the name pizza.

Instead, focus on inspirational stories , that people want to see and which they value. A good example is a coffee brand produced content to educate customers about the best coffee, different flavors and compositions.

For Ann Handley, who also turned the brand customer is an opportunity to make the most intelligent customers, including that they may see value in your product or service.

dare more

If you always produces its content the same way, why not change a bit the story ?

A good starting point is the data of your company. spreadsheets full of numbers can be interesting for the administration of a business, but not for the consumer. So you can from their numbers count more human stories.

The example used by the author is the US Levenfed Pearlstein law firm.

Despite operating in a market known by jargon incomprehensible to most people and the seriousness, the company decided to hire a video crew to go to the office and do a different interview with lawyers, with questions like “What would you like to be when grow up?”.

It was a way to tell an interesting story and humanize the brand.

To dare in your strategy, consider: your strategy tells a different story, of a particular point of view? Or you are doing marketing like everyone else?

Have a well-defined tone

To produce good content, tell their stories in a stronger perspective. The idea is to take the ordinary and make it extraordinary , which can be done through voice, for example.

Ann Handley a tip for impactful content is to use the video format. For this she cited the example of BBC Earth, who spoke in an original way on the reproduction of sloths, using the British humor.

To find out if you are telling their stories in a memorable perspective, think: if you took the label of your product, your customers would recognize?

According to Ann Handley, to produce good content there is no early diagnostic. But a first step, common to all businesses, is to think about the customer experience in place to produce more and more content .

“The key is the pathological empathy, we need to be below the client’s skin, reaching in his heart,” he concludes.