How to monetize a blog? 7 ways to generate income

It is easy to create , it is estimated that every 0.7 seconds and a new one is born is an excellent way to open doors and roads.

how to monetize a blogWe talk about the blogs , one tool that today has become indispensable for both customers who want to publicize their products or services to professionals  looking to spread their work and for lovers of certain issues just write for pleasure .

In any case, nowadays having a blog is an option available to everyone. But there ‘s more: it also is an excellent option to generate income and cash bonus if you know how. And that’s just what we show below: seven different ways to monetize your blog without investing money .

Learn how to monetize your blog: 7 ways to generate income

1. Advertising and publicity

Insert ads and advertising is one of the most common and used when monetizing a blog. Mostly through Google Adsense or the like, where you can earn money for every click you receive on an ad (PPC) or page impression (PPI); inserting banners advertising that often get in strategic locations such as home or sidebar ; or by pages as Infolinks that through your system allows you to insert advertising links on certain keywords. In all cases, the higher the higher traffic is income.

2. Affiliate Program

The marketing affiliate is also a good option for monetizing a blog, allowing earn a percentage for every action made by the user. It is to promote  a product or service of any third party , whether a infoproducto Amazon style or page, and for each prospect or for each sale made, we receive a percentage.

3. Content “freemium”

Every day there are more bloggers who opt for the model “freemium” to monetize your blog. It is to offer readers the ability to access unique and exclusive content either paying for access or by paying monthly fixed . To do this, ideally you have a lot of free content and quality available to your audience, that gives them value and lead them to want to pay for more.

4. Information Products

If you have knowledge that can serve and help others, why not sell them ? Therein it is precisely this way of monetizing your blog, even if it means you will let you know and position yourself as an expert in the field. Is to sell quality information to your market, whether in the form of eBooks, audio, video or a mixture of all physical or so digital .

5. Sponsored Posts

There are several websites where you can register and reach an agreement with different brands for these whenever you launch a campaign will be reminded that you promotions on your blog . That allows you to either exchange goods or services, or paying a certain price in exchange for your promotion through articles (can pay you by words or piece).

6. donations or contributions

Have you noticed that many blogs have a button “contributes to the blog” or “make a donation” ? If your blog is useful , it does good to society and offer quality information that will help your readers, is likely to feel grateful. So in those cases add a button for those who dare make a monetary contribution to the blog is an option to consider. The contribution may be unique or monthly, and there is no minimum or maximum price, so you may find pleasant surprises.

7. E-commerce

Another great way to monetize your blog is through e – commerce. You may have a business physical, that you’re good at writing or translating and want to offer your services as a professional, or you’re an artist who wants to sell their pieces online. Anyway, the Internet gives you the ability to achieve all this through a blog and getting paid for it . If you have something to offer, I sell it .

And above all, try to generate traffic to your blog constantly, for example by applying a good strategy SEO and doing outreach on social networks (ideally create your pages and profiles to publicize your blog). Ah! And do not forget to keep learning and put a lot of love and passion : it is an ingredient that makes the difference😉

Do you know any other way to monetize a blog and want to share with the community Workana ? Are you using any of them and want to share with us your opinions? Leave your comments below, we’ll be happy to read your contributions!